Zimbabwean MDC-T Spokesperson Linda Masarira Mocks My Ghanaian Husband’s Dark Skin

Zimbabwean Human Rights Activist, MDC-T Spokeswoman, Founder of Zimbabwe Women In Politics and mother of 5, Linda Masarira has taken to her Facebook to mock my Ghanaian husband Kofi Nino because of the colour of his skin.

Linda wrote, “Come and see the poop, ‘shit’ that Jean has written, the one who has a navy black husband, kikikiki.” In the same Facebook post the MDC Spokeswoman went on to give me a threat where she said, “Jean Gasho  I am warning you, I am a very nice person but if you overstep your boundaries I will deal with you. I don’t take prisoners to bed, mark my words.”  I don’t want to focus on her threats to me, I am more disturbed by her mockery of dark skin.

As a melanin advocate, I am disappointed and sickened by Linda. I work so hard to educate black people, especially Zimbabweans about melanin and it’s beauty, only to have a female prominent Zimbabwean politician who describes herself as a women and  girl child activist mock my husband because he has melanin power.

Linda herself is a very dark skinned woman, who is often subject to cruel jibes,  ridicule and scorn because the colour of her skin is not considered beautiful by many Zimbabweans. Linda laughing at my Boaz is a reflection of primitive thinking and self-hatred at it’s best.

Linda is a politician and a public figure in Zimbabwe. She is supposed to be a woman of integrity who leads by example. There are a lot of dark-skinned people in Zimbabwe who face a lot of hate because of the country’s culture of prejudice against dark skin. So why Linda chose to come on Facebook to mock my Boaz’s melanin is beyond me. And by mocking my beloved, she’s mocking every dark-skinned Ghanaian because most Ghanaians are blessed with melanin-rich skin.

Linda Masarira mocked my Ghanaian husband, Kofi Nino, for his dark skin

I am so disappointed because I thought in all her flaws, at least Linda would respect people’s God-given natural qualities. I can’t believe this is a woman I once held in very high esteem back in 2016.

In 2016, Linda was arrested during a protest against the Zimbabwe Government, which subsequently led to the activist and mother of 5 spending more than 4 months in Zimbabwe’s notorious Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison. During her incarceration, she rose to fame as a heroine of Zimbabwe, with the country standing by her and demanding her release. One of the people who stood by her was MDC President Nelson Chamisa who recently lost a controversial Presidental election to Emmerson Mnangagwa.

As a blogger, writer and columnist, I also stood by Linda, writing articles in support of her and paying tributes to her with my art as I felt sorry for her.

However, upon her release from prison,  as the country was hailing her a heroine, I noticed something really disturbing about Linda. It was reported that whilst she was in prison, her five young children lost their home. I was also reading about how her children were being sent home from school over unpaid school fees. I remember listening to an interview where Linda was being asked about her children, and she did not sound concerned at all about their welfare.

Soon after her release, I also noticed she immediately spent a lot of time again on the streets protesting, one would have thought that after spending months in prison, the people she would have missed the most was her children. But alas, she continued as if her time in prison didn’t have any serious impact on her children.

So as an opinionist, I wrote about Linda, criticising her for not put her children first. I warned Zimbabweans that their new Heroine had misplaced priorities. However, my warnings to Zimbabweans fell on deaf ears as usual, as I was met with insults and was constantly told I could never even be half the woman Linda Masarira was. I left the matter alone. Zimbabweans are often very short-sighted, especially in politics. They take critics in politics as attacks. As I was being called all sorts of names for criticising their heroine Linda, I knew it was just a matter of time before the whole country would turn on her.

And lo and behold, over the past few months, Zimbabwean have turned on their hero. Earlier this week, Linda took to Facebook to insult Nelson Chamisa, who is well loved in Zimbabwe and more popular than the current president of Zimbabwe. Within an hour of Linda insulting the people’s president, she had over 300 comments which were mainly insults directed at her.

I could not help but crack a little smile. I took this opportunity to remind them that they are the ones who made Linda as I warned them two years ago.  So I wrote…

Zimbabwean people you never cease to amaze me. About 2 years ago I tried desperately to warn you about this woman, and I remember being called all names under the sun from vulgar to cussing.
I see some people commenting here today angry with Linda and insulting her, yet they are the same people who told me with vulgar words to leave their heroine alone
I did try to tell you people that this woman is not stable in her thought process, the biggest warning signs was leaving her 5 young children alone with a maid whilst she went to sleep in the streets in the name of removing Mugabe and protesting. That behaviour was not normal. Her children paid a heavy price for her negligence hence her first born is a DRUG  ADDICT as we speak. Yet you people where supporting and encouraging her, you called it being a hero.
She was never mentally fit for a political career, she is a woman, and for women, charity begins at home. You can’t try to fix a nation when you can’t even look after your own children.
Now it’s rather ironic, that it’s you who hailed Linda and gave her the power. Now she’s spitting on Zimbabwe and you get upset.
Linda is a product of you people. She is exactly what you deserve.
Now Mugabe is gone, and his going had nothing  to do with her ‘SACRIFICE’ of spending months rotting in Chikurubi at the expense of her own children. Obviously that hurts. She  can’t sleep in the streets anymore. Activists don’t have jobs anymore.
She is very angry that she spent months in jail for NOTHING. She slept on the streets for NOTHING. She neglected her children for NOTHING.
Her anger is now directed at YOU Zimbabweans, she now lives just to spit on you on social media. Your comments are now what drives her, that’s her new activism.
Linda is just being Zimbabwean, she represents ya’ll. Confused nation.
She is not loyal to her own thoughts. She is not loyal to her own convictions. She is a mirror image of Zimbabwe, and sadly it’s only going to get worse.

So Linda retaliated to my comment, and the irony of it all is after everything I said, which many people agreed to and testified to be true, and some people even sending me messages, all she could do was laugh at my gorgeous dark-skinned Boaz. When I thought she could never go any lower, she did.

Maybe let me just remind you Linda, that unlike some, at least I have a husband. Unlike some, at least I look after my own 6 children. Unlike some, I would never leave my children alone for months for any cause at all, nothing is worth my children being neglected.

I have a man who took away my reproach. At least I have someone to cuddle up to at night. At least I have someone who cooks me the most delicious African cuisine and makes me laugh till my ribs hurt. I have a man who protects me. I have a father for my children. I have a man who gave me the most gorgeous babies. That melanin you mock has power baby, it makes the most stunning babies.


So my dear Linda whilst all you can do is laugh all the way to social media that my husband is too dark, I am the one laughing all the way to my matrimonial bed completely drunk in melanin love.


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