My Beauty Secret Is The Spirit Of Bathsheba Which Lives In Me

Since I gave birth to my 7th baby, I have had many of my Facebook followers asking me what my beauty regimen is. I do have a beauty regimen, but it is more of a spirit than a physical ritual.

Beauty is a gift from above.

I feel humbled that some of my followers consider me a beautiful woman by today’s standard which is quite a compliment because I do not wear weaves or wigs, false nails or false eye lashes. I do not remove my eyebrows and draw on them either, I do embrace my God given facial attributes so I am humbled when some women say I look beautiful because my look is not the norm for today. Black women of today are constantly painting their faces to look like clowns in the name of make-up, and for women they consider that to be the beauty standard though men in general often find the look of heavy make-up and wigs quite repulsive.

I am blessed to serve my King and follow his protocol of no false eye lashes or false nails. I never saw myself as beautiful until I met my Boaz, who tells me constantly that I am beautiful just the way I am.

But my true beauty didn’t quite blossom until recently after the birth of Chaniya were there was a sudden glow and glory upon my countenance.

What I know is even though my beauty is manifested physically, the transformation of my radiance happened spiritually.

The reason why I live my life today like a biblical character is because my spirit and soul is drawn to that lifestyle. This is why I am able to be with a polygamous husband because my mind is naturally conditioned to think like women of the past life.

When I disowned my birth country Zimbabwe and my so called people, God started a work in me where I had to discover myself and know my true identity.

You can never know where you are going until you know where you came from. 90% of black people walking on this earth today have no idea who they are or where they are coming from hence they can never know where to go.

If God has chosen you and set you apart, he will put a spirit in you which he put in someone before for his own purpose, like John the Baptist came in the spirit of Elijah. This is not reincarnation, you will not come back from the dead, but you will have the spirit which operated in a person who once lived probably thousands of years before you. That is what it means to be an old soul.

I, Mary-Tamar am an old soul, I have always felt like that as long as I can remember. I can not resonate with the country I was born in, I find the culture to be very strange and I hate the language as well, I find the shona tongue to be such a barbaric language especially the way it is used with the people, they tend to use a lot of dirty words when speaking it. It’s like when they start speaking shona vulgar just starts oozing from their lips, you just have to go on Zimbabwean Facebook live videos where the celebrities of the Kingdom’s only way of communication is through vulgar whilst their people hail them.

For those reasons alone, not to mention the abuse of the girl child in that Kingdom, I could never be a Zimbabwean.

But one may ask, what has this got to do with your followers asking you to show them your beauty regimen. Well, what I am explaining is the biggest part of my beauty regimen.

My Boaz told me that denying my people brought out my beauty, and he loves me so much for it, as prophesied in Psalm 45. His God is now my God, his people my people.

Finding myself put a bright glow upon my countenance and the Zimbabwean dark aura was removed.

Upon this journey of self discovery, as a priestess of dreams and a prophetess of my Lord husband, I discovered that I have the same anointing/spirit as one of the most beautiful women who ever walked this earth, Bathsheba, the wife of King David. I am in no way claiming to be as beautiful as Bathsheba was, I do not believe I can ever be, but I believe I have the same spirit as her.

Unfortunately, due to white supremacy, the only thing Bathsheba is known for is bathing on her roof and causing the King to fall with her breathtaking beauty. But there was more to this woman than her physical beauty. She is without a shadow of doubt the most fascinating and incredible woman ever recorded in history, and she is the woman I resonate with the most in the scriptures.

Edomite history has white washed all the prominent black characters of history, to give us a picture that black people have never been anything worthy. But the thing is Bathsheba was a black woman, a Canaanite woman at that. She was the granddaughter of a great grand master in occultism and high intelligence. Her mother was a pagan goddess. She hated everything about her people and culture, and always yearned for the God of Israel until she finally found herself in the arms of a man after God’s own heart. When I see the striking resemblances of my life story to that of Bathsheba, I can not help but know within my heart of hearts that I am carrying the same spirit and anointing as that of Bathsheba.

Even though Nino and I were never meant to be, we were soul mates from before time began, just like David and Bathsheba, they were meant to be together, even though their love came forbidden. I was a married woman before I met my true love, and the first time Nino saw my pictures on Facebook, I was posing with the Zimbabwean fool, in Scotland on a Castle roof, and Nino said to himself , that man is so slow, because his fool aura can even be seen in pictures, my Boaz said “I will snatch that girl from him.” He knew then that I was his for eternity.

For some reason the spirit of King David fell upon Nino the first time he saw me, and he was determined to have me, married or not. What Nino wants, Nino gets, he is the King after all. But the beauty of it was the fool was already gone, so my Boaz didn’t need to commit any adultery to be with his true love.

What has this still got to do with my beauty secrets, one may still ask?

Well, when I came to the full realization that I carry the anointing and spirit of Bathsheba, God started showing me why and how Bathsheba became the favorite wife of the King, and what manner of beauty she possessed.

After I gave birth to Chaniya on my birthday, I was inspired to do my own Bathsheba purification baths. God gave me all the oils and herbs I needed for the after birth purification as well as the beautification rituals. Bathsheba’s beauty wasn’t the Jezebel wig wearing, excessive face painting beauty we see today in the average black woman. She was beautiful to behold, but her beauty was flawing from within, it was a purified kind of beauty, that’s why David saw her bathing, purifying herself.

So to my amazement, when I started my Bathsheba purification rituals, the King said I was glowing and had never looked more beautiful. He said my skin was so silky soft, like nothing it has ever been. He said my scent was so enchanting each time he thought of me whilst away at his den, he couldn’t even concentrate working.

He has been so mesmerized by my beauty, even though he has other wives, I am the only one he started putting constantly on his whatsap status and social media. His female friends would call him and say, “You have a beautiful wife Nana.”

The Bathsheba Baths changed everything for me, and I can see the glory of my countenance and that my time has come. And that glory is upon my children too.

So that is the secret of my beauty and sudden glow, its the spirit of Bathsheba that lives in me…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

PS: Bless the King with me as I thank him for delighting in my beauty…

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