Dear Tendai, Do I Look Like A Mother Of 6 On Benefits To You?

I get a few hate messages in my inbox about my opinions now and again, but today I got one that was totally unexpected. When anyone attacks my children or my motherhood, I hardly let that slide. I am a mother hen and anything to do with my children I come out in full force and don’t hold back.

So today I posted a few pictures of 3 of my children on my Instagram and Facebook.




Soon after posting this, I received a very nasty message from a Zimbabwean woman who appears to be living in the UK, she was quite angry with me for posting the pictures of my children, claiming she was the one funding the lifestyle of my 6 children through tax-payers money as I was not working, apparently.



For a moment I thought it was the ghost account of my ex-husband, the language did sound quite familiar, but I gave the ‘woman’ Tendai the benefit of doubt since my ex-husband was warned by the police to stop sending me anonymous messages of harassment.  I thought this ‘Tendai’ deserved her own little message from me too. And it goes something like is…


Dear Tendai Shawa

It could be you or it could be my ex-husband, but it doesn’t matter, whoever you are, you will still get the message. 

Whether you are a genuine or not, it just shows me that I have conquered so much, that just posting pictures of my beautiful children would provoke so much anger and hate from a total stranger. 

I have truly conquered because every picture I post is not just a picture, maybe that’s why you said my posts annoy you so much. 

These pictures of my children in the bath meant so much to me, reminding me that 8 years ago I took my first 3 children to Zimbabwe, they were only little, but we had the most traumatic time. My own mum told me she would never bath my children unless I was on a deathbed or sick. She looked me in the eye and asked me why would I expect her to help me bath my children? She told me that when I was giving birth to all these children, who was I expecting to look after them.

Soon after my ex-husband’s sister and my ex-mother-in-law phoned an ambulance on me after a church service, telling the paramedics that I was an unfit mother and the children should be removed from care as they were ‘malnourished’. 

When I threatened to leave my ex-husband he would say to me ‘Where will you go, you don’t even have a job. The children will die under your care, you are not capable’. 

When my brother put me in a women’s refuge a few years ago, I never thought I would ever find happiness or just have my own house. 

Just a few years ago, I had my relatives in the UK saying ‘Jean will have those children removed from her care, she doesn’t have a job, she doesn’t want to work, she pretends to have a good life when she has nothing.’ 

So when people like you Tendai get angry with me for posting pictures of my beautiful children, I laugh with victory, because I have conquered. The God I serve has prepared a table before me, in the presence of my enemies. These pictures of my 6 children are a testimony that every curse that was proclaimed on me by many of my enemies, God turned each one into a blessing. 

Many said I was an unfit mother who belonged in a mental institute, yes many said that, including my own flesh and blood. But God opened my womb even more, and after the storm, I bore three more children, 

Let me make it very clear to you haters, oh sorry Tendai. This lifestyle you accuse of being funded by the tax-payer is my story. This is my victory which would obviously hurt people like you.  

You think I can only have this lifestyle when I am on UK benefits. Well ‘Tendai’, this may shock you, but no need to get your knickers in such a messy twist over me. Take a good look at me, do I look like a mother on benefits to you?  I want a good life and a beautiful home for my children, and I am afraid benefits money would not be able to give me the desires of my heart. 

And no I do not have a 9-5 job, the birth certificate of my son Chaka says I am a ‘full-time mother’. 

And yes I do not pay my own way, I have a heavenly Father who does. 

Gold and silver belongs to Him, (Haggai 2:8) oh and He also says, 

Come and buy wine and milk, without money and without cost, (Isaiah 55:1)

These pictures which annoy you so much are my wine and milk. My cups runs over, and every picture I take is a testimony to that.

They said my children and I would go hungry, but we eat fine bread every day. They said I would be homeless and have my children taken away, but we live in Britain’s standard of premium.

So I’m truly sorry that you can’t look after your own children as you have to hire a nanny so you can pay your taxes as you claim, you sound like a slave to the system, I wouldn’t want to trade lives with you, so I truly understand your frustrations. 

Even if I was on benefits, that’s perfectly fine too, I have contributed greatly to this country, not that it means anything to people like you. 

But my dear Tendai Shawa, what you see about my life, the pictures you find so annoying are not a result of tax-payers money. It’s simply called the blessing of the Lord, which maketh rich, adding no sorrow to it.

I do not need a job darling, I am my own job, and I also have my own Boaz. 

Let that sink in slowly…

Yours Truly 

Stay At Home Mother Of 6 







One thought on “Dear Tendai, Do I Look Like A Mother Of 6 On Benefits To You?

  1. This i call good words in good order. When someone get’s their ‘ knickers in such a messy twist over you ‘ then you should remember nobody ever kicks a dead dog yes? So chin up and move on as it’s not like jean to stoop to a low vibrational frequency which your detractor lives in, her own created hell. Have a feeling we should do a christian outreach jean. You will preach and i will do the choir, love praise and worship. Be blessed.

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