What Covid? 2020 Was The Best Year Of My Entire Life

I know I am supposed to feel guilty for saying this because for the world 2020 was like a horror movie, but I don’t feel guilty because all my life I have been surrounded by people who tried to kill me, tried to sacrifice me, tried to steal my blessings, always cursing me left right and centre, I had to literally fight for my life, for my peace, for my sanity, so for me 2020 was the year I actually finally rested from fighting my enemies. I am one woman who has been cruelly denied the blessing and love of a MOTHER even though the “mother” was always right in front of me, I don’t know what a mother’s unconditional love feels like, so I am unique like that and I am allowed to be Mary-Tamar. The Most High spoils me and treats me very special. I feel like the Most High stopped 2020 just for me, so He could bless me. 2020 was by far the best year of my entire life, since I was born, I have never had such a blissful year like 2020.

I can’t put it in words, it was everything from magical to supernatural. I gave birth to my 7th baby on my birthday. Then I got engaged as well, the King gave me 3 rocks, he triple crowned me as my birthday present, can anything get more romatical? I’m naturally a fantasist, a hopeless romantic, and 2020 was the year my fantasy world actually met reality…In Zimbabwe, they have a saying that being ungrateful/unthankful is as good as witchcraft, so if I fail to bow down before the Lord and thank Him for 2020, then I would be a witch indeed. I would be cursed indeed, if I fail to stand on this rooftop today and declare to the world that 2020 was my year.

So because I can’t put 2020 in words, literally, here is my best year in pictures and captions. Enjoy…

January 2020 started with us taking a winter stroll in the woods, and this particular day we watched the sunset, it was so beautiful, so serene. I said a prayer as I watched the beautiful sunset, it was just one of those moments. This day was so special as I was a few weeks pregnant, and I chose to keep my 7th pregnancy away from social media and I took a sabbatical from blogging. These sunset pictures in the park were so special that when the King posted them on his whatsapp, Hagar kicked off, and that was basically the end of her….The power of photography hey.

February 2020, these pictures were taken on Valentine’s Day, the King took me shopping as my bump was growing so big and my clothes were starting to feel uncomfortable. It was such a special Day.

The baby in my womb was craving Nando’s, and more Nando’s and more Nandos, this was the day I discovered that.

And we went for more walks and more Nandos.

Then March 2020, Lockdown began….I thoroughly enjoyed the hybernation. I began to redecorate the house and we would burn the boxes from the online shopping at night, because they were that much, creating beautiful fire everlasting memories.

Then Spring came, April was a bliss in my backyard, I used to spend my days sleeping soaking in the spring sun…

Then May came, I did the occasional blogging if a pressing matter in the media touched me, but I made sure my bump was well hidden, and yes I wore that brown top a lot, because it was the most airy comfortable house garment, and was perfect for the heat lol

The children spent summer gardening and just making the most of life really, it was the little things in life that meant so much to them, 2020 was so different to them, they loved the family time and bonding.

I did well hiding my bump, I can’t believe no one suspected it or even noticed it…

Then a few weeks before I gave birth, the King took us on a weekend away in the heart of the North, it was beautiful and special indeed.

I had a beautiful baby shower organised by my children.

Even with these pictures I posted on social media, no one could tell I was heavily pregnant.

A few days before I gave birth, I had my last photos of pregnancy bliss taken…

Then on my birthday, 1 August 2020, I went into hospital to give birth to my 7th baby. Because of the plague, I had to be alone as labour started. It was a blessed Sabbath day, I was praying, listening to music and video calling with my husband as labour progressed.

Then just before my birthday ended, just before 11pm, with my darling husband holding my hand, I delivered a healthy baby girl, my 7th trumpet Chaniya, which means rest and wealth, and her name began to manifest. It was the best birthday present ever. That was the highlight of my 2020. The most blessed Sabbath day ever.

She was just perfect.

