Micheal, My Gay Angel

I believe Christians are the most judgemental hypocrites on earth, especially when it comes to sexuality. They will look at a person who is gay with disgust and automatically condemn them to hell. Whilst they condemn the gays, they will fail to do the basic thing that is taught by the bible. Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. 

Let me tell you a little story shall I?

Last summer we took a road trip to Cornwell for my birthday. I had just passed my driving test so I was very excited to drive such a long journey. But we did a very foolish thing, we did not take breakdown cover. You never think anything can go wrong, especially when you have just bought a good car. On our way back from the holiday, whilst we were still thousands of miles from home at around 7 pm our car broke down. I was six months pregnant, and we had 4 children with us, including an 18 months old baby.

I remember my children singing to me that everything was going to be okay. How could it be okay, we had broken down in the middle of nowhere with no breakdown insurance. Our insurance was charging us a fortune to just come and look at the car. We then realised that we were in the most impossible situation, and it could only take a miracle to get us out of there. We kept praying that God would help us. It was a prayer of desperation, which seemed even impossible to be answered.

The children were getting tired and hungry, we had been in the car for hours making unproductive calls to garages, insurances and tow companies. It was getting late. We were in the middle of nowhere. In the end, we decided it was best to leave the car by the roadside and find suitable accommodation for the night. It was a little village, and there was no cheap accommodation, besides as it was holiday season so most hotels were fully booked.

We called a certain hotel, and a man answered. His name was Micheal. We told him our situation. He sounded warm and kind. We had spoken to a few people who were so rude since our car had broken down. So a friendly voice was something refreshing.

Micheal told us that he would start preparing our rooms and that we would have lovely cooked breakfast in the morning.

We finally got to the hotel around midnight, and the taxi charged us a fortune, which didn’t help. That night I was so upset and regretted ever coming on that holiday. I asked God why? I asked my husband how on earth we were going to get home, he told me not to worry, but I didn’t believe him.  That night I dreamt that a maid had come to help us, she was cleaning around our car and hotel room. In the morning I told my husband that I didn’t know how God was going to do it, but help was surely going to come.

We had used all the money we had to pay for the hotel and we registered with AA emergency breakdown cover. AA was able to come to the car in the morning, but they said the problem was so big that the car needed to be taken to a Mercedes garage and we needed to be towed back home, which was thousands of miles away. They gave us a ridiculous quote to tow the car back home for us, yet we had already paid them for emergency breakdown cover.

So we were stranded with four young children in the middle of a village in Cornwall. My husband called one of his wealthy Christian friends to assist us. But he said he could not help us. He was rude and upset that we had called him for help, that was the last we ever heard from him. He never called us again, even just to check if we were okay.

Micheal whom we later found out was the owner of the hotel had been very kind to us. We were supposed to have checked out of the hotel by 11 am but it was now way after midday. We did not know where we were going to go with 4 children, home seemed like the most impossible destination. At one point my husband and I sat outside the hotel, just looking at the skies for a miracle, we were also hungry but food was the least of our worries. This was one of the most desperate situations I had ever been in my life, it felt like God had abandoned us and the exciting holiday had turned into an unexpected nightmare.

As we sat there in the hotel room, having reached a dead end. There was a knock on the door. It was Micheal. I knew it was over. He was going to ask us to leave his hotel. How humiliating.

He didn’t. He had called an insurance company that was going to tow us and our car all the way back home the next day. Not only that, he told us that he was giving us another night stay at the hotel, for free. He had even made us some lunch. I will never forget how delicious that lunch was. He told us to relax and just enjoy the rest of our holiday. We did and decided to go out for the afternoon, and what a beautiful time we had. When we came back, we had bought some food and we were in our rooms eating, and one of the hotel staff knocked and brought us some food. We were overwhelmed by the act of kindness, not just from Micheal but from all the staff at this hotel. They treated us like royalty. It was something that doesn’t happen in Britain today.

We took this picture in Cornwall after Micheal had told us to relax and enjoy our holiday

It was too good to be true, but it was really happening. Micheal had saved us. The people in the village were so warm to us, it felt like there were angels all around us. My faith in humanity was restored. We ended up having the most amazing time, and that night the children were given the best room. And our time at this hotel became our highlight of our holiday.

The next day, Micheal woke up early to drive us back where our car had been parked which was quite a distance. As they were six of us, he had to make two trips.

We were towed back home by the most joyful man who so loved his job. He was telling us about all the families he had met and helped in his job. He also knew the area very well and chose a countryside road where he was telling us about the history of the areas we were passing. The journey back home became like a tour and the children just loved the ride in the big tow truck.

The children loved being driven home in a huge tow truck

In case you were wondering why I told you this little story, Micheal the man who helped us was a homosexual. God used him to deliver us out of a very desperate situation. He was an angel sent from above no doubt about that.

What did Jesus teach his church? The greatest commandment is love. Love your neighbour as yourself. In my lifetime, the only person I have ever seen exercise this commandment to its highest effect in a time of need was Micheal the gay man. I have never seen this commandment exercised in any church I have ever been in. Sorry, no offence.

It took a gay man to do what a millionaire Christian could never do. I will bet you a million dollars that no born again Christian will ever do what Micheal did. Never!

Even if we had belonged to a Papa pentecostal church, no Papa or prophet would have flown his private jet to rescue us. But Micheal gave us his hotel to stay in for free.

Who then was the good samaritan? Was it our wealthy God fearing Christian friend or was it Micheal the homosexual? I think you all know the answer to that one.

Micheal was indeed my gay angel.

Below are some of the pictures from our adventurous blessed holiday in Cornwall 

3 thoughts on “Micheal, My Gay Angel

  1. Very interesting article. No matter how helpful and caring a murderer, killer, thief, paedophile, homosexual, rapist, etc is, their character is still vile and uncivilized. Homosexuals, greedy preachers etc are ALL very bad people. Thanks for writing.


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