Returning To The Innocence Of Breastfeeding

As this month celebrates International Womens Day, I will be writing articles that encourage women to break barriers and stigmas about motherhood in the 21st Century. I am currently celebrating the birth of my 5th baby Charo, and I personally feel there is nothing more rewarding to a woman than being a mother. I totally … Continue reading Returning To The Innocence Of Breastfeeding


Pregnant And Alone

The bible says we should give thanks to God and testify of His good deeds. The bible also says we go through trials so we can encourage others one day.  As my baby is about to turn two, I am compelled to share my journey of one of the most painful times of my life, when … Continue reading Pregnant And Alone

Beyond The Veil

Pencil Art And Poetry By Jean Gasho  Her veil is the envy of many women When they see her in all her glory Adorned with flowers and immaculate pearls Shining brighter than a shooting star Even when she walks in the garden The majestic butterfly is enchanted by her Outside they see a woman in … Continue reading Beyond The Veil

My Recent Artwork; Pencil By Jean

I always had a fascination with inspirational public figures, especially their faces, drawing my first sketch portrait of singer Monica at the age of 14, then at 15 I won a prize for best artist competing with white talented boys from private schools, I didn't have oil paints or special brushes, I only had a … Continue reading My Recent Artwork; Pencil By Jean