I am Jean, a Mother, Poet, Women Rights Activist, Author, Founder of Jaw Charity and an Artist who happens to love blogging. Blogging has been a journey that has brought me friendship, love, purpose, justice, liberation and happiness.

I express my self through writing.
Some say pray until something happens, I write until something happens. The purpose of my writing is to bring Change and challenge perceptions.

I wrote my way to love, I wrote my way to justice. I wrote my way to purpose with the power of the Pen.

…and above all I’m not MAD, I’m just a WOMAN.


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You betrayed yourself. Why do we only hear from you when you attack Pastor Evan. Raise your voice and condemn the injustices not focussing your energy on writing stupid letters. No wonder why you have a foreign husband. Unoda zvinhu


  2. It’s shocking to know that you are a Women’s Rights Activist when you would rather have another woman’s husband sacrificed for Zimbabwe when you have not attended a single demo in UK. There is no purpose, love or justice in your open letter Mrs. Furthermore if you truly are a prayerful woman you need not speak bad about man of God ” touch not my anointed” if Pastor Evan is truly a man of God I suggest you spent 7 days away from social media fasting and praying for God to forgive you and take down that letter you have written it’s exposing you for evil , cant you see it. Wake up and use your wisdom not just good English.


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