The Blessings Of Not Paying Tithes

When I used to tithe and pay church offerings, I was always broke. Yes, I tried and tested the ‘Try me, and see if I will not open the floodgates of Heaven’ verse but unfortunately it didn’t quite work for me. I did bring all my tithes and offerings into the storehouse, (literally) and I became one of the poorest people living in the UK. I waited and waited for the floodgates to open, but the more I waited, the floodgates got tighter and tighter and got reduced to a charity case.

I remember at one time I got back paid £3 000 lump sump in child tax credits, and I gave half of it to the church hoping that the money would somehow miraculously multiply as often told. Then I used the rest of the £1, 500 on a project I could not afford because I thought the other £1 500 I had given to the church would multiply and just solve everything. Obviously, nothing multiplied, so I was then left with nothing, the £ 3000 was gone, just like that, within 2 weeks.

That is just one of many examples of how tithing and paying offering robbed me.

At one time I had only about £100 left on me, then ‘man of God’ preached quite a thought-provoking powerful sermon that God wasn’t blessing people because they were not giving enough. He said the giving had to be painful, for God to release the floodgates of heaven. I was one of the first people to stand up and put literally all I had in the offering basket. I also had the faith that could move mountains when I placed that sacrificial offering.

Sadly what followed that month was more like the ‘wrath’ of God than the blessing of God. I experienced poverty like I had never before, I am talking about lacking bread kind of poverty. The floodgates of heaven were locked for weeks. It was obvious God was punishing me for paying the offering and for my own stupidity.

But He is a long-suffering God who forgives our sins. He did forgive my sin of taking the children’s money and giving it to thieves.

Ever since I repented from the sin of paying tithes and offerings, my God has been restoring all the fortunes the locusts stole from me. Locusts being the ‘church’.


My barns are always full and the blessing of the Lord runs over. My children do not lack bread, that is the blessing of not tithing, it starts with the just basic bread. Not only  was I blessed with bread, but the moment I stopped tithing, I received more blessings than money can ever buy.  I became happier and a better person.

God opened the floodgates of Heaven when I stopped giving to the church

So my dear readers who give their hard-earned monies to churches, try God and stop, and see if He will not open the floodgates of heaven and give you so much blessing you will not be able to receive it.



3 thoughts on “The Blessings Of Not Paying Tithes

  1. My dear read the Bible and pray that God gives you the insight meaning of all the verses you read, do not depend on anyone’s interpretations preachers can manipulate verses to their advantage. God promised to be with you always, even through the valley of shadows of death and remember his grace is sufficient for you. That’s His promise, whether you pay tithe or not, He keeps his promise cause He is faithful. If you read and understand the Bible, you will know tithe is only 10% of your earnings which is not yours but belongs to God. And that money is used for church business, say paying bills like electricity,rent or anything to keep the house of God in order. You have to give it willingly with a cheerful heart otherwise giving with reservations is as good as not paying at all. Am praying that God reveals His word to you in some way so you understand it’s meaning. We are all sinners saved by his grace and that’s my mean understanding. Be blessed, God loves you always.


  2. You sowed in the wrong soil my sister, Matthew 13 vs 1-23 it explains in depth. You did the right thing by sowing that is the reason why God is giving you what you lost, because you have wholeheartedly. May the Lord our God continue to bless you in abundance 🙏

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  3. The Old Testament teaching of tithing is conveniently used to guilt people into giving to the church, more than they can afford, often for the pastors to live well , better than their congregants. The same Bible teaches us in the New Testament to give what we have decided to give because God loves a cheerful giver. It’s sad that you had to learn from such bitter experience. The proponents of this teaching are those bad shepherds the Bible talks about, that eat the choice lambs from the flock, tearing off their hooves. You did well to stop being manipulated for evil gains by that cult.

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