10 Reasons Why Christians Hate The Hebrew God

Christians hate the Hebrew God. They hate Him with a passion so they created their own god instead.

The Christian god is nothing like the Hebrew God.

The Christian god has his own race.  

There is no God like the Hebrew God. He is the all-powerful God.

To Christians, the Hebrew God is barbaric. To Christians the Hebrew God is evil. To Christians the Hebrew God is unjust.

Nevertheless, no matter how much Christians hate the God of the Hebrews. He is still the same, yesterday, today and forever.

Here are 10 reasons why Christians hate God and are not able to comprehend Him.

  1. God has favourites. He does not love everyone the same. God hates some people. Jacob he loved and Esau he hated. He is sovereign and there is nothing human beings can do about it. Not everyone is favoured. And to God, this is very fair. Christians will tell you otherwise.
  2. God has never condemned slavery. He regulated it. He allowed it. He made some people to be born slaves, and some free. Descendents of Ham were to be born slaves. Slavery is God’s will. However, God condemned the cruelty and abuse of slaves. Slaves/servants are to be treated with kindness and love. Christians absolutely hate this about God. Their twisted idea of slavery is to torture human beings, and modern Christians dismiss everything about slavery.
  3. God never gave orders for the heathen believers to pay 10% of their monthly salaries to the church. Christians Pastors absolutely hate God for this, because they want their followers to pay money to them.
  4. God never condemned polygamy, neither did he ever condemn concubinage. If a man could afford to look after multiple wives, it was his privilege to have many wives. His rule to men is that a man’s wife, his first wife, the wife of his youth is to be dealt with love and respect. Christian women especially, despise God because of this. They can’t stand God because they feel its unfair that men can do things women can’t.
  5. God allows suffering. He gives and takes away. He makes rich and makes poor. Christians hate God for this and blame the devil for poverty when God himself allows poverty.
  6. God hates Christmass. He never once asked anyone to make a big fuss, especially rituals about a birthday that never existed. This is one of the main reasons why Christians are enemies of the Hebrew God.
  7. God has one Sabbath day, Saturday. Again another reason why Christians absolutely hate God.
  8. God is very particular about race and nationality. He has a chosen race that He loves over all the other races. He has The apple of His Eye. His Rose of Sharon. Christians hate God’s chosen people and are the biggest persecutors of God’s people.

    The Hebrew God is very particular about race, not all races are His chosen
  9. God allows Satan to tempt His chosen, (favourites). He is the porter and His chosen are the clay. He allowed Adam and Eve to be tempted by the serpent. Christians hate Him for this, they always want answers from God but He is not obliged to answer to men. He is God. He does whatever he pleases.
  10. Christian women hate God because He made them weaker than men. Women were created only for the benefit of the men. To be a man’s helper. A woman is not meant to be independent of men. Christian men hate God because they have lost all power, and are no longer able to provide for their families. The roles of men and women have been reversed hence the utter confusion in the Christian church.

Unfortunately, these facts about God has caused Christians to blaspheme the Hebrew God and call Him evil. They have created their own ‘perfect god’ to suit their own standards of morality.

I LOVE the Hebrew God because of all His attributes. The God who regulated slavery in such a kind way and made slaves/servants to love their masters. The God who blessed King David with many wives, and even told him that if David wanted more wives for his pleasure, all he needed to do was just ask. The God who favours some people over others. That’s my God. His laws are so perfect, and if humanity lived in His will, the world would be like paradise and there would be no crime.

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar

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