How I Was Raped By Chipo Kambanje And Became Pregnant

I am one of those women who talks about it all, no matter the cost. My life has been a journey that I walked mostly alone. I am grateful that along this journey God gave me a husband who loves me as his own flesh, it has taken me a lifetime to find a love like this.

In 2013 when I was going through a divorce, I was writing on my blog my journey of coming out of a Cult I was in, where the founder of the Church Walter Masocha sexually assaulted me. The only community I knew was the Cult community, which was a Zimbabwean community. When I left the Cult, I was completely isolated, I had no friends or family to stand with during this dark time. Because my blog was getting so much traffic, I had many men writing to me sympathizing with me.

One man in particular got my attention, his name was Fredreck Moyo, a married man from Milton Keynes. He said he was in a bad marriage, his wife was ugly and unattractive and she didn’t love their children especially their daughter. He said his wife was behaving like the women from the Cult I had been in. He said he was a man of God looking for an escape, and I had inspired him. He started sending money into my account and told me that he had bought me a car. As a newly single mother, financially strained I was taken by the “kindness” of this man. I started chatting with this man almost everyday, and he started saying to me he wanted to see me naked, but because he was a married man and a Christian, God was restraining him. He told me that before he gave his life to Jesus, he used to have a group of friends who would drug women, and take turns to watch each other have sex with the woman. He said his biggest turn on was watching his own friends have sex with a beautiful woman.

He then told me he wanted to come to my house to show me the car and deliver some groceries for me.

He turned up on my doorstep with another man, a single father called Chipo Kambanje.

Chipo Kambanje was introduced to me by a pimp called Fredreck Moyo

They both took me and my children to Nandos.

A few days later I got a message from Chipo Kambanje that he was coming to see me.

Chipo Kambanje forced himself on me, and from that moment I knew I was with child because I am very fertile.

Chipo convinced me that I was a beautiful woman he couldn’t resist. He then told me that he had been paid by Fredreck Moyo to do worse, to record me whilst he’s raping me and send the footage to him. He told me he was a good guy, because he had not done what Fredreck had told him to and was willing to end his friendship with Fredreck for me.

At this stage of my life I already had a High profile public court case about the sexual assault I suffered in Agape Cult, I remember blaming myself that all I do is attract men in my life who sexually abuse me. I could never tell anyone what had happened to me, because I was not even divorced yet from my ex-husband and now I had let a strange man I didn’t know in my house.

And within two weeks, I knew I was with child.

The moment I told Chipo Kambanje that I was with child, he absolutely despised me. He told me to abort the child. He told me that my three children would “hate” that child because of the “different fathers.” He told me that he did not want a child. He told me that his daughter did not want a sibling.

I remember trying to convince this man that life was life, and that even though he forced his seed into me, and now life had been created. During that time, something so unfortunate happened to me, my ex-husband got me evicted from our family home, and I became homeless with 3 young children and pregnant.

The council gave me a dingy moudy flat that was flee infested, coming from a luxurious detached new house my children could not possibly spend an hour in such a house, let alone a night. As I had nowhere to go, I asked Chipo if I could stay with him.

Pregnant with my 3 young children, I then moved to Leicestershire to Chipo’s 2 bed flat. I was suffering with so much tiredness, cramps, loss of appetite and nausea in the early stages of the pregnancy. Chipo would shout at me that the pregnancy was a choice because I was refusing to abort the child. He would despise me and say I was forcing a child on him, when he actually raped me for the child to be concieved.

He would despise my children and not allow them to play in his flat. He would say he never signed up to be a father to many children, and would stress that my children were not his biological children.

I managed to get my own rented house, as I planned to keep my baby and raise my 4 children alone.

After I was 4 months gone into the pregnancy, Chipo managed to convince me to abort the child. I booked a consultation appointment at the abortion clinic, and the doctor asked me if this is what I wanted.

I told him I was being forced into the situation and believed abortion was wrong. He did a scan and showed me the baby, she was so big and playing in my womb. In moment I saw her on that scan, I told the doctor that I loved the baby and wanted to keep her.

He still went ahead to book the operation. He said because I was far gone and the baby was now big, they had to dilate my cervix, it was more like giving birth as I was over 20 weeks.

I chose not to attend the abortion appointment. I could not bring myself to murder a baby who already was showing gender, a baby who could hear my voice, a baby who could sleep, suck her thumb in my womb, and wake up.

I told Chipo that I was not going to kill my baby. I told him that I already knew it was a girl, and I had a name for her. “I would call her Fadzai”, I told him, because she was the one to bring me joy.

I remember one day having so much cramps and crawling on the floor, crying and I asked Chipo for mercy, “Please I am pregnant, just be merciful to me.”

“I told you to remove that “thing”. Stop calling it a pregnancy! I don’t want it. Why won’t you remove it!” He screamed at me. Chipo then walked out on me, leaving me weeping on the kitchen floor, clutching my tummy.

“I am sorry Fadzai,” I whispered to my baby, “I will do everything in my power to protect you from this man. The enemy of your soul. You are now four months my baby, yet he won’t rest until you are dead. Mummy will protect you.”

She really did give me so much joy, and I protected her from the man who tried so hard to kill her.

A year later, Fadzai was a happy bouncing baby, sleeping on her father’s chest, my Lord Husband Atehene, the King of the North.

Fadzai’s father is Atehene
Atehene loved all my children and became a father to them all

The rapist Chipo Kambanje has never once provided for Fadzai, he has never once been her father.

Even today, he can not claim a child who was produced by him raping their mother. He can not claim a child he fought so hard to kill.

Fadzai is a survivor, she survived a rapist called Chipo Kambanje. She was taken as a baby and loved by a man who who did not care that she had 3 other siblings, or that she was from another father, she was loved by a man who just saw her as “His Fadzai”.

Fadzai belongs in the Northern Kingdom with her Family.
Fadzai is the star of the house of Offeh, she has a family who absolutely adore her.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean


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