Why As A Black Woman I No Longer Support BLACK LIVES MATTER

I’m so done with BLACK LIVES MATTER movement. Even though I have the most uttermost heartfelt sympathy for the late George Floyd, especially the way he passed on, but God, his death was hijacked by a people who have their own agenda. I am so done with being angry with white people. I refuse to be a victim of HISTORY. I refuse to be a victim of being born black.

God knows I love being black, I know no other black woman who loves being black like I do. Michelle Obama wears a weave. Oprah wears a weave. Gayle King wears a weave. Beyonce wears a weave. Serena Williams will never be seen in public with her own hair. Since Meghan is now also black, she has straight hair and fixed her nose so it looks like that of a white woman. The most famous black woman who walk this earth will never be associated with their God given crown, they would rather imitate the glory of white women. Oh I hate hypocrisy. The fact is I am more of a black woman than the ‘black’ women claiming to be fighting the black struggle today. I am a rare black woman in today’s world, because my crown and glory is my own hair. If God was to make me pick what skin and hair to be born in, I will still choose my nappy hair and my brown skin. I married my husband because I was physically attracted to his triple dose of melanin. He has the most beautiful skin I have ever seen. So no one can stand up and falsely accuse me that I hate being black. What I hate today is the TAG that is being associated with being black. I see it as madness.

God knows I am more black inside and out than many of them.

So I Mary-Tamar was Jean choose to come out of her, for I cannot be a partaker of her sins. I refuse to be the angry black girl.

Honestly, for how long should black people be victims of HISTORY. Yes slavery and colonialism happened. Yes it was inhuman and barbaric. It was cruel, I get it. But the thing is, as human beings we do need to MOVE ON, learn from history and create a better world out of all the mess from history. God allowed what happened to happen, it’s a fact. God was in it. Unless we are saying He is not sovereign after all. In fact, let’s put God aside for a minute. Who facilitated the slave trade? Who sold black people into slavery? It was black people who sold their fellow black people into slavery without any ounce of regret.

If a woman has two sons, and one of her sons sells his own little brother to a rapist who will torture his brother and abuse him, who is more evil to the mother, her own son or the rapist? Who will grieve her heart the most? Is it not her own son who sold his own brother to a wicked person? So who grieves God the most in the historic transatlantic slave saga? The black brothers who betrayed and sold their fellow black brothers did more evil than the ones who bought the slaves.

Who did more evil, the slave traders who bought Joseph from his own brothers or the brothers who sold their little brother into slavery? But did Joseph wallow in self pity for the rest of his life? No, he overcame his situation and became a ruler in the country he was supposed to be a slave. If anything, Joseph became the best version of himself with whatever life threw at him.

So black people, sometimes your anger and grief is so misplaced. You as a people literally sold each other into slavery. Let that sink in. Now over to you Black Americans, it’s time to get a grip. You do not qualify for slavery reparations. No one owes you any money. If there was to be any compensation for the slave trade at all, the payments were supposed to go directly to the actual slaves, not you. You are FREE, though you choose to keep yourselves in mental slavery. Why are you all still keeping the names of your masters by the way? Don’t you all prefer those names to African names? Aren’t those white names what makes you feel superior to black Africans? So please, spare the world. If you want any reparations start by going back to Africa, and tracing the black people who sold your ancestors to the white men and start from there.

You can’t be VICTIMS of the transatlantic slave trade forever, that ERA is gone. SORRY.

If you want a real victim of history, I am one. My own mother hates me, so much I do not believe she birthed me, I keep myself sane by telling myself that I had a loving mother once upon a time, but I was stolen away from my mother’s bosom at birth, and another woman raised me. The story of Rapunzel brings me so much comfort, sometimes I feel like the story was written for me. My dreams tell me she is not my real mother, so I believe my dreams. She is so much not like me, so she possibly can’t be. She taught me how to hate. But I refuse to live in her shadows, and I love my children like the desert loves the rain. She taught me that a woman should never respect her husband, but I know no other woman who respects her husband like I respect and honour mine. She taught me abuse, anger and pain, but I have created a home for my children where only peace and harmony reigns. I am a victim, but I have refused to live like one, or let it shape me. I have taken all the pain that was poured to me by my mother, and have created a haven with it. My reason for having many children, 7, is because I wanted to pour as much love as I could to my seed, something I never received. I wanted to create a new generation of people, and break my mother’s curse of HATE.

So right now, I do not understand the behaviour of black people, especially the ones who support Harry and Meghan in the name of “victims of racism.” I find such black people a menace and a destruction to progressive society.

Okay, I have spoken about slavery, I will also speak about colonisation. We need to move on from that too. Because when all is said and done, it was black Kings who sold the land to white men. In Zimbabwe where I was born King Lobengula sold Zimbabwe to Cecil John Rhodes for sugar. How embarrassing. What a foolish King he was, like Esau selling his birthright for a bowl of soup. When King Lobengula realised what he had done, that he had basically handed the heart and soul of Southern Africa to the British Empire with his own signature, he wept bitterly and tried to reverse the treaty claiming he was tricked. Lobengula then attempted to persuade the British government to deem the treaty invalid, sending emissaries to meet Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle, but it was all in vain. The British Empire had taken over Southern Africa, they had the heart of it, Zimbabwe, which was handed to them by the son of the soil.

