Illuminati’s Best Kept Secrets: The Ark Of The Covenant, Part One

A few weeks ago, I posted a picture of myself standing outside a Freemason’s lodge. My Facebook followers were quick to ask me, “What really goes on inside those lodges, Mary-Tamar?”

Well, before I was Mary-Tamar, I walked a thousand miles, or should I say a million.

During my life as Jean Gasho, I had three encounters with the secret society.

My first encounter with the secret society was about 10 years ago. It was quite an experience, left me very traumatized. I wasn’t a member of this secret society, I was just a young black woman who was eager to follow Christianity, and I found myself in the midst of them.

I learnt that the Illuminati elites are only white people. That is the first secret, they have to be white/Caucasian.

Any black person who joins is only a puppet. They may think they know what they are doing but they are only puppets.

My second encounter with the secret society was in Winchester in 2013. My older brother had kicked me out of his house and sent me to a women’s refuge when I had fled Walter Masocha’s life-threatening abusive cult.

I ended up in a Women’s refuge in Winchester.

After my first night at the refugee, in the spirit of trying to be positive, I took the children for a walk to explore the area. Just next to the refuge where these big gates of a very beautiful private school. I sat outside this magnificent school, praying that somehow my children would end up there.

Then opposite the school, there was also big gates, and on it was written,’Winchester Freemason’s Lodge’.

I stood there in wonder. It was my first time to stand in front of a Freemason’s lodge. I had heard rumours and read a great deal about the secret society. So was this really it? I wondered. Is this where all the secrets of the world are kept?


“Don’t be scared, nothing much goes on in there. It’s just a bunch of lads who come to have a chat and a drink.” I turned around and a woman was looking at me, smiling. If anything, she is the one who gave me the chills.

I couldn’t wait to go back to the refuge. Though it was my second day at the refuge, it was never the same again for me. I could not understand why a woman’s refuge had to be located right next to a Freemason’s Lodge.

Well, I was to learn that the private school opposite the lodge was one of the most expensive private schools in Great Britain. And I also to learn that the school was owned by the secret society. Only certain white children of certain people go there, it wasn’t just an ordinary expensive school.

During my stay in Winchester, a city that used to be the capital of England, I grew to hate this city. It is probably the most racist city in England today. My little boy, only 4 at the time would be told that he can’t play with the other boys because he did not have blonde hair or blue eyes.

To cut the long story short, my time in Winchester taught me about the great power and influence Illuminati has on this city.

My third encounter with the secret society was in 2014. I was best friends with a white woman named Charlotte, who was a daughter of elite members of the Illuminati. Yes, she was educated at the most expensive boarding schools in England, and her parents were well connected. She only ever dated ‘black’ Carribean guys, who were never seen or known after.

She is the one who told me a lot about the secret society. She almost let me in, whether it was to put me in a sunken place, I will never know, but I am just glad I survived her.

The Illuminati’s best-kept secret is the Hebrew’s lost ark of the covenant.

The Illuminati, the secret society, the Brotherhood have the lost ark of the covenant.

The elite know the bible very well, in fact, it is their handbook. They understand the secret chords. They have managed to make the black man the fool or idiot of the bible.

They understand the spiritual realm.

They have created so many theories about the lost ark of the covenant as they control the media.

The Queen of Sheba did not steal the ark. It is not in Ethiopia. It is not hidden somewhere in Isreal. It is not buried under the Muslim Dome. It is with the Illuminati, along with King David’s harp and other King Solomon’s hidden treasures. As I know that King Solomon started Illuminati and Freemason, It would surprise me that the followers of this religion will practice his teachings and leave his treasures. Common sense tells me that is the source of the power of Illuminati and the world’s most kept secret.

The ark of the covenant gives them power. They die and resurrect and fear no death. It takes them to higher dimensions. It gives them control of the mind and body of themselves and other mankind, especially when facing the east.

TheArk of the covenant is hidden in a dark triangular tomb,  It is hidden and locked.

Take back the ark of the covenant from Illuminati lords, and power will be shifted back to black people right before our very eyes…

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar



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