I Wish I Had Destroyed The Satanic Zimbabwean Bird And The NyamiNyami Snake River God

There was a time I was so tempted to take the crown of Zimbabwe. I only wanted it for one reason, to destroy the gods of this cursed land. I had a dream once upon a time, of being the chosen one to destroy the great gods of Zimbabwe. I thought if I took down the great false prophet Walter Masocha and made his great church desolate, maybe just maybe I could also take on the gods of Zimbabwe.

Well, if I had taken the crown of this pagan country, which was my other side of twisted destiny, the first thing I would have done was to burn the gods, which would have caused a great outcry in the land.

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Once Upon A Time, I Was Ready For The Crown Of Zimbabwe

I would have started by removing the national symbol of Zimbabwe, The Stone Carved Zimbabwe Bird  


I would destroy the satanic stone carved Zimbabwean bird, which is the emblem of Zimbabwe and the most iconic symbol of Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe bird is found at the Great Zimbabwe ruins, which was the official royal palace of Zimbabwe.  It is found on the national coat of arms, the military coat of arms, the national flag, on Zimbabwe Airways, on the currency and on postage stamps.



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If I would have taken the crown of Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe bird symbol would have been banished and all the images and sculptures of the bird burnt or destroyed.

The people of Zimbabwe do not even know the identity of the ‘bird’. What the bird actually is remains a great mystery and debate in the country. Some say it could be a type of an eagle. They have no evidence of what the bird is, so they say probably its this or that.

Well, I Mary-Tamar will not say the Zimbabwean bird is probably this or that. I do not deal with assumptions. The Zimbabwean bird is not a type of an eagle, it is what it is. The Zimbabwean bird is a great winged dragon, sitting on its pagan throne, disguised as an innocent bird. It was carved on the Great Zimbabwe Royal Palace by the ancestors who knew the power and significance of this great dragon.

They bowed to this great bird, they worshipped it. They sacrificed animals to the bird. Today the bird continues to be cherished. The worship of the dragon continues through its use on almost everything that represents the country. This bird is after all the country’s emblem.

I Would Then Destroy The Water/River God Of Zimbabwe, The Nyami Nyami Serpent 

I would destroy all images of the great water serpent, the country’s much-loved and reverenced water dragon, the Nyami Nyami snake.


The Nyami Nyami, otherwise known as the Zambezi River God or Zambezi Snake spirit, is one of the most important gods of Zimbabwe. The NyamiNyami is believed to protect the Tonga people and give them sustenance in difficult times. The River God is usually portrayed as male serpent who is believed to have been separated from his wife when the Kariba Dam was built.

The spirit of the river dragon is appeased through gold, wood, stone or ivory carvings of the dragon, which are very popular in Zimbabwe, and Zambia.  The Nyami Nyami snake can be found as pendants on jewellery, both as a fashion accessory and as a good luck charm. People of Zimbabwe believe that wearing the nyami nyami gives them power and good luck.

In 2001, I went to Zimbabwe and went to Kariba on holiday. I bought myself a Nyami Nyami pedant which I deeply cherished and brought it back to the UK as a good luck charm.

The Nyami Nyami is also normally carved into walking sticks, which are very popular with tourists visiting Zimbabwe and Zambia. The Nyami Nyami walking sticks have historically been gifts given to prestigious visitors.

If I had taken the crown of Zimbabwe, I would mark an end of any carvings or images of this river god. There would no longer be NyamiNyami.

After Destroying The Main Gods Of Zimbabwe, The Zimbabwe Bird And NyamiNyami Snake, It Would  Be Easy To Destroy The Rest Of The Gods Of Zimbabwe. 

Zimbabwe is pagan country of many gods. But the main ones are the Zimbabwe bird/Dragon and the Water Dragon, the Nyami Nyami snake. Once these two dragons are destroyed, it would be easy to destroy the rest of the gods.

I would put away the religion of totems, ancestral worship and worshipping of ‘mwari/musikavanhu’ the Shona god. I would burn all the idols of Zimbabwe, which infest the country. No man or woman would be allowed to be a sculptor, like Elijah I would burn the gods of Zimbabwe.

I would destroy the gods of Zimbabwe

No man or woman would be a sangoma, traditional healer or n’anga and no man or woman would be allowed to wear the traditional retso cloth. I would banish the false prophets of the nation, and the first to be put in prison would be false prophet Walter Magaya.

All sorcerers and prophets of doom would be imprisoned, starting with Walter  Magaya

I would have to do a thorough cleansing of the land, as it is the most pagan country in the entire world.

