Dear Irene, Do I look like A Witch To You?

So today as I was celebrating my baby Charo turning a healthy hearty 7 months, I received an unexpected letter from Irene. It read something like this…
Hello Jean.
I just need to tell you I forgave you for your evil and wicked ways. You were laughing at me that i was in a mental health hospital
Mocking me and my children.  Let me tell you am our Lord Jesus Christ  s disciple. And because he was mocked by evil men i also got mocked by you and your friends.  Im so thankful to God through our Lord Jesus Christ
I went to hospital to preach the gospel and they did put me in bonds and our Lord Jesus Christ set me free. Consider your relationship with the man you are living with. Is it marriage or phonication or adultery?
I hope you get delivered in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ amen
You were wishing my children to be taken.  God will frustrate your devices and your hands so that you will not perform your enterprises of witchcraft.  You are a witch. You need to forgive your mum and others and moreso ask God to forgive you your whoredoms
 You are naked. I cover you with the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ amen
Dear Irene…

I couldn’t justify your letter with a private reply, I thought it would sound better if you read it from here.

For my readers who may not be familiar with who you are, I hope you don’t mind me summarizing to them our history. Since you are an ‘evangelist’ and have already written a book about your life.

Irene Teare used to be one of my closest friends. She is originally from Malawi. She ate with me, visited my house many a times, even slept over a few times.  I also visited her house a number of times. At one time we were evangelizing together in Liverpool. Before the sexual assault trial in Scotland Irene came to my house where she met my mother. She then accompanied me to Scotland where unfortunately she started telling victims a few minutes before they entered the court room that they needed to forgive their offender or else. She also told victims not to swear by the bible. She then started walking around the court house preaching the gospel. From that time in 2015, I started distancing myself from Irene as I realized she had deeper issues and her spirit was not in the right place. However, I continued to care deeply about her.

I had never had any confrontations with Irene, many a times when she was hospitalized intentionally I visited her in the hospital and pleaded with her to cooperate with the mental health services so she could be with her three young children. As you all know I am very passionate about motherhood and I hate to see any child lacking a mothers love. This is because I have lacked that special love from my own mum. But Irene refused to hear my pleas and would say she was choosing ‘Jesus’ over her children. At one point she left her young children late in the evening at home, packed a large suitcase and went to ‘evangelize’. Her daughter who was only about 8 at the time called me to say ‘mummy has gone’. Her then-husband called me to express his concerns over his wife and she was hospitalized a few days after that incident. Whilst in the hospital she would refuse treatment and be often restrained.

Irene Teare has documented her story of ‘persecution’  under the British Mental Health System in her book Lost But Found.

Holding Irene’s book Lost But Found
She was constantly hospitalized and would refuse treatment. Last year she called me to let me know that she was burning all pictures, documents, including passports and birth certificates and any identification of herself or her children. She said she wanted anything with photographs gone. She also burnt all her children’s photographs as she said the bible does say thou shall not make any image. I tried my best to tell her that there was nothing wrong with photographs, but she would not listen. She thought the passports were to do with the ‘New World Order’.

Soon after the burning of photographs, Irene was hospitalized and sectioned under the mental health act where she spent over 6 months to a year in hospital. During times like these Irene would say she was being persecuted for the gospel and she was choosing Jesus over her children.

After she was discharged from hospital she went through a difficult process of starting to register her birth certificate, passport etc as she could not live or work in the UK without any form of identification.

I always tried my best to stand by Irene, never at once did I laugh at her for being in a mental hospital. In-fact I tried my best to get her to avoid hospitalization as this has had a very bad effect on her children. I found her to be a modern Pharisee who abuses her own children in the name of God. She takes the bible literally and leaves no room for the Holy Spirit.

All hell broke loose between Irene and I when I wrote about my mother. She decided to come on my Facebook wall all guns and blazing giving me ‘counsel’ and telling me to stop airing my issues with my mother on Facebook. She also told me to forgive and get delivered.

She even went as far as to post on Facebook walls of Zimbabweans who were posting abusive content about me, she would go and cheer them on. So much of a friend hey. Talk about Judas Iscariot.

What was rather sad was how many Zimbabweans on my Facebook wall saw Irene as an ambassador of Jesus Christ who had come to show Jean the light. Lol.

Her posts about me were applauded with loads of ‘Amen Irene’, Well said Sister Irene’. Some even went onto expound on her ‘preachings’

Though hurt by her betrayal, I could not help but chuckle of course. I replied her there on Facebook publicly, that she was a bad mother, abuser of her own children who hides behind the bible, just like many who condemned me for speaking about my mum.

So I had to post this mail from Irene, who I believe represents a lot of mothers in African cultures and communities. Mothers who do the craziest things to their children in the name of God, yet in church and in their communities they are hailed as spiritual godly heroes whilst their actions hurt their children.

All I can say is Irene, though in the Zimbabwean community you were seen as a priestess, I know you as an abuser of children.

Being a preacher of forgiveness yourself, you do not even know the meaning of the word. In your letter you started by saying you have forgiven me, yet your letter is filled with anger, bitterness, and curses. Calling me a witch, whore and naked is rather rich coming from someone who claims to have forgiven.

You told me that I need to forgive my mother, but I think you need to pray that your own children find it in their hearts to forgive you for all that you have put them through, including burning their photographs, destroying their memories, buring their passports and denying them the right to travel. If you are not careful in this era of social media, we will be reading about their stories on Facebook about their ‘religious maniac mother’. Just saying…

And talking about photographs, there is nothing demonic about my pictures. Take a good look Irene, do I look like a witch to you?


3 thoughts on “Dear Irene, Do I look like A Witch To You?

  1. Hello jean, so sorry, i understand and appreciate your anger, but hold it right there, let me explain something here. Irene, for reasons best known to her, is living in her own hell. She has decided to share it with you, by projecting her own negative vibrations to your person. Now don’t agree to go down and vibrate at her lower energy realm, and that is what she’s about here. Want to share in her pain and madness?? Ofcourse not! So take a deep breath, and shake of the anger, ascend to a higher ream of calm, and see irene as she really is, a sick person with psychological disorders, and a victim of her own distorted imagination. So cheer up! where’s that smile on your face that we all know, that the devill just tried to steal from you, in vain?? Suny day.


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