King Lobengula of Zimbabwe
Cecil Rhodes.

So who is to blame for Zimbabwe being colonised by the British Empire? Is it the British or is it King Lobengula’s fault. I blame King Lobengula.

But today, when I look back at history, it doesn’t matter anymore who did what or who was more to blame than the other. The fact of the matter is Zimbabwe was colonised, and today it is no longer a British colony. The Zimbabweans are free, though they constantly refuse that freedom and want to be slaves. What we can do today is to learn from both King Lobengula and Cecil John Rhodes, because there is so much to learn from both men, and create a better future. All I know is God in His sovereignty allowed all these things to happen, both the good and bad of history. I refuse to look at life through the black or white lenses, the silver lining of life is always where the beauty is.

The irony of it all is that the black people who so hate Cecil Rhodes and wants his statues removed will be the first to accept a Rhodes scholarship at Oxford University should the opportunity arise. Oh the hypocrisy.

I can not speak for any other black person who grew up in Zimbabwe, but for me, it was the colonised Zimbabwe, and the free Zimbabwe that made me into the woman I am today. If Zimbabwe had never been a British colony, God knows where I would be today, I dread to think, because I hate the Zimbabwean culture. It was the British Cambridge system in Zimbabwe that gave me the education I have today. Growing up in Zimbabwe what gave me hope was the English way of doing things, I loved English story books, English culture and tradition, English food and most importantly I was way more fluent in English than I ever was in Shona. I could never express myself in Shona, but writing English felt so natural to me, like it was my mother tongue, so when I finally came to Britain I was home.

So I will never mourn that Zimbabwe was colonised, rather I feel somehow grateful that history happened the way it did, because in a twisted way, my salvation came from the wrongs of history.

Have I suffered racism from white people in the UK, of course I have. But I have suffered way more racism and cruelty in the hands of black people, so it has made me trivialise the racism I have ever faced from white people. I don’t make a big deal of it because I know a bigger more deadly devil. Britain has made me bleed, but I always forgive her, because she is the one who makes me fly like an Eagle, and she understands me more than a people who are supposed to be my own. So my loyalty and first love will always be with Britain.

I was always a Malcom X kinda girl in my line of thinking, but today I see the VISION of Dr Martin Luther King in all its glory. I see the Promised Land he spoke about. I see the Dream, and I want to be part of that Dream.

Malcom X criticised Dr King’s non violent approach to change, and called him an Uncle Tom.

Yes, there is racism in the UK, but there is also progress, things have changed a lot. Rome wasn’t built in a day, black people also have to accept that. According to a recent research conducted by a black man Dr Tony Sewell, his report concluded that even though racism exist in the UK, racial inequalities have narrowed in education and employment. He argued that many problems blamed on racism are complicated, varied, and linked to tradition, class and other social factors. The report is somewhat true, because today we have a case of a narcissist woman, whose manipulative behaviour is now being mistaken for racial prejudice.

So when I see the Black Lives Matter movement, which has been hijacked by the same Meghan crying racism from a people who have done nothing but bend over backwards for her, as she tries to make herself the FACE of BLM, I see a distraction from the change the world so desperately needs. Right now with everything happening in the world, the plagues and all, the world needs some sort of relief from the birth pangs, so the race wars Meghan is creating, using Oprah and Gayle as her Chief Ambassadors will only make the world worse not better.

I’ve come to that point in my life where I will no longer look at people based on the colour of their skin, but rather their CHARACTER and their ability to distinguish between good and evil. So when I am fighting Meghan Markle, I am fighting for humanity, because as she raises her Army of The Dead, she is but a threat to us all…if she sits on that iron throne that Gayle and Oprah are helping her to build, then we are all doomed…

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

7 thoughts on “Why As A Black Woman I No Longer Support BLACK LIVES MATTER

  1. Oh, wow, you leave me speechless! This is the best & most balanced article on this subject I have ever had the pleasure of reading. God has given you an amazing gift, & I thank Him you are using it. You are a remarkable lady, & although I have never met you, I feel such a connection with you, & am thankful I recently discovered your blogs.
    Keep doing what you are doing. I hope many more people will learn from your wisdom.
    I was so sad to read about your mother, but what a gem you have turned out to be. Obviously a beautiful, loving mother to your seven children, & a wife far above rubies.
    Thank you for seeing the truth about so much, including Meghan. Bless you!

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  2. I love your assessments in this post. If black people were as educated and pragmatic as you are, 90% of racism would be irrelevant and we could all live in harmony. Yes, there is racism in the U.K., but most people have open hearts and are not racist. Regarding BLM, they are an embarrassment to black people. Burning buildings, tearing down statues and civil disobedience is not the way forward. Not least because new trainers seems to be the objective. Megan is not black, she does not represent the black community. And she is hated because she is a traitor to this country, it has nothing whatever to do with skin colour. Keep everything crossed she is as unsuccessful in her political ambitions, as she has been with everything else. If she were President of the US, I will have to move to an island with no internet.
    Take care.


