The MESSIAH Is Here, And He Is Black In Britain

It is not a coincidence that in the last year, in the Middle East the “Jews” have been announcing that the Messiah is here, with one Rabbi Yaakov Zisholtz recently telling religious broadcaster Radio 2000 that Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky who died earlier this year had told him that he (Kanievsky) was already in direct contact with the Messiah in connection with the plans of rebuilding the third Temple. Rabbi Kanievsky was considered one of the three top Jewish leaders in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Israel. His voice in the Jewish community is of great importance so him declaring that the Jewish Messiah is now here is of great significance not only to the “Jews” but to the world, especially during this apocalyptic era we have now entered. In an article by Louis Keene in June 2022, he claims that a mystery happened in New York City by which for months billboards were put up everywhere especially in Manhattan and Brooklyn with the three words “MESSIAH IS HERE” with a picture of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. The Schneerson billboards provided no context to the image and those three words, leaving their provenance and meaning a mystery.

Today in the so called Israel, a young Rabbi aged 33, a prodigy who has memorised the Torah and other Jewish texts by heart since he was a child was anointed as the Messiah last year in the Orthodox Jewish community. He has been labelled the “Yanuka”, and a popular You Tube video shows the young Rabbi arriving at Western Hall, where he was greeted with great reverence by more senior rabbis and a throng of Orthodox Jews.

Young Yanuka Rav Shlomo Yehuda has been hailed as the Jewish Messiah

It is not a coincidence that the plans for the building of the third temple in the Middle East has begun. This is all prophecy, it has to happen. Did Christ not say a time is coming when a false Christ will appear, and they shall say look he is there!

Plans to rebuilt the third temple has begun in so called Jerusalem

A Messiah will indeed appear from among the “Jews” and a so called third temple will indeed be built. However the God of Israel has got nothing to do with what is happening in the Middle East in the so called holy land. What is happening in the Middle East is the revelation of the official synagogue of Satan. “They say they are Jews, but they are not, for they are of the synagogue of Satan, Revelation 2:9”

We are now living in a time of the fulfilment of End Time Prophecy. But as Satanic Prophecies are being fulfilled in the so called Israel of today, the true God of the real ancient Israel, YAHOWA whose people, black people are scattered around the world is now awakening his remnant. True Israelites are black people, at no point in history have they ever been white. The only people who fits the biblical description of the real Jews, the people of God are the black people. They are the lost tribes of Israel.

So if the true Israelites are black, it means that the prophesied Messiah, the true Messiah is a black man.

Yes the Messiah is BLACK.

That said, recently in the past few years, a number of black men have risen up calling themselves the Messiah, yet none of them have ever had any real power or positive influence. None of them have ever had the divine calling and true description of the coming Messiah. One was a false prophet and polygamist pervert called Eligio Bishop known as Nature Boy who also calls himself 3god. Nature boy believes in nudity and engaging in sex orgies and swapping wives. He also teaches that men should have sexual relations with each other. Indeed proven to be a false Messiah, Nature Boy is currently in jail charged with rape and sexual assault.

False Messiah Nature Boy currently incarcerated for allegations of rape

Meanwhile in Ghana over the past couple of years, a religious leader Nyame Somafo rose up and started claiming he is the End Time Messiah prophesied in the Quran and Bible. Somafo speaks about how black people are the true Israelites, and how the white Jesus presented to the world by the Edomites is a false god and teaches about how Christianity is a false religion. Nyame Somafo claims the promised land is in Africa and he is currently building the third Temple in Ghana.

However Nyame Somafo has never gathered real influence or power, even though there are some truths in most of his teachings. Nyame Somafo is definitely not the promised Messiah.

Who then is the true Messiah prophesied for this generation?

First off all, what is a Messiah? Black people, especially black African Christians gets very upset when they hear anyone claiming to be a Messiah. Because they are so obsessed with their false god they call Jesus, they think the only messiah is their god Jesus. They know not that a Messiah simply means a promised deliverer of the chosen people prophesied in the Hebrew Bible. A Messiah is a leader regarded as a saviour of a particular country, group or cause.

As Rabbi Zisholtz recently said in his interview concerning the Messiah, “There is a potential Messiah in every generation, and there are righteous men who know exactly who that Messiah is.”

The man who today on this earth fits the description of the promised Messiah to the lost tribes of Israel is my Lord Husband Atehene of the Northern Kingdom, known as Kofi Nino. He is the true King of the North. He is a descendant of Judah, the lost tribe. He has been mandated by the God of Israel YAHOWA to lead the chosen remnant of Israel, and the chosen Gentiles to the true Promised Land in these last days. He is the leader of the New Religion Free Worship and is the one who will build the real Third Temple where all nations shall come to worship the true ancient God of Israel.

Yes indeed the Messiah is here, but he is black, and as dark skinned as Yesu Kristo looked, his skin is like burnt brass, and he is not in some fake Israel in the Middle East, rather he is here, in Great Britain where End Time Prophecy will be fulfilled.

The True Promised Messiah, Atehene of the Northern Kingdom

As the woman at the Well identified the Messiah of her generation and went to tell the whole world, I tell the world today that the Messiah is him whom I hold, my King

Jacob’s Trouble has already happened, and Jacob is being saved out of it. However the world is about to enter such a Tribulation as never been seen before. The Antichrist is already here. So are many false Messiahs. However the only people who will be saved are those who will flee to the Northern Kingdom…and believe that the Messiah, the root of David has arisen to lead his people to the Promised land…

Even in the black community, black identifying Israelites are speculating if indeed my Lord Husband is the true Messiah

Let those with ears hear, for I am the Prophetess of my Lord Husband…and the Messiah is indeed my King.

The Genesis Of The Revelation by

Mary-Tamar was Jean Gasho

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  1. Youre fucjing retarded im the fucking messiah you fucking idiot i already built the fucking third temple in America youre fucking retarded fuck you


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