If I had taken the crown of this pagan country, I would have had no choice but to cleanse it from evil and destroy all the gods. But maybe that would not have been very clever of me, because destroying the Zimbabwe gods would mean the fall of  Walt Disney Empire.

To Be Continued…

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Lady Mary-Tamar



8 thoughts on “I Wish I Had Destroyed The Satanic Zimbabwean Bird And The NyamiNyami Snake River God

  1. You just don’t know the truth. What you think is holy is pagan and what you think is pagan is holy. Go read and research your history again


  2. Sometimes, when we desire to be more modern and progressive and do things in the name of “God”, that a white missionary or Catholic nun told us to believe and worship-we tend to lose sight of what is real and true. Before the ages of time, the Shona had a God and gods and the nation now know as Zimbabwe prospered and there was peace. Because we had direct communication with God- we knew who he or she was, we communed and fellowship with him and her. We were in a relationship with God (s) of our people. Interesting how, when the white man came, with his white man’s Bible, suddenly we were worshipping pagan gods? Which means, the Shona, Ndebeles and all indigenous people of Zimbabwe, were not considered or deemed worthy enough to know who to worship or pray to? Ah yes, the superior white man has all the answers, yet if the white man’s bible serves me correct, in the beginning, God said let “us” make man in our own imagine- us as in plural- but that is neither here or there. My point, is who is the white man to tell us who to believe?
    I have said this, before, in order to strip away one’s identity, you have to re-write a group of people’s history. Take away their language- Shona technically was written by whom, not the natives of the land. Take away their gods, and they should serve our own, which will justify why the white man could enslave us. Next, enforce the appearance factor- how we are ugly- our hair too course, our skin too dark. Then tell us, that our dress inappropriate and we are nothing but natives, kaffirs, boys, or girls. Yet they saw the splendor of our Kings and queens, who were later termed chiefs. That regal history of great wealth and nobility has been lost and reduced to a mere chiefdom-and now we worship some god in the sky sitting on a throne, waiting to send my soul to hell?
    I would suggest studying King Leopold II, also known as the butcher of Congo, and how many lives he killed- all in the name of spreading Christianity. How he told the missionaries not to preach the word of God but to instill in the native’s mind that the God they worshipped was a pagan god. King Leopold was well aware that the natives knew their God and were powerful because of it. And in return, King Leopold killed more people than Hitler and gave the natives a new language, or and a new way of dressing. If they were still alive, he had his men chop of the native’s limbs.
    Bottom line, we need to be very careful what we call evil and who came up with the idea that our gods are pagans. So in this instance, I am so glad, you did not take our so-called crown- basically knobkerrie since we are not worthy enough to actually have a kingdom, and you have not destroyed the indigenous gods. Personally, I would like to know more about them, and not just basing my mind on someone’s interpretation or a commercialized version, especially when they have no knowledge of the culture, history, religion or language.

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    1. WHAT NONSENSE! THE TONGA AND THE KHOISAN WERE THE FIRST BLACK PEOPLE IN THIS LAND. You Shona came from the Congo. You were allowed to colonise this land by the generous Tonga and Khoisan. So stop telling lies! How can you say “Before the ages of time, the Shona had a God and gods and the nation now know as Zimbabwe prospered and there was peace. Because we had direct communication with God- we knew who he or she was, we communed and fellowship with him and her. We were in a relationship with God (s) of our people”?


  3. Interesting if i may add thet the worship of Mwari / Musikavanhu (God ) which is the pure Shona tradition…mweya mutsvene/ Holy Spirit is completely different from idolatry ie worship of the ‘bird and snake spirit etc.The later is witchcraft perpetuated by demonic spirits ( Satanism )
    Most people fail in distinguishing the two and out of ignorance mix them in worship and deeds, some know but deliberately inter-change them to deceive or out of greeed therefore end up perishing. You cannot serve two ….you either Holy or Demonic period !

    The above has nothing to do with geographical location or race but an individual ‘ s SPIRIT i.e whether it ‘s HOLY or demonic !


    1. And that’s why dialogue is so important..care to elaborate more on that? I certainly would like to know the origin of the Zimbabwean bird, what it represents and what is the actual symbolism behind it? Why is it the so called symbol of Zimbabwe, even to this day? Aomehow I feel theres a whole lot if white washing with this as well. Please enlighten me.


  4. Maybe you paid more attention during history class and managed to get at least a C or better you’d know that this bird is an African fish eagle(Nyoni in ndebele, Hungwe in Shona) and was the totem for the Great Zimbabwe dynasty so they made each king a carved bird. The 8 carved stone birds suggest that there were 8 kings who ruled Great Zimbabwe during the iron age.


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