Outnumbered Part 2: How The King Manages His Emotional Crying Wives

So Hagar (my husband’s potential 3rd wife) told my husband that she wanted to take me out for dinner, so we could talk things through and get to know each other. I said okay, and we went out Friday night. Shulamite had spent the entire night with the King the night before, and she seemed so happy on Friday. In fact, I had never seen her that happy.  She stayed at home with Boaz and the children. I was the one feeling outnumbered, I had even cried a little, so I was really looking forward to going out with Hagar.

Hagar is a vegetarian, so she took me to a very cool Indian Vegetarian Restaurant.

We had a good one to one, woman to woman. She told me that she had fallen in love with my husband, and she had never fallen in love before. She said she was 31, but still a virgin, and she was ready to give herself fully to my King. She told me that she was not jealous of me, and never wants to take my place or replace me.

She asked me if I can allow her to be my Boaz’s third wife and that she would know her place and honor me, and understands she won’t be getting nights with him.

To be honest, I told her that I was praying about that, and was not sure about interracial marriages .

She said being Asian, Indian she saw herself as an ethnic minority, and believes Asians and Africans face the same prejudices in the UK. She said she feels more black inside, and she said what she felt with my Boaz was more of a spiritual connection, and he had brought out her real self.

She broke down and started crying. I didn’t know how to console her in the restaurant, I just reached out my hand to hers and could feel my tears coming too. She hardly ate her food. She said she felt so lost, and only my husband is going to complete her and she was begging me to allow her, she said she had been crying a lot over the past days.

“Kofi worships the ground you walk on Jean. He says you are his Queen. He speaks so highly of you and he is lost without you, I get that, but I love him and I am ready to leave everything for him. I want him to be my first and only love, please.”

So I told her that until I get a confirmation from God, I am unable to give her my blessing, but I was just so happy she was my sister, and I felt a connection with her.

She was literally begging me, she said my blessing was important, and Boaz had told her that I am doubting her being his third wife. I consoled her, and was humbled by her grace and transparency.

Despite the tears, we laughed  and talked about our stories, I told her a lot about my previous life, and abuse I suffered in life and that my Boaz had actually saved me, and all the things don’t hurt anymore, but I laugh about it with my husband.

 She said since she has gotten to know Kofi, he has made her laugh so much, and she imagines what her first time will be like.

We spoke about our careers, my writing and previous job as a mental health nurse. She told me about her job as a teacher and how she enjoys PA work more, and would love to work for Kofi and bring out the best in his business and leave her teaching job for him.

She said her strict culture has never allowed her to date, and she has always been afraid of being hurt by men, hence she had refused two arranged marriages.

All in all, it was a good dinner date, we even hugged so tight after, and we took selfies and sent them to our King. And I invited Hagar to join us for Sabbath the next day.

But when I got home, it was about 11pm, and there was a weird atmosphere in the house. Boaz told me that Shulamite had gone to bed, which was strange to me because Friday nights we normally stay up late, and that’s when Shulamite prepares food for the Sabbath.

I asked Boaz why Shulamite had not cooked or prepared anything, and he told me that when I was gone for my date with Hagar, she started crying hysterically to Boaz saying she feels left out and feels like Hagar is coming to take her place.

I asked Boaz if I should go and console her, and he said it was best I left her.

So for the second night, I told Boaz to go in her chamber for the night and comfort his distraught wife. He did.

I told him I wanted to write anyway, so would probably be up all night writing.

So I took my laptop and went downstairs and did my writing whilst listening to music. Funny Hagar texted me at like 3 am and said she could not sleep, so we chatted on whats-app till about 5 am. Then we had to catch some sleep before Sabbath.

I didn’t want to sleep alone that morning, and I felt like I had given Shulamite two nights with the King, and I needed him too. I missed him. So I went and knocked on Shulamite’s door, knowing she would be up soon to feed the baby anyway. I knocked and there was no answer, so I went in her chamber, and they were both completely knocked out. I woke my King up, and told him I needed him.

That morning, Shulamite did not wake up to feed the baby or anything, and Boaz said I should leave her and he would take care of the baby, and he would sort out the children that morning. I slept till about 10 am.

