Madonna’s ‘Satanism’ Is Doing More Good For Africa Than The African God.

So yesterday Madonna 59, shared a rare picture of herself surrounded by her six children Lourdes, 21, Rocco, 17, Mercy James, 12, David, 12 and her five-year-old twins Estere and Stella, which she titled ‘Tree Of Life’. She is back in Malawi celebrating the anniversary of a children’s hospital Mercy James Pediatric Hospital she opened and named after her adopted daughter Mercy.

Madonna gets a lot of bad press for adopting black children as she is often accused of ‘satanism’ and being part of the Illuminati. It’s tricky one, I think these accusations are neither here nor there, we can only deal with whats in front of us.

There is a lot of negative things I could say about Madonna adopting black kids from Africa, but I can’t, she’s done an amazing job for the 4 children she has adopted from Malawi.  She is only doing the things which should be the right and birthright of every wealthy African.

To be fair she is doing something good for Malawi as a country too. Sadly most African governments are too corrupt to be doing the basic things Madonna is doing for Malawi. Another sad thing is billionares and millionaires of Africa would rather spend time boasting on social media that they wear Gucci than doing even a third of what Madonna is doing.

Maybe a lot of Madonna’s critics who say she’s a satanist have a fair point but if African leaders were not so corrupt, then Madonna would not be adopting those children in the first place.

If all the millionaires of Africa adopted children from orphanages, making it a statement and culture, then Western celebrities would not feel the need to go to Africa to rescue black orphans because that would be the job of super rich Africans.

But instead, the wealthy Africans, especially the so-called African prophets like Gilbert Deya, would rather go to Africa to steal babies from poor underprivileged mothers so he can give them to his church members.

What Madonna has done for Malawi, even the richest ‘men of God’ of Africa combined together can never do. So her ‘satanism’ is doing a far better job for Africa than the gods of the prophets.

She has given food and shelter to orphans, the bible says the purest religion is taking care of the widows and orphans in their distress, I think Madonna has passed the biblical test of ‘pure religion’, James 1:27.

If I had her wealth, and nannies, I would adopt a number of children.

I love how she has kept Mercy’s hair natural, and I love love love the bold look on the twins girls. At least she’s not trying to change the girl’s identity. Her girls look so African it’s amazingly ridiculous, they are supposed to be the most spoilt brats with all that wealth, but they look so simple. For a teenage girl, Mercy looks so grounded and down to earth, surely Madonna is doing something right with those girls.

Madonna (2)

On a different note, Madonna if you are reading this, please do get a decent camera will you, come on it’s not like you cant afford it. Your pictures are always such poor quality, it’s a shame coz we want to see gorgeous photos of those melanin goddesses of yours.





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