Just Fadzai


So we bought a sewing machine from John Lewis last month. We have our tailors for Just Jean and Page Outifits, but when you are into fashion and like working with your own hands, there are some things you just have to learn to do, and sewing is one of them! The last time I made a dress was years ago in Zimbabwe on my mothers sewing machine when I was still a school girl! I had completely forgotten how to use a sewing machine or where to even start! But me being me, a woman who doesnt believe in being limited by anything, not even my shortfalls, I bought the sewing machine anyway! Well God says, Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest. Eccles 9:10


So with the sewing machine on my kitchen table, along with my threads and materials, I thought the best place to start was to make a dress for my 17 months old daughter Fadzai, well she’s little right, so wont be that difficult! I had to use my favourite colour orange of course. I imagined the dress and cut out the pattern, something contemporary yet traditional. Something for a little African Empress to complement her dreadlocks. I mean she is only 17 months but the toddler sure loves her swag, she does spend a lot of time checking herself in the mirror, and if she comes across a make up bag she knows where the eye shadow and lipstick goes, though she ends up looking like shes face painted herself,  thanks to her beauty therapist big sister Nakai. So I knew the dress had to be a little dramatic for a 17 month old. She is a little diva.  However, cutting the dress wasn’t a problem, I design dresses all the time right. But sewing the dress was. Boy, I didn’t even know where to start, the manual was all Greek to me.


So I called on a man I know is multi talented, yep Nino.  He’s not just an award winning Opera Singer, he’s a marketing consultant too, but his talents expand to design and working with his own hands, not only is he a talented chef in the kitchen, he has his own clothing line too. He had never used a sewing machine before, but lo and behold before I knew it, Fadzai’s dress was perfectly done, well not quite as perfect but almost perfect.  Its the imperfect perfections of the dress which it so sentimental and adorable. Ummm we used black thread instead of orange for starters, lol.


But the dress is just perfect for our little princess, designed by me and made by Nino. I’m so looking forward to her rocking it in summer. And I know this is just the beginning of creating a lot of designs on my kitchen table, especially baby and todler clothes, ummm did I just say the birth of JUST FADZAI. She is a little Diva, her dreadlocks are starting to make a statement. She loves to pout and look good. She has inspired her mummy to let Just Fadzai flourish…a little trend setter. She is not just a baby, she is Fadzai and she will rock her mummy designs as long as she can pout like that…


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