Then a few weeks after giving birth I took to social media to announce the birth of my 7th baby, and behold Zimbabweans were angry. I actually received backlash from Zimbabweans over the birth of Chainiya, they called me cursed for giving birth to a beautiful healthy 7th baby. When I say Zimbabweans are vipers and full of evil, that’s exactly what I mean. Most of them are allergic to beauty, purity, goodness and light, they love evil and call good evil. Their jealousy and anger over me having Chaniya was so loud, it was a confirmation that Chaniya is indeed a chosen child of the Most High.

Oh well, it still didn’t stop me from celebrating and showing the world what the Lord had done for me.

I spent my time purifying and cleansing myself in my very literal rustic bath I had attempted to redecorate during lockdown but became an unfinished project.

Chaniya brought so much peace, joy, rest and love into the Northern Palace, oh and wealth too.

I spent my time nursing Chaniya in my bedchamber during my afterbirth purification.

Then when I thought life couldn’t be any better, the King proposed….with three rings…

And the royal proposal made headlines indeed…and they said I was the King’s Zimbabwean Lover, we couldn’t stop laughing at that title, what was more funny was how Nino’s grandmother in Ghana burst out laughing as she also read Lover it was funny indeed.

As I was being celebrated in Ghana, meanwhile back in Zimbabwe, my former blood brother was so jealous and angry so much that he cursed me, saying I was tandering botso and soon I would be mad, walking naked and eating food from the rubbish bins of the UK. Yeah, imagine someone who is supposed to be your blood brother wishing such evil to come upon you. That’s the kind of Zimbabwean wickedness I have dealt with all my life.

But the Lord saw the curses, and it displeased Him greatly, and He said no daughter of mine will eat from the bins lol, nor walk naked in the streets, so behold the Lord stirred the Kings’ heart and my husband began to buy me the finer things of life, the Gucci, the Dior, the Cartier, the McQueens. And he said to me, behold my beloved, most beautiful woman to ever come from the cursed Kingdom of Ophir, you are now the official Queen of Kutanda Botso.

And yes I began to walk in the streets as my former brother had wished, but I walked in style, in my Gucci and Alexander McQueens.

I also tandard boots in my yeezys like…

I tandard botso in the streets of UK with my little son Chaka like…

And tandard botso in Dior and Gucci in my chambers like…

And the King kept me grinning like….

Then at the end of Summer, as a new season began, behold I had the honour of anointing the King of the North….

Then September came, and we celebrated my second son’s birthday. It was quite a highlight for him.

And October came, and Princess Fadzi had her dream birthday party.

October was really special, on top of Fadzi’s birthday we celebrated the Feast of the Trumpets and Feast of the Tabernacles and the Most High showed up in a way that left us in awe. It was miraculous.

I took Homeschooling to another level and chose not to send my little ones to school after lockdown.

And as 2020 climaxed, we turned our properties into Air bnb’s, and as I write this last blog of 2020, all our apartments have been fully booked for weeks, and I got back all the money I used to redecorate, so business has been booming and good indeed…

So yeah, I can’t speak for everyone, but 2020 was my year, a year of overflowing milk and honey. A year of peace and prosperity. A year where God prepared a table before me in the presence of my many enemies….yes many…

Just look at my happiness.
and look at my beautiful Trumpet Chaniya.
Oh and yes I am still a blogger.

You will be the most wicked person, if you go through this blog and cannot see that I am the blessed of the Lord, His beloved Daughter, the Prophetess of His King. If you cannot see the goodness of God in the land of the living through me, then cursed you are indeed…

To those who bless me, may you partake of my blessings, and enjoy the overflowing abundance of grace going into 2021, despite what is happening in the world, the word says the house of Judah will be just fine…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

Ps; This blog may have grammar and spelling errors as I had no time to revise it, the emphasis was on the pictures…with that I pen off my last blog of 2020 and wish my readers a very happy and blessed 2021.

3 thoughts on “What Covid? 2020 Was The Best Year Of My Entire Life

  1. Thank God my sister of the soil, you are back! I need to catch up but oh my goodness you had a baby and she is lovely- how did you find such a cute Headwear for her? She is too precious! Congrats my dear, you deserve all the blessings and prosperity, let the haters keep mocking and jeering they have nothing and nothing better to do!
    Can’t wait to read.all your blog entries..stay safe and blessed!


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