Why Kyrie Irving Is A Coward “Jewish” Puppet

I shudder with amazement at the number of black people rallying behind American Basketball Player Kyrie Irving. Its painful to watch really, how he is being treated like some sort of Black Superhero by the so called “woke” black people.  Kyrie Irving who has a huge social media following – more than 17 million on Instagram and about 4.5 million on Twitter recently shared a link to a documentary containing material described as anti-Semitic by white people obviously. They claim the material shared by Irving was hostile to the “Jewish” people as we know them today, because the documentary claimed that Black people are the original chosen people of God, the true Jews.

Irving caused such an uproar on social media, initially refusing to apologize for his views, sticking to his beliefs that black people are indeed the original Jews. Black people were absolutely ecstatic, and hailed Irving as a hero, especially the masses who believe that Black people are the true chosen people of the God of creation.

Irving was then suspended by his team Brooklyn Nets, slapping him with a 5 game ban citing that the Basketball celebrity was “currently unfit to be associated with the team.” Nike then followed by suspending its sponsorship deal with Irving.

At this juncture, Kyrie Irving then did a complete U-turn on his own views and bold statements and disregarded the massive support he had single handedly gathered from black people, and went on to offer a pitiful ass licking pathetic apology to the “Jewish” people. He proper danced for his dinner, groveling all the way to Massa.

Kyrie Irving’s pitiful apology

After Irving’s pitiful apology, black people explained away his coward behavior by claiming he was “forced” to apologize. Even if it was true that Irving was “forced” to apologize, then he’s not even worthy to be counted among true black men. He is nothing but a traitor and reprobate. It would have been better to not say anything at all in the first place. He should have kept quiet about who the true Jews are. Because his actions at the end of all this saga has made a mockery of the true chosen people of God, who are blue black kinky haired. He has openly denied his own so called faith and God. He has at the end denied that black people are really the chosen people of God. If it is true that he was “forced” to apologize, then this man is worse than Judas Iscariot and his name should never be associated with anything to do with black empowerment. He has single handedly disempowered the black people he has always claimed to inspire and empower.

What a puppet.

It Is All Staged

But the truth of the matter is that Kyrie Irving was never forced to make any apology, because he is nothing but a puppet for the illuminati and the so called “Jewish” elite who rule this world. Everything we see on the world stage is nothing but a script being played out in the media for an agenda. Irving was given a script by his masters; to pretend to promote Black Hebrew Israelism, then pretend like he was sticking to his guns, then get the black people all excited that a big basketball black celebrity was now speaking the truth about who the true Jews are. Then as the Black Israelites start to hail Irving as a hero, he does a complete U-turn and offer a groveling apology to the so called Jews. It is all staged.

This is the same script, so identical to the script recently played by Kanye West where he claimed that black people were the original Jews and that Jews control the Entertainment Industry and world. Then the predictable spectacular fall from grace happened with his merchandise deals being cancelled after causing a media frenzy and being labeled “anti-Semitic”. And just as black people were getting excited calling Kanye West a “truth speaker”, he then did the obvious according to the script. He apologized to the so called Jewish Community.

To prove this is such an obvious script by the global Jewish elite, the same exact story was played out 2 years ago by Nick Cannon. Again he claimed Black People were the original Jews, and as black people where getting all excited and calling Nick a hero, he obviously went back on his word and offered a groveling apology to the so called Jewish people after the predictable cancellation of deals and endorsements etc.

I mean come on, Black people wake up. How do you not see that you are being played by the very people you believe your so called Black heroes are allegedly exposing. Nick Cannon, Kanye West and Kyrie Irving are all playing you for fools. They are a distraction to the true Black arising. They are paid by the very “Jews” to be a distraction to the real re-birth of Israel. Just like “Black Lives Matter” was a project orchestrated and funded by the “Jewish” elite to distract black people from their true arising. That’s why in the end, Black Lives Matter became nothing but an absolute joke, with no meaning or purpose to it.

If Black people were to truly wake up, they would realize that Kyrie Irving is nothing but an absolute joke to Black People. What he has done has empowered the so called Jewish Community, robbing the true black Jews off their identity. Like Kanye West and Nick Cannon, Kyrie Irving has done nothing but empower the so called Jews to attack black people if they claim their true heritage and identity. What Irving has done has caused a lot more harm to the very cause he was pretending to fight for and empower. Even the book and documentary he pretended to promote is now being removed from Amazon.

A real black Jew stands for his beliefs. A real black Jew does not apologize for his faith and identity. A real black Jew does not go out of his way to please the very people he claim oppressed his people.

Historically real Jews have never looked like this…

A real black Jew is like my Lord Husband, a true man who has stood for his faith as a descent of the biblical patriarchs. In the United Kingdom, he has faced so much hatred, violence and oppression for believing that the true rebirth of Jacob is imminent. My Lord Husband was almost killed by British Authorities for believing that he is the Messiah of the remnant of Israel, chosen by Yahowa for such a time as this, where black people are rising up to claim their true identity as the chosen people of Yah.

A real black Jew is like my Lord Atehene, unapologetic for his identity.
A real black Jew does not apologize to his oppressors.
A real black Jew stands tall and firm in his Faith.

Men like Kyrie Irving and Kanye West are not worthy to even untie my Lord husband’s sandals. These American black celebrities are nothing but sell-outs and any black person who sees these fake charlatans as some sort of black heroes is as lost and as dead as a dodo and will not see the Kingdom of God. And as the prophetess of my Lord Husband, I bet you all a million pounds that very soon, we shall see another Kyrie Irving, maybe this time it will be a big Hollywood Black actor, he will say the exact script that Black people are the true Jews, cause a big social media frenzy, and upset the “Jews” and be accused of anti-Semitism whilst Black people get all excited and label them a hero, then before the champagne is popped, they offer a pathetic groveling apology to the so called Jewish Community… and yet black people will still not see they are being played for fools…

Let those with ears to hear hear, and those with eyes to see see

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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