And when I woke up Shulamite was still in bed. And that puzzled me. I felt a little annoyed with her emotional outbursts. I felt like she was stretching it a bit.

I told my Boaz that I had been so good to Shulamite, I even had two nights of staying awake whilst he was in her chamber doing God knows what to her. And she repaid me by emotionally blackmailing me because I went out for dinner with Hagar. I felt like she was ungrateful. Boaz said he understood my frustrations with her, but I should be more understanding to Shulamite too and bear with her. He said he would make it up to me for the two nights I had sacrificed for Shulamite.

To make matters worse, we had someone booked in the Love Den, and they checked out Saturday morning, and we got another booking short notice, and there was no time to get the professional cleaner. So Shulamite was supposed to go and clean and get the place ready for the guests who were checking in within hours, and to my shock Shulamite told Boaz that she was too “unwell” to go and clean.

So I said to Boaz he needed to control his wife because she was actually getting out of control.

He took my hand, and he said I should go and clean the place, and get it ready instead. He said Shulamite was very emotional, and he doesn’t want her to break down. He said it’s not me, she’s the one feeling outnumbered, and she is struggling to accept that Hagar maybe joining the household and she felt jealous about our dinner date, and feels like me and Hagar will get along more and leave her out.

“Everyone cries but we still have to get on with life. I haven’t slept all night. What if the guests trashed the place? And I am not good with this kind of thing, Shulamite makes the place really nice. And it’s Sabbath, I shouldn’t even be working on a Sabbath. Send Hagar to do it then. ” I told Boaz.

“No, you do it. And I know you will make it even nicer than Shulamite, and when you come back we will do Sabbath, and everything will be ready. Take the girls with you, they will help you.” Boaz said and kissed me.

So I listened to my husband, I always find myself submitting to him, even when I don’t want to. So he got the girls ready for me, and I took them to the Love Den to clean and get the place ready.

Well, I went with a cheerful heart, I covered my head with a headscarf and meditated and prayed whilst I worked. And my girls were so excited to help Mummy.  The guests had not trashed the place, they hardly do anyway.  It was pretty decent just a little messy. The girls helped put the new bedding and cushions, and folded the towels. The place looked pretty enough when we were done. Not as pretty as Shulamite makes it, my hands are not that delicate, but I was happy with the result, and so were my girls.

DSC_0331 (2)
I obeyed my King and worked with a cheerful heart

DSC_0333 (2)

DSC_0335 (2)

DSC_0330 (2)
Not as delicate as Shulamite makes it, but the girls and I were impressed
DSC_0302 (2)
The girls were amazing helpers
DSC_0304 (2)
Mummy’s little helpers

DSC_0308 (3)

DSC_0314 (3)
The work of my little girls

We went home, and Hagar was already there. I was welcomed with a surprise, Boaz had told  Hagar to cook, and she brought us her Vegetarian Indian cuisine. She said she had been up all night cooking.

Everyone was ready, just waiting for me and the girls. Shulamite was looking better, in fact she was smiling and she looked quite embarrassed about her outburst. She apologized to me, and thanked me for going to clean the Love Den. And we had a beautiful Sabbath.

I really admire my husband, he knows how to manage his Harem. We are all feeling Outnumbered, but the King is able to turn things around. It’s not easy to manage three very emotional women.  It’s not easy managing all the tears and tantrums of three wives, well two, and one potential. But he manages the tears with so much ease and calms any woman down no matter how upset she is. All three of us had been down and crying, and it’s Boaz’s love which holds us together. He is such a beautiful lover. He is our King yet our friend. And we all can’t help but bow to him.

So he told Shulamite and Hagar, that they needed to get to know each other, and should have their own date night, something relaxing and fun, so next Friday they are going for a foot spa massage, and it will be all on Boaz’s card.

I love my Boaz for his wisdom.

DSC_0637 (2)
He has so much wisdom, and knows how to keep his household peaceful

In our own way, this last Sabbath, Hagar, Shulamite and I could not stop saying, “God save the King.”

When he sings he even makes us cry the more, so at my request he sang “Outnumbered” to us….

We would rather be in his presence than anywhere else, and we would rather cry in his arms, because he is the most gentle comforter.

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar was Jean








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