Charo My Melanin Goddess

I have never understood the obsession with light skin among black people. All my girls are blessed with melanin-rich skin, and they are beyond beautiful, inside and out. They ooze¬†black beauty, especially our latest addition to the family, Charo. She is dark and beautiful. I could not help but share these gorgeous pictures of her … Continue reading Charo My Melanin Goddess

CHARO: Our New-Born Baby Is Here!

Nino and I welcomed our little Princess Charo on the 5th of February 2017. She is truly adorable and a picture of completion. Her name means 'a crown of roses'. The rose is the expression of romantic love, promise, hope and new beginnings. That is exactly what Charo means to me and Nino. The journey … Continue reading CHARO: Our New-Born Baby Is Here!