Why My Daddy Was A Freemason And Why Thomas Markle Wrote Me A Letter

Firstly, I am not defaming Papa, neither am I saying Daddy is in hell. My Papa made it, he made peace with Yah before he passed, I know he did, but I am here to tell Daddy’s story. He would want me to. When I was born, Papa was so angry at my birth, for he wanted a boy. An heir. His first legitimate SON. But I came out female, and he shrugged. Then when I was about three, I took a pen and began to draw symbols, the triangle, the all seeing eye, and my Papa smiled, he knew then that I was truly his darling baby girl, the heir, and behold he loved me. He favoured me rather. He saw the gift in me…and did everything in his power to protect it! For they all wanted it.

When I was 5, behold my Mama went into hospital for a long long long time. I never cried by the way, I never spoke, I never missed her. I was a strange child. Daddy was happy, and he loved me for it!

Oh he did!

Behold there was a war in the Kingdom of Ophir…

The girl child became the sacrifice…the Freemason in Daddy was officially born. He took me somewhere, and I saw the power, I beheld the glory, the animal Kingdom, the APES, I played with them, like a little Tarzan, hidden in Kariba, a lodge, and I drew, and drew and drew the sign…did I mention Prince Philip was there, lol maybe I shouldn’t, I am that woman whom the world calls mad, yet I write the greatest mysteries never told…

A war happened in Kariba!

I jumped from the bosom of an Ape and screamed!

So yes I cry all the time when I listen to this song, because I miss Papa, my Chief, and remember the day…

“She’s mine! Philip! She’s mine!” Daddy roared like a lion. My Papa my defender. I ran behind him, and hid.

I cried. Then I drew the TRIANGLE on the mud, the zig zag patterns, and behold the DRAGON saw me. Musikavanhu! The God of Zimbabwe! The grandmaster of illuminati. The source of world power! The river god, nyami nyami, that old serpent! The mermaids danced…

RRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr…..they made that squeaky sound I hate so much,

“Sacrifice the gift” they chanted…in the water, in the Zambezi

“Mhondoro dzinomwa muna Zambezi, Mhondoro dzinomwa muna Save,” they sang…

“No!” Said Daddy.

But there was a price to pay, so he made the sacrifice.

“I want her in England Never! It will be for her own protection! When she turns 16, I want her in the ~Kingdom!” The Iron Duke spoke quietly, even using humor, he laughed at Never.

And here I am, in Jerusalema, my promised Land.

So it’s no coincidence my Daddy and the Iron Duke died only a few weeks apart this year, it was a sign. It was destiny. The end of an ERA. It’s no coincidence I mourned them both, for I loved them both. Secretly I loved Prince Philip like he was my grandfather. I cried tears of blood when he died, and penned him a poem.

I mourned the Duke…

So why did I love the Iron Duke? Who was he to me? He was the man who made my Daddy rich, paid him all the money. Daddy never had a job, but behold he always went to Harare and came back with a suitcase of money. Daddy had hundreds of servants, the Chief always had money, but alas he never worked and no one ever knew his source of money.

But one day Daddy whispered to me, “Tell my story mwanangu, but only when I am gone kure kure.”

Now I am going to be really random, but since the dots are connected, and since Samantha Markle blocked me on Twitter and shared my private messages to her to many people, I am so going to release the letter Thomas Markle wrote me…

Why did Thomas write me a letter when Daddy died, because he felt guilty, secretly he knew Daddy, and that one day he would have to say sorry to me…

Oh call me MAD my readers, call me mad I beg, but I am the girl with the gift, and a gift tells hidden mystr8ies…

