I’m Not Mad, I’m Just A Woman


You may know all my weaknesses

And even help create more than half of them

You may know what makes me cry

And know all the things I hate

You may not like to hold my hand

In the lonely cold winter night

You may crush my weak soul with big biting words

And wound my spirit with stings of hate

I may succumb and fall as you crush my mind

But even as I lie on the floor confused I will still whisper

 I am not mad, I am just a woman



You may write my name on social media

And tell all your twitter followers

That she’s not just a woman, but she’s mad

But I once read somewhere

The greatest people were called mad 

 So in all my weakness I will still look up and whisper

No, I am not mad, I am just a woman


I will show you something you never knew

I was simply born to be a woman 

The woman in me is all the strength I will ever need

The beauty in me shines like a diamond

You threw me in a can of worms

But you didn’t know that I will fly out as the butterfly 

And become Jean  

If only you had chosen to understand me

Then you’d have realised one thing

That I am not mad, but I am just a woman









4 thoughts on “I’m Not Mad, I’m Just A Woman

  1. Whoever does your artwork kudos to them, because now I am dying to see what you have coming out next. Give us a hint? Is it a movie? A tv Series? What is it? Like I have said before, I might not agree with everything you say, but you are an inspiration, you turned a bad situation to a miracle upon miracle. Much blessings and prosperity to you. They dogged your name out, called you insane and all kinds names but guess what- you outlived their lies. You have stood strong and that blows my mind, how you did it.
    May all the things that you lost, return to you a millionfold!


  2. This is a very good piece of work. The amazing is when you write, you have me in mind! Thank you for all the support and the strength you have given me. May the Lord continue to be a mouthpiece for the silenced, downcast and downtrodden women. May they know that the strength to rise is already in them and that they should not fear.

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