Is There Trouble In Paradise For The Duchess Of Sussex?

Maybe it’s just me, but I really sense some deep trouble in paradise for Meghan. When I look at her pictures, I see a woman who is not really at peace with herself. Firstly I think she seems to be losing a lot of weight, that’s normally a sign of unhappiness, especially if its weight loss is too drastic. Soon after a wedding, a woman should be gaining a bit of weight not losing it.


We read that she cried before her wedding when her father announced he would not be attending the royal wedding as he was too embarrassed over staging the paparazzi photos.

To me, Meghan looks pale and frail. I could be wrong, but something is just not right. I am not seeing a woman who is blissfully in love and happy, she smiles a lot, but her eyes say otherwise.

I don’t like the way she always clings on to her husband. It makes her look desperate and needy. There is nothing wrong with showing public affection, but Meghan is in a position where she doesn’t need to. Prince Harry chose her, she’s now the Duchess Of Sussex, a degree of confidence and independence is required of her. Kate is very much loved by her husband William, but she is able to refrain from over public display of affection. I wish Meghan could be as confident as Kate when she’s around her husband. I think she is struggling a little to adjust to her role as The Duchess of Sussex.

The Duchess seems to cling to her husband in public a lot 



I’m not surprised her father Thomas has voiced his concerns about his daughter. I do not understand why she just won’t speak to him, or why Prince Harry won’t meet Thomas Markle. Even if Meghan is still angry with him for the staged paparazzi deal or whatever we don’t know about, Harry and Meghan should understand that ignoring this man is not going to make things any better. Thomas keeps going to the press because he is unhappy about being ignored. He is not justified to do what he is doing but the truth of the matter is he is not going to shut up anytime soon. The more he talks, the more damage is done to Meghan’s image, why can’t she just shut him up?

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Thomas Markle has said his daughter looks terrified during royal public duties

We don’t need to hear that she’s ignoring her father’s phone calls. Some of the things the father is saying should not be said at all, and she can have some sort of control over what he’s saying, surely.

He is now threatening to come to UK to see his daughter, invited or not.

All this drama is the first year of her marriage is not going to help her personally, neither will it do good to her relationship with Harry or the royals.

Drama in a marriage, especially during the wedding and the first year, is never a good sign. I have personally experienced this so I know it to be true. My first marriage was badly dramatic in the first year, even my wedding day was traumatic, and during those days I cried a lot. The rest of the years were followed by heartache and more drama, and it all ended very badly indeed.


I don’t wish such for the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry, but I do think she really needs to nip this drama and negative engery in the bud, she does have the power to do so All this is not a good head start to her new royal life, she needs to find herself first, and do something, surely this negative energy surrounding her is not going to do her any good. I hope she sorts things out before it’s too late. Ignoring her father and hoping he will just go away is not going to happen.

She gave hope to a lot of women that dreams do come true, it would be a shame and a tragedy if her fairytale story goes wrong.




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