Thomas Markle <myfirstcue8481@gmail.com>Wed, May 26, 9:37 AM
to me

Dear Jean ,Samantha ( I call her Babe since she was born) told me all about you and all the kind things you have said about me and I just wanted to thankyou, and most of all I want to tell you how sorry I am when I heard you lost your father!I offer my condolence and prayers and I know thats little consalation for your loss, but Babe said he was is a jazz musician and I am sure your father and I would have been the best of friends .My first 5 years in Chicago television every week  I did jazz shows from Art Hodes to BB King and everyone in between, so I love the freedom of jazz music and all the people who play it and I know in my heart  that your father is still playing somewhere, jazz never dies . I wish I had met you father and someday I might ? But until that time comes for me ? I join with you to celebrate his life and his music! So, please write me back and tell me more about your dad and his music .Thankyou again for your kind words, sending my love to you and your family .Sincerely Thomas

Oh and by the way, I so love a certain You Tuber called Yanke Wally, and Sammantha Markle had the cheek to send her my private messages…

I love you Yanke Wally, I forgive you, but will never forgive Sammantha…

And to end my essay, I have recently split from my Lord husband, the King of the North, he never allowed me to drink wine or wear necklaces or pagan rings, and never allowed me false nails, so I will end this by showing pictures of me last night, to piss of my Lord husband, celebrating being finally free…

The Genesis of the Revelation

Mary-Tamar was Jean

13 thoughts on “Why My Daddy Was A Freemason And Why Thomas Markle Wrote Me A Letter

  1. Jean, please don’t blame Samantha. I was totally to blame. She did not give me permission to use the messages from you. I take the blame. I stupidly made the video, and asked her permission at the sane time. Her answer came back as no, by which time the video had been up for 12 hours…damage was done. I’m to blame. Not Sam. Please forgive me. Wally. X I hope you are coping OK? I’ll apologise in my next video 📹 also.

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      1. Jean, i absolutley ADORE you! You are the bravest woman, the best Mother and the most honest person ive ever come across online. I read all your blogs and i feel as if i know you. I know you might not believe this, but i truly care about you and your family
        I was shocked to hear you had decided to change sides, i think Sam was equally mystified and probably hurt, she told me and we were both utterly shocked.
        But whatever you decide to do, i will still follow your blog and hope that you won’t compromise your integrity for the sake of pleasing others.
        You are unique. Dont lose your beliefs. Thats what we all love about you! I hope you know how loved you are. Kind regards to you and your beautiful children ( they looked so stunning in those lemon matching dresses!) Love wally xxxxxxxx 8 kisses!

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      2. I feel exactly the same about you Yankee and no I haven’t changed sides it’s just that it’s hard now because my husband has left me. Maybe I will rewrite the book, if I gather the strength.
        Thank you again, God bless you X

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  2. WTF was that about the illuminati and leaping from the bosom of an ape? The one I feel sorry for is your poor mother. Why she was in hospital yet you didn’t care, or even miss her? Poor lady.

    I’m more concerned that you have doxxed the lovely Thomas Markle Senior by posting his private email address. Hasn’t that man been through ENOUGH without the sugars aka the SussexSquad getting ahold of it and harassing the gentleman? May I suggest you edit his email address out with the utmost urgency.


    1. Elsa, sometimes we have to accept other people’s level of consciousness. For instance, the Hindu faith worships over 33k Gods. All equally valid, including a God with Elephant head, which is always depicted as blue, because he drank the poison water of the ganges to save the Hindu people.
      The world is so diverse. Have some respect. Please.


    2. Elsa. You need to understand the different levels of conciousness regarding beliefs in different parts of the world. Lets take India for example, where people worship 33 thousand different Gods, which they see as all manifestations of Brahma. Now one of these Gods is Ganesh, who has the head of an elephant but its blue. Why? Because Ganesh drank the poisened waters of the Ganges to save the Hindu people. You may laugh or disagree, but peoples faith and beliefs are their personal beliefs. And you must respect that. Maybe you should THINK about other peoples beliefs before you judge.


