Mother Of 6 Diaries: Sometimes Beauty Has To Come First

Having 6 children has not stopped me from being the woman I want to be. It’s not easy but I still have to try my best to stay young and beautiful. Even if it means having my make-up done whilst holding my new-born Chaka.


Talking of make-up, I remember last year Jamelia made some headlines saying there is not much make-up for black women in the mainstream stores in the UK. I wrote a piece for the Huffington Post about it, and I am still proven right, I have to say.

There is more than enough shades of make-up for us out there, if not we have to make use of the opportunities and create our own, simple. But as for me, I am not much of a make-up person so I am very happy with whatever I find out there. I am just for staying fresh and beautiful, whatever it takes.







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