Dear Meghan, Of Course Life Is Unfair, You Are The Reminder Of That

Dear Meghan

Yesterday I watched the much anticipated ITV documentary of your African Tour with your husband Prince Harry. I watched you speak about your struggles as a newly wed and a new mum under the British Press scrutiny. You said not many people ask if you are okay. You said you keep telling your husband “H” that its not enough to survive, you have to live and thrive. You said all you ever wanted, was for things to be fair. I watched you speak, choking back tears, and my heart absolutely bled.

As a black woman, that’s always been my prayer too, I want a fair world.

Emotional Meghan Markle on ITV Documentary 

My heart bled, because you were so right, no woman should be born on this earth to survive. As you spoke of your struggles in this world, standing on South African soil, I couldn’t help but wonder, I wish there was fairness for the South African girl child who is raped every single day of her life, and she knows there is no where to report or turn to for help. The men who rape this South African girl child everyday are the result of the Apartheid, the system which was created by the forefathers of your royal husband. O, how I wish life was fair.

As you choked back tears, my dear Duchess, and spoke about how life is not fair for you, I couldn’t help but think of the African Girl child, how she wallows in poverty ever single day, putting newspaper cuttings between her legs as she bleeds every month, because she can not afford sanitary towels, even though the ground she walks on is rich in gold, oil and diamonds. Whilst the African girl child can not afford a single towel for her bleeding, you stood there on her ground, choking back tears about how life is unfair, whilst you wore the very diamonds which were dug from her ground. O, how I wish life was fair.

My Duchess, Your Royal Highness, as you spoke your heart out, about how hard it is to be a newly wed and a new mother, I could not help but think of the millions of women on that continent, who can not afford to go to the hospital to give birth, so they end up giving birth in the car parks of hospitals, and no one comes to help them. Most of them die in childbirth. That is the story of the average new mother in Africa. All the resources of these African countries are enjoyed in the first world, whilst the new mothers bleed to death in car parks. So I get you my Duchess, you really understand how life is hard, life as a new mother is very hard indeed. You of all people on this earth, you would know that.

I am a black woman, and I know criticizing you is seen as treason and blasphemy in the black community. Millions of black people in this world worship the ground you walk on. They say you are their Princess, even the suffering black women in South Africa had nothing but utter adoration for you.

You have Black Key Board Warriors on Twitter and Instagram, who have dedicated their lives to defending you. They have created the hash tag #WeLoveYouMeghan, but why do I get the impression that the black people’s support is not good enough for you. You have an entire race supporting you and your husband, but after all the support you get from your loyal black people, who even call you black even though you are biracial, but you choose to focus your attention on the white people who do not like you.

Please help me understand, my Duchess, how on earth you can stand on the poorest continent of this world, and moan and sob that life has been unfair to you? How has life been hard to you? Because you receive mean comments on Daily Mail? Lord, I wish I had your problems….

Did your Mama never teach you that life is not fair. When has life ever been fair? For this world to go round, life has to be unfair. If anything, YOU are the reminder of that.

You are without a doubt the most famous woman on earth today. You are the most envied woman on earth today, (which obviously explains the haters) . You live a life of being worshiped and adored. You have the  wealth, power and status that almost every human being desire.

Poor people are always motivating themselves, they need that to survive. They say money is not everything. What a damn lie. We are born into this world to spend the rest of our lives chasing money. You have reached a point where you have that in abundance, along with power and fame.

With your power, wealth and status, you now want to be the one to use your platform to tell the world what “surviving as a mother” actually means. O, the irony.

Never mind Africa, let me tell you what surviving as a mother means Ms Markle, especially in Britain. I  carried my 4th baby without a husband by my side. I was anemic, I had no help, no nannies or servants, yet I still had to walk my other children to school in the morning. Because I was anemic, I had to sit down on benches now and again to gain my strength.  Then I had to come back home and clean, then go back to pick the children from school. Come home ,cook dinner and do homework with the children, yes heavily pregnant.  I had no time to choke back tears whilst being followed by an ITV camera crew. I did most of weeping at night alone when the children were asleep. That is what you call surviving as a mother.

Now, if you feel like because you get nasty comments on Daily Mail, and the British Press are mean to you, then by all means maybe leave the Royal life altogether. If surely you are that unhappy, then why not leave it all, and live a life of total privacy. Many royals have abdicated in the past before. Why not do the same, because the British Press and the commentators on Daily Mail, the biggest tabloid in the UK are not going to stop. That’s the reality of the matter.

Do not insult Africa and the black race, (though they blindly love you) it doesn’t  mean you have to spit on us. Some of us have our eyes open, we will not be insulted in the process as you try to fight the British Press.

Yes, I get it, pain is relative, rich people suffer too. But you have a platform and power here. There is such a thing called wisdom, and I think you have completely lost it. Last night I was deeply angered by your documentary, as a black woman who has lived a lot of my life surviving, I found your tears and words very insulting, especially as you shed them standing on African soil.

I will say this again, you are the most privileged woman walking on this earth today, do remember that when you cry that life is unfair.

Mary-Tamar was Jean Gasho





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