Dear Zimbabwe: I Can’t Be Jealous Of A Woman I Am More Than

So yesterday I angered the Zimbabweans who follow me on social media by writing a post about Meghan Markle, The Duchess Of Sussex, where I said I believed she needed to tone down on the bump rubbing or bump cradling as others prefer to call it. It wasn’t an attack on the Duchess, I have so much love and respect for the woman, I merely pointed out that she just needed to exercise caution and self-control whilst in public.

My post on Facebook yesterday which led to Zimbabweans attacking me with hate and vulgar

Now, after I wrote the post about Meghan Markle on my Facebook wall, Zimbabweans, staying true to their animal Kingdom behaviour each time anyone goes against their reasoning or mental capacity, descended on me like a pack of wolves, it must be the animal totems in them. Sometimes I believe these people are possessed by their totems, it is their religion, after all.

Because of Meghan Markle, I even had one woman whom I last saw in the cult of Agape Church like 6 years ago come on my Facebook wall to comment. Like suddenly, all the demons came out of their holes, all because I said Meghan Markle needs to tone it down a bit. I started getting all sorts of abuse and insults, which is what Zimbabweans do when they do not agree with someone.  Honestly, I had no idea that Meghan Markle had this kind of effect on Zimbabweans, Most of them by their own admission, do say the nation is cursed.

I have seen barbarism before but this country is on another level.

Zimbabweans said I was jealous of Meghan Markle because I was poor. They said I am bitter and angry that I do not have the lifestyle of the Duchess of Sussex. They said I am angry that I never married a prince. They said my husband was ugly and could never be compared to Prince Harry who is apparently more good-looking than Nino. They said I have never carried a Royal Baby in my womb so I can never possibly comprehend what Meghan is feeling. They said my 6 pregnancies are nothing compared to the one pregnancy of Meghan Markle. They said I am a nobody, and Meghan Markle is a somebody. Because of Meghan Markle, I was called a witch yesterday by Zimbabweans.

I then realized I had to take action and immediately issued a statement on my Facebook wall that I was no longer accepting hateful and abusive comments from the barbaric Kingdom. So I blocked all their hateful comments.

Then they took my post and started sharing it on their Facebook groups. One of the biggest Zimbabwe Facebook group called Mvenge Mvenge Ezomgidho, which has over 80k members, apparently started running several posts dedicated to me over the Meghan Post I wrote. They said I can not comprehend what it means to be a royal, so I should leave Meghan alone. But I do not need a Zimbabwean crown, I refused it.

I was raised by the original King of Zimbabwe, Chief Mutota, who has the spirit of Nyastimba Mutota the grandson of Sheba the Queen of Zimbabwe, if I wanted the crown of Zimbabwe I would have it today, but I refused it.

Former President Robert Mugabe knew who my Father was.  President Emmerson Mnangagwa knows who my Father is. They all know that the spirit medium of Great Zimbabwe is on the man who raised me. He can’t be touched because he is the only living direct descendant of the Geshur kingdom.

So do not get it twisted Zimbabweans, I am the original Princess of Zimbabwe, because of all of Chief Mutota’s children, I was always the chosen one, hence his other children, legitimate and illegitimate, found my existence on this planet problematic. Chief Mutota always passed the crown to me, but I refused it because I am no longer from pagan Zimbabwe. I was instructed by God to denounce the country and forget my fathers’ house.

“Listen, O royal daughter, and consider, and incline your ear; forget also your own people, and your father’s house,” Psalm 45.

Now let me make one thing clear to you Zimbabweans, especially about Meghan Markle whom you claim to love and adore and say I, Lady Mary-Tamar am jealous of.

  1. My husband is of royal blood. I did marry a true Prince.
  2. I have carried royal babies in my womb, I know what Meghan is feeling, and even more. I know what it means to carry a chosen promised child.
  3. How can I possibly be jealous of Meghan Markle The Duchess Of Sussex, I am more than what she is, I just didn’t marry a Prince, I was born royalty.
  1. DSC_2387

On that note, I will end it right there.

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Lady Mary-Tamar

One thought on “Dear Zimbabwe: I Can’t Be Jealous Of A Woman I Am More Than

  1. Ignore the idiots. Personally I can’t stand MM and if they heard and read what I said boy oh boy would they dislike me and like I would give a rats you know what. MM is a lying, using, hypocrite and so his Harry. FYI: to the people that said Harry is good looking. LOL ! He is not good looking, he is a weak, no good for nothing. He has been looked after his whole life, dressed like Hitler, partied his face off doing drugs and drinking. He has no respect for his family or the country that spoon fed him all his life. His stint in the military was because his dad and grandmother had to put a stop to the partying and running around naked in Las Vegas. He could and did only two terms in the military because he was more of a risk to the other troops, having to have his security around. Who has security around you in the military ? Secondly he climbed the ladder quickly due to who he was not because of his small brain. I have no respect for Harry or OLD MM. The people that called you down and said horrible things to you sound evil to me just like H & M.

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