Mark Of The Beast, It’s Definitely Not A Microchip Or Covid Vaccine

The Coronavirus plague has shaken the world, especially that of religious people. The plague has got everyone talking about the bible, the end times and prophecy. We have all panicked one way or another. At some point, when the lockdown began, all the changes ,the sudden deserted streets and the closed shops to me felt like the world was just about to end.

I remember panicking so bad, and my ever so wise Boaz was like, “Calm down, we will be fine, this plague will not come near our dwelling.”

“But the world is ending”, I would say to him. “They will vaccinate us all, by force. They will deploy the army into the streets. This is the end of cash, we will not be able buy or sell without the micro-chip. This is it, the mark of beast has arrived.”


My King would not take me as serious as I wanted him to,  he was not giving me the panic I wanted. There was all sorts of emotions in me.

“Is this what the bible meant when it says in the last days loved ones will betray each other?” I was so afraid that my Boaz, my soulmate and my best friend would accept the Mark of the Beast and that will be the end. I was worried about the children, what will become of them?


The media was reporting on food shortages, I sent my children to the shops and they couldn’t get potatoes or rice.

I told my husband that this what it, we were going to bulk buy.

He was like, “Stop this madness of panic buying. There is no need. We will not starve, food will be there in the stores.”

At one point I was so confused as to who my Boaz was, I found his calmness and behaviour strange in such a time where the world was suddenly in turmoil.

Needness to say, my wish prevailed, and panic buying we went.

We spent almost 500 pounds, bought all sorts of tinned and fresh foods.

On social media I was reading so many articles and seeing videos about how the tribulation had started and the New World order and the Mark of the Beast had begun. Even false prophets like Emmanuel Makandiwa who are Anti Christs themselves were saying the same thing. Even professional conspiracy theorists like David Icke were saying the same thing.

Not only that, but on social media even atheists were talking about the microchip and the vaccines.

I noticed that this Mark of the Beast “microchip” and “vaccine” is a popular belief not only with Christians, but atheists and other religions too, though its more popular within Christianity. Christianity is the most popular religion in this world, and it looks like millions, if not billions of people will not take the coronavirus vaccine or accept the microchip.

There are over 2 billion Christians in this world, almost all black people are automatically Christians, and most of them are being taught that the microchip and covid vaccine are the Mark of the Beast. That alone was enough to tell me that nah, this ain’t the Mark of the Beast. If it is, then no one is going to accept it anyway, therefore there will be no prophecy to be fulfilled. We might as well throw Revelation 13 into the bin, for its lost its power and sacredness.

If everyone is thinking it, everyone is saying it, then it ain’t a secret, it ain’t that special, and certainly not that much of a big deal. We now already know that the covid 19 vaccine and the microchip are the Mark, the secret is out. Then the book of Revelation is no longer needing any Revelation. Its all so obvious now.

This path of thinking like this is definitely very wide, billions are on this path. For me thats’ always a red flag, when I see everyone running in one direction, I just don’t want to go there, its not for me. My instinct tells me I shouldn’t.

I realized how much my Boaz was right about everything during this plague, the panic buying, I ended up binning some of the food after it expired. It was really a waste of money. The shops never ran out of food.

Today if I want bread, or rice, or even toilet roll, I can just get it even at my local shop.

I also realized that the panic about the vaccines and microchips was unnecessary either, no one will force me or my children to take any vaccines. I have never been a fan of vaccines and that won’t change. A lot of things I panicked about did not come to pass, in fact the quarantine has been so blissful and peaceful in our household, the children have probably had one of their best summers ever, or should I say spring, in our back garden.

The children have enjoyed the quarantine so much, its been magical 
They have been so busy than ever 


And my Boaz was so right, we have been just fine sunbathing in the backgarden, no plague has come near our dwelling

However I belive that the world will definitely change after the plague, things will never be the same again. The world has already changed. I believe the economy will be different, and I can see a cashless society coming. All this is definitely the sign of the times.

Last year, I wrote a lot about the end of 400 years of slavery for the chosen elect. Every Sabbath we spoke about how the world was about to change, and how something big would happen. But we never knew that 2020 would start with a global plague targeting the Western Countries.

That said, I do not believe that the world events happening today are directly pointing to Revelation 13. There are two beasts mentioned in the chapter. I do not believe this whole chapter is in a literal sense, certainly the Beasts are symbols, not real beasts. So what is probably being described here is spiritual and symbolic.

There is no literal beast with 7 heads 
But is it really what everyone is thinking? 

And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.” Rev 13 vs 7-8. 

This scripture is talking about all who dwell on earth worshiping the beast, all meaning the majority of human beings worship this beast. All races, all tongues, all nations.

The only system “Beast” which is worshipped by all races, tongues and nations.

The only thing which I know which is worshipped by people of all races, all tongues and all nations is ‘White Supremscy’, that is the only system I see being literally worshipped by all who dwell on earth especially Christians, who are the majority of religious people on this earth and their religion was founded upon white supremacy.

White Supremacy 
The worship of the Beast 

Most of the people whom I just described in the above paragraph, who literally bow down to the image of white supremacy will not accept a covid vaccine or microchip on their hand in fear of accepting the Mark. But is it?

Should I say more….

However there is a Mark of The Beast that many will accept…

But it is definitely not the covid vaccine and its definitely not a cashless microchip…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean Gasho



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