So My Reader Blessed Chaniya, After My Boaz Delivered Her From Generational Curses

Something totally amazing happened today, I can not help but testify. So the King recently un-rented one of his properties and he took me there today because he wants me to help him to redecorate the place and turn it into an Air BnB.

It was one of those days where I was so excited, I always look forward to spending time with the King. So I anointed his feet, yes I do this a lot, as a gesture of my undying love for him.

So we set off, just the two of us…

Yes, I know Zimbabweans on my Facebook page are so loving the misspelled Northern Palace, the King said to me that a stupid majority is always needed in life, today Zimbabweans will go and testify in church that at long last Northern Palace has been spelt wrong, thank you Jesus…

Oh well, but on a more serious note there is a bigger testimony today than the misspelling of the Palace …

Even though I feel totally honored to help the King redecorate his air BnB, his style is luxury and modern, whilst I like the boho chic and rustic look. But the King wants me to inject some of my Mary-Tamaic anointing in this property because of the grand original fire place in the kitchen which is quite a focal feature of the house. So I am so excited to help the King and I can’t wait to get my hands on that fireplace. I have my rustic paints, baskets, stoves, logs and everything ordered.

But then there was a bigger testimony than the fireplace waiting for me at this little Beaming Paradise, as the King calls it.

A package was there at the property, addressed to me. I couldn’t understand how and where it was from, then when I opened it, lo and behold it was a beautiful hand smocked vintage inspired sleeping bag for Chaniya along with a cute little cuddly toy. There was no note or anything in it, so I was quite puzzled for a while as to who this gift came from. It looked so angelic I actually thought it was a supernatural gift…directly from above placed in the house by an angel.

Me being always over spiritual I actually asked Boaz if the gift came from God. And my Boaz, who already knows that I can be like that was like, “Don’t start, didn’t you ask me a while ago to use this address after one of your blog followers said they wanted to send a gift for the baby?”

Then it dawned on me, that it must have been her. Well, when I announced that I had given birth to Chaniya, after my secret pregnancy, one of my very faithful blog readers who once wrote to me asking for prayers from the King wrote to me saying they wanted to bless me because since my Boaz prayed for them, their life had changed. She had written to me saying she wanted to break some generational curses from her mother, and wanted spiritual help, and specifically asked the King to pray for her. I do get a lot of messages from my readers asking for prayers, especially women abused by Zimbabwean mothers as it is quite a culture for mothers to be cruel to their daughters in Zimbabwe, but some ask for specifically the King to bless them as they are able to recognize the blessing of the King upon my life.

But I hardly ever hear feedback from my readers, but when I shared about Chaniya, this lovely reader sent me a long testimony that change had happened in her life when the King had told her what to do, and she said followed his principles, so she wanted to bless the baby as her way of thanksgiving. I obviously couldn’t give her my home address, so I asked the King if I could give her one of his addresses and he had given me this property address to use. I never knew that she was actually serious about gifting the baby so I had forgotten about it.

I have no idea why we never got the message from the tenants that there was a package for us, maybe they didn’t want the King to go to the address as they were behind on their rent payments. Whatever the case, I got the parcel today, and I was just happy they didn’t steal it.

So I sent a message to my blog reader and asked her if the gift was from her, and she confirmed that it was indeed. She said she had been so discouraged as she thought I didn’t like it or approve when she didn’t hear back from me. It is a shame it’s a 0-6 months sleeping bag so Chaniya will only have a few more months in it, but I am just grateful that it got to us before it was too late.

I couldn’t wait to get back home and put the sleeping bag on Chaniya, in fact the King was so annoyed with me that instead of discussing the redecoration of the house which was the main reason I was there, I just wanted to go home and dress Chaniya in her super cute sleeping bag.

And doesn’t Chaniya look angelic in it? And yes she spent all day in it…

The King told me that this is just the beginning, it is the birthright of royalty to receive gifts and Chaniya has received this special gift because she is the one who came to seal the House Of Offeh.

The city of Tyre will come with a gift, people of wealth will seek your favor, Psalm 45…

That said, I am over the moon with this gift, it ministered so much to me, it’s always the little things in life that means the most to me, so I pray that my reader will be blessed a hundred fold for blessing Chaniya.

Zimbabwean women were quite upset with me the other time I posted on Facebook that the King had blessed me with luxury Egyptian Cotton pillows, they argued that Egyptian cotton is very common in the UK so I wasn’t allowed to post such a thing on Facebook, they said it is morally wrong to boast that my husband has bought me pillows.

Yes, that is Zimbabweans for you, a very strange people indeed, they literally came in a mob and told me straight that I was not allowed to testify on Facebook. But, I will testify and thank the Most High Yah of this beautiful gift of a sleeping bag, and I believe that I will be hearing a bigger testimony from my most blessed reader, because God said whoever curses Israel will be cursed, and whoever blesses Israel will be blessed…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar Was Jean

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