  3. Thank you for yet another wonderful post. I am done with the racism as well, meaning I will never support racist people but also stick up for myself as I am not racist, I take people for face value. I like to hope that the people that are not racist can be there for each other, we don’t have to associate with racist people or the people that don’t want to move forward and forgive. Never forget but it is good to forgive and not blame everyone. The ones that don’t want to move on, make some changes, try harder themselves, live in the past and blame the world will stay exactly where they are and teach their children the same thing.. I hope the ones that are still experiencing racism can move away or move on from the people that don’t appreciate them. I do also think the government are dividing us purposely, not just people, countries as well. Pitting people/race against each other. Trying to push that all white people are racist even if some are white themselves because they think they are better and that us sheep believe everything they say. I just hate seeing people hurt each other and keep on bringing up the past because it is not the past anymore, it is today and tomorrow is a brighter future. I think by going on and on and on about race, it just allows our children to continue seeing differences in skin colour when really there is no difference at all. We should all be learning from each other’s race, appreciating each others heritage, the past that they have had to endure or their ancestors. We should be coming together and talking and figuring things out in an adult way so we can teach our children not to look at skin colour. Yes look at it but understand the beauty of all and remember we are all just people.

    I do think though for the races that truly are not receiving fair treatment, that we need to work more on education, help, etc. but that goes for others as well that need a step up. As far as G.F. goes, I blame the government for what they are doing, I also blame the government for not helping him more. Funny they go on about him now but they certainly did not help him the years he was in and out of jail, having baby after baby, doing drugs, committing crime. There should be so much more for young people that get into trouble VS a horrible, evil cycle where just shove them back in jail, don’t help them when they are out to change their ways.

    I also blame the greedy store owner for making that poor, young man go out and ask for a $ 20.00 bill when they knew the guy was high, drunk, what was G.F. 6.7 or taller, built like a brick S house. All for $ 20.00 because owner told the staff the fake money would come out of their what was it $ 6.00 pay an hour? Store owner should be ashamed of himself, they took the $ 20.00 so eat it, big deal or there should be an insurance that covers re: the banks. The young guy was probably to scared to say anything to G.F. while in the store as would I be so he likely just thought let it go. NOPE not the greedy store owner, had to call the police over # 20.00. Another thing as well, those policemen were polite to all the black people in the store, I thought they very professional. I watched the whole video, they were mean to G.F. they were trying to tell him to just get in the car. G.F. was acting like he was because that is how people act on those drugs. Why did the ambulance people not get their sooner, why didn’t they get down on ground right away and help ? They know what to do, the policemen are not doctors, nurses, paramedics, or professional drug analysts.

    Another thing the drugs G.F. were on were the worst kind of drugs possible, people are dying on the spot daily with one hit. Just saying I think this is horrible, this whole thing with G.F. and yes sorry he died but I will never say it was murder. G.F. overdosed and with what he one mixed with alcohol, already had lung and heart issues. He likely did a few steroids here and there, he was foaming at the mouth because he swallowed a whole bag of the stuff he likely was going to sell to some street person or teenager. Know body would have known G.F. ate a whole bag of horrible drugs where one hit kills a person on the street or on the spot. Yes the knee thing but G.F. did not die on the street, he died just about an hour later in the ambulance or at the hospital, so how can one say the policeman killed him ?

    Happy Easter to all 🙂


  4. Once again Jean, you have used your pen to enlighten us! Treat people how we expect to be treated ourselves. Let go of the past…look to the future, turning every negative experience into a positive! It will only make us stronger and enable us to deal with whatever life next throws at us next…without giving up! You’ve inspired me to look into the history of “slavery” thank you. 🙏


  5. Beautifully written. Your post was read on YouTube by ‘Celt’ I was moved. I am a White person brought up in Africa, but when I call myself African I am told I am ‘European’ I am not European I am a Daughter of Africa although I might not be black. Our colour should not define who we are. We are all equal in the eyes of God and he gave us all different skin colours and traits to help us survive in the conditions where we were established. My ancestors came from Europe but I have never been there so how can you call me European?

    All we can do is be nice to one another, we are all different in our own way.

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  6. I love how you write. I can talk to you for days. I am neither black nor white but I love culture, history and how it took so many unbelievable events to bring us to where we are today. Black people have sacrificed so much for thousands of years. I believe God has a plan and black people serve a purpose bigger than anyone else. Africans are truly God’s people in so many ways. As black people entered Hollywood, God’s plan is now on hold until they clean up their act. Meghan is not helping..she doesn’t realize at all, obviously ..but she’s an enemy of God primarily because she was not raised to think and see between the lines and see a deeper vision based on history and not Hollywood or media or press. Being powerful through the media is nothing. At the end of the day, you have to get things done. It takes action to move people and culture, and Meghan cannot do anything except sit in front of a camera and do some barbie talk. Black people are not going to support her for too long. The only black people that support her are other black media people on TV. In real life, she is completely forgotten. I wish I knew YOU in real life…take care!

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