I Belong To Ghana For Life, And I Will Never Get Divorced

Yes, you read that right. I prayed for a man who would take away my reproach. Boaz prayed for a woman just like me. This is not just a random union of boy meets girl. This is destiny. God answered both our prayers you see. We didn’t just meet, we were brought together by a force of nature that is impossible for any man to put assunder. It is not just the love that brought us together, but fate, purpose, and destiny.

Sometimes we underestimate the power of our owns words that we utter either in prayer or when under conviction. It’s not just about what we say, but the conviction behind the words we utter.

A few weeks ago Nino said to me, ‘You need to claim this marriage, my love. You are the wife, it’s your position so run with it. You will always be’.

That took me back to when I was a little girl, about 8 or so. I remember a certain woman who was our neighbour who was very beautiful and had just got married. Her husband was quite wealthy so all eyes of the town were on her. She then said something that set tounges wagging in the whole town. She apparently attended a kitchen party and said to all the women there that her husband loved her too much and she would never get HIV or get divorced.

The other women talked about her, how pompous she was. Somehow they were all waiting for her marriage to end, or for her to die of Aids. They were even saying all men cheat anyway, so somehow she will get Aids. It’s almost like they were praying for things to go wrong for her just because she had said she will never get divorced.

I remember my mummy saying, ‘Never boast or brag about a man, coz he will leave you any day. No woman should ever trust a man’.

I believed my mummy, and I grew up literally waiting for that beautiful woman to either die of Aids or get divorced. I even felt like she had cursed herself.

But year after year, she seemed more blessed than ever. Contrary to what most women wished for her,  her husband never left her. I can honestly say she is the only woman I grew up knowing whose marriage is still standing as I write this article. All the women who were wishing her divorce or death from Aids are the ones who are no longer married or have had worse happen to them.

Like I said at the beginning of my article, we underestimate the power of our words, especially the conviction behind the words we utter. Today after decades when I see this woman’s pictures with her blessed family and loved up husband, looking even younger than she did when I was a child, I respect her and actually honour her for teaching me something about the verse, ‘life and death are in the power of the tongue’.

So many times we are afraid of speaking life into our own situations because we fear people will say we are boasting. Women are afraid to claim their destiny or just accept that they are loved and adored by their Boaz. Yet people will curse and women will accept the curses, knowingly or unknowingly.

A few months ago I had people coming on my blog, even blood relations wishing that my love with Nino ends. I know right now there are people literally praying that Nino and I should separate.

Take a good look at me all you who love me and those who hate me too. I am loved to the moon and back. I am pampered like a Queen because I am. I am an Ashanti Queen for life. Ghana is my home when I eat Kenkey and Banku the food tastes like I have been eating it since I was in my mother’s womb.

I wear the Ghana flag with pride. I raise it high like a true Ashanti Queen.

Talking about this flag, when Zimbabwe was in the frenzy of This Flag Movement last year, I tried to join in but it just never felt right for me. Towards the end of last year, I had made up my mind that I was ready to go to Zimbabwe to prepare to run for president in 2018. I sat my children down and told them that I was going to run for Zimbabwean president and form my own political party. I had the dreams and visions and all. I knew if I had, I would have been the first female president of Zimbabwe. I spent the whole of last year writing political articles about Zimbabwe.

But alas, Zimbabwe literally killed the political goddess in me. A country I believe is beyond redemption, sorry no offence intended. My traumatic personal experiences among such a people did not make it easier either.

I remember one photo shoot where I tried to wear the Zimbabwean flag, the pictures were somewhat disturbing.  The burden of the Zimbabwean flag was too much, I tried but I could not wear the flag with a smile and pride. It honestly seemed like I was in the wrong flag. Nino had to say to me,’ Just put the Flag down love, you are not Zimbabwean anyway’.

But the moment I raised my Ghanaian Flag today, I felt the political goddess in me that Zimbabwe killed come alive again. I felt life not just for Ghana, but for the whole of Africa. What a glorious majestic flag it is, and that black star oozing the melanin power I am so passionate about.

I am ready to write about every African country, from Kenya to Zambia, South Africa to Sierra Leone.

It’s when I raise the Ghanaian Flag that I feel belonging. The African Queen in me is only unleashed when I know who I am.

Talking about Zimbabwe, when the country was liberated in 1980 before I was born, the late great Bob Marley wrote a song for Zimbabwe and sang…’Every man has the right to decide his own destiny’.

I belong to Ghana for life, and I will never get divorced. My beloved is mine and I am his.




2 thoughts on “I Belong To Ghana For Life, And I Will Never Get Divorced

  1. Such a touching article. But you are still Zimbabwean Jean. Not the bad vindictive and EVIL ONE, BUT THE GOOD ONE. If you suppress your Zimbabwean side you would have let the bad ones win. I know where you are coming from my sister. Most of us have been victims of godo, evil spouses,neighbours and ruvengo rwema Zimba and PHD syndrome, eg Strive Masiyiwa. But if each good Zimbabwean turns then turns their back on Zimbabwe, who then will build Zimbabwe? They stole your joy when you were young, but don’t let them steal your destiny. Maybe God put you in that situation so that you can be the light and salt for Zimbabweans. I have been through similar situations and even in diaspora, I stay away from Zimbabweans, and my life has been happier

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