How Ghanaian Elikem Sold His Soul To Pagan Zimbabwe

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how Zimbabwean women are trained from a young age to be seductresses. I am glad that everything I write is always backed by true-life case studies and examples. Right now, Ghanaian Tailor Elikem Kumordzie, is proving everything I said about pagan Zimbabwe and its women.

After being left by his first Zimbabwean wife, in a strange turn of events, Elikem has gone back to Zimbabwe for another woman. He seemed to not have learnt anything from what just happened, it seems he wants more of the curses.

I am not surprised that the man is no longer able to break the Zimbabwean chains he is bound by. When Elikem paid the bride prize to his first Zimbabwean wife, he bowed to the Zimbabwean gods and his soul became tied to the country. Instead of his wife going to Ghana to be with him, Elikem is the one who went to Zimbabwe to be with his wife. And now he can’t get out, even when his wife has left him.

At first Zimbabweans loved him and embraced him as their ‘son-in-law’ calling him mukwasha.

But today, Eliken has become a figure of ridicule and laughter among Zimbabwean people, as he is trying so hard to prove to his ex-wife that he has found a new Zimbabwean girlfriend, which in all honesty, is just weird.

Some West Africans, especially Ghanaians are not aware that Zimbabwean woman are seductresses by nature. They will suck you into their pagan religion and cause your downfall. If a West African man wants a Zimbabwean woman, he has to literally pull her out of the pagan country, lest he sells his soul to the Zimbabwean gods like Elikem did.

I thank God for my Boaz, he is a man gifted with wisdom, knowledge and power. When he fell in love with a Zimbabwean born woman, he refused to bow to the Zimbabwe gods.

He said to me, ‘Sweetheart never look back, you were raised in a pagan country.’ He refused to pay the bride prize as he believed he had to do things his way, not the Zimbabwean way because he is a King in his own right and wanted to protect the woman he loved. I am the one who left my people and my country and I denounced the gods of Zimbabwe.

When Boaz went to the moon and back to win my heart, he told me that he did not wish to know anyone from my family, as they had abused me so terribly. Today Boaz has never met a single relation of mine, well the one he met, my uncle refused to look Boaz in the face.

When a woman is married, she leaves her home to go to her husband’s house, not the other way round.


Boaz took me out of my Father’s house 

“Listen, daughter, and pay careful attention: Forget your people and your father’s house”,  Psalm 45.

This applies more to West African men who wish to marry Zimbabweans.

Never go to Zimbabwe to pay the pride price/lobola. The rituals of lobola are tied to the Shona culture, which is tied to animal totem worship and ancestral worship. The money that is paid by the man as lobola is used in deep spiritual rituals, one which involves buying a sacred bull for the mother of the bride. The mother, who is worshipped in Zimbabwe culture get to have a hold on the marriage.

That is why my Boaz refused to pay the bride price to my family because he did not want Mariam to have anything to do with the money he was going to pay. He did not want anything to do with the ritual of cow of the mother, (mombe yehumai). He felt that paying for this bull would be an insult to his manhood since the woman treated me so cruelly. He believes his job is to protect me from evil. I did not just leave my people,  but because of my abusive traumatic past I denounced them too.

It is always wise to marry the woman according to your own culture. I chose my Boaz’s culture.

When Robert Mugabe married Sally Mugabe, she left her people and her home to be the first lady of Zimbabwe. She died in Zimbabwe and was buried in Zimbabwe.

When Prince Harry married Meghan Markle, she left America and her father’s house to be the Duchess Of Sussex. She used to be a feminist who believed men and women were equal in roles, but now she’s a submissive wife who lives by the strict rules of the British Monarchy.

That is what happens when a woman marries a foreign man, she leaves her people and takes the identity of her husband.

But when Eliken married his Zimbabwean wife, alas, he left Ghana to go to Zimbabwe and took the identity of the wife, and he’s never been able to return back to Ghana as his normal self.

I hope Elikem serves as an example to all West African men that if you want a woman from Zimbabwe, the only time you go there is not to pay lobola, but to pull her out of the Babylon tower, lest the gods of Zimbabwe engulf you.

Whatever was done to Elikem during his first marriage, now he will forever be chasing Zimbabwean women, being lured deeper and deeper into the Zimbabwean waters to appease the gods, whilst the people he is trying so hard to please laugh at him mercilessly.

Sadly it is what it is, when I write, I just don’t write.

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar


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