    3. I agree that his email address should be blanked out.

      However, you should not chide her on her feelings towards her mother. You don’t know anything about her mother or their relationship. There are many women who are jealous of their own daughters and treat them poorly. There’s also mental illness, addiction, abuse and attachment issues. It’s complicated and not your place to judge a child’s feelings.

      As for the Freemasonry – again, not your place to judge. She had no control over what her father did, no child does. And he regretted some of those choices later. What do we have if we don’t have redemption?

      Look at your own life before judging others. When you find you are perfectly free of sin, which will never happen because this is a sinful world, even then it’s not your place to judge.


  3. You are beautiful, brave, and powerful.

    You won’t agree with me but I think your ex-husband tried to control that power. When he understood that you were stronger than him, is when the marriage ended. Men need to be stronger than their women, and he was too weak. That is his failing.

    There are many books inside of you, of many topics. Each book will be better and better, that is just who you are.


    I will tell you something awful.

    I will tell you because *you are too good* to think of this yourself.

    You will immediately deny this. That is fine. As long as you know this.

    It has happened that a step-father will divorce his wife and start a sexual relationship with a step-daughter. Woody Allen and his wife, who was his step-daughter is the famous example.

    Give extra care to your oldest daughter. She is mourning too. She is young and vulnerable. A beautiful girl with an innocent heart. Keep an eye on her that your ex-husband does not strike at you through her innocence. Not to mention the inner anguish and pain she would feel.


    You’ve been through so much. Take care, you and your whole household. Yah will bring blessings to you.

    Much love ~

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  4. Jean, I don’t think Wally intended to hurt you, I don’t think she is that type of person. I’ve only heard her say kind things about you. Though she never responds to my messages of support or emails, I think she is a good person.

    I think you are correct to be wary of Samantha. She blocked me on Twitter too & I’ve never said a bad word about or to her. I worked hard to share links about her book, I wrote reviews after I read it (and I am in the top 100 of Amazon reviewers, I have a badge and everything 🙂 so it got her a lot of sales. But then she just abruptly blocked me with no explanation. It hurt and I feel used. I think someone who treats people that way is someone who is is dishonest. Regardless of her intentions, she should have never shared your private messages with anyone, even dear Wally.

    I’m so sorry for your troubles. You are a gifted writer and sensitive soul. People who joke about you are showing their ignorance to the cultures of others. They are ignorant people who don’t want to open their minds, please don’t let them live in your head.

    Your nails are beautiful and you look lovely!

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    1. Frightened of spoons! Hello there! Its wally here. I am so sorry that i have not responded to any of your emails. I swear I’ve not seen them. I get so many emails that they end up getting covered up by new emails and vanish amongst some 5k unopened emails. When i have time, i tackle about 50 or 75 off the top of my emails which is very unfair to the ones lost down below. I need a secretary lol. Please forgive me. I think samantha has a lot on her plate what with being Meghan’s sister and all the negative stuff she gets with that, that sometimes she gets confused about who is friend or foe! Heck she’s blocked me maybe 4 times on twitter too! But i know she doesn’t mean it. Everybody is cool. Its just harder for the bloggers, youtubers and large twitter accounts to keep in touch with indivuals. Its very bad manners but also impossible to reply to everyone. Kind regards to you and Jean. Wally xxx

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      1. Wally –

        Thank you so much for your response & I do understand. I would never be able to go keep up with that number of emails so please don’t worry about it, of course you’re forgiven! 💗 I think you’re one of the most genuine people online and I will continue to support you because of your kindness to others. I use a different name on YouTube, but know that I watch all of your videos and I would not hesitate to say something if I ever saw you or any of our group say anything hateful or racist. But I’ve never seen it, not once, not ever! This is why behind the scenes, I’m fighting on your behalf and you can find me on GETTR @Arsewell Take care, be well & keep creating!

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      2. Ah ha! Arsewell.is you! Thats good to know. And thank you for your lovely message! Now i must catch up on Jeans blog… she really knows how to write and emtertain!
        Wally x


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