Mother Of 6 Diaries: Sometimes Beauty Has To Come First

Having 6 children has not stopped me from being the woman I want to be. It's not easy but I still have to try my best to stay young and beautiful. Even if it means having my make-up done whilst holding my new-born Chaka. Talking of make-up, I remember last year Jamelia made some headlines … Continue reading Mother Of 6 Diaries: Sometimes Beauty Has To Come First

Dr Thomas Mapfumo on Jean Gasho’s Blog

I welcomed  Zimbabwean's award winning music legend Dr Thomas Mapfumo, popularly known as "The Lion Of Zimbabwe" or "Mukanya" on Just Jean Blog for an exclusive interview about his music, the Zimbabwe music industry, his life in United States Of America, the Political situation of Zimbabwe and of course his involvement in the New York demonstrations against Robert Mugabe in … Continue reading Dr Thomas Mapfumo on Jean Gasho’s Blog

Pregnant And Alone

The bible says we should give thanks to God and testify of His good deeds. The bible also says we go through trials so we can encourage others one day.  As my baby is about to turn two, I am compelled to share my journey of one of the most painful times of my life, when … Continue reading Pregnant And Alone

My Recent Artwork; Pencil By Jean

I always had a fascination with inspirational public figures, especially their faces, drawing my first sketch portrait of singer Monica at the age of 14, then at 15 I won a prize for best artist competing with white talented boys from private schools, I didn't have oil paints or special brushes, I only had a … Continue reading My Recent Artwork; Pencil By Jean

10 Reasons Why Single Mothers Make The Best Wives

In an ideal world a man is supposed to have a career, be established financially, meet the woman of his dreams, preferably a young virgin who has never been touched or kissed, propose to her, have a beautiful white wedding, buy a nice little house of their own, start making beautiful babies, and live happily ever after. That just about rounds up the model of marriage in a perfect world. But unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world, we live in a world that is literally upside down.

Just Fadzai

So we bought a sewing machine from John Lewis last month. We have our tailors for Just Jean and Page Outifits, but when you are into fashion and like working with your own hands, there are some things you just have to learn to do, and sewing is one of them! The last time I … Continue reading Just Fadzai

Nino To Perform At The Screen Nations Awards London 2016

Opera singer/songwriter Nino has been confirmed to perform at this year’s Screen Nation Awards UK on March 19th. With a sound that’s been described as ‘NUSLAM’, Nino is a classified vocalist challenging global perceptions. The Self-Taught Opera Singer from Ghana has received praise for his work from great personalities such as Jon Benjamin, Iyaz, Laura Carpini and Kojo Antwi. He has also been tipped as one to watch by BBC, US Embassy and Swag Family Legacy Japan. Screen Nation Awards Celebrates Black Excellence across Film, TV and Music in Europe Other performing artists include FLOetic Lara, Ashley Abigo and others. This Year’s Screen Nation Awards celebrates Carmen Munroe, the Godmother of Black British acting. Also attending this event is Wesley Snipes and Idris Elba. “Nino mixes Opera with and modern pop- reminds us of young Bobbie Mcferrin!” USA Embassy Ghana

8 Reasons Why Women Are Weaker Than Men

Its International Women’s Month this month. Its international Women’s Day today on March 8. This month, today especially is all about empowering and motivating women. I myself am a women rights activist having survived horrendous life threatening domestic and religious abuses.