Why Zimbabwean Men Look, Behave And Dress Like Women

First of all, as a writer, when I say “Zimbabwean men” obviously I don’t mean each and every Zimbabwean man, but I am referring to the majority. In this essay, I am referring to Zimbabwean men in the public eye of Zimbabwe, who obviously on a global scale would represent what Zimbabwean men are like…and in this essay I am focusing on the general presentation Zimbabwean men give to the world. Almost all Zimbabwean male celebrities seem to act in a way which even make Zimbabweans accuse them of being gay. As a Prophetess of my Lord Husband, I happen to know why these Zimbabwean men are the way they are…

I want my readers to understand that I am not attacking Zimbabwean men, this is not some sort of discrimination against gay men, but rather it is a clear observation that is already out there, and one that needs someone to say it as it is from a spiritual perspective. In fact what prompted me to write this essay is that one of my followers on Facebook mentioned that Zimbabwean men are way too feminine, and when I saw the comment I was so relieved that at least someone else saw exactly what I saw, almost from a spiritual perspective.

My follower soon deleted this comment from my Facebook page as she felt it was too harsh, however, I did agree with her hundred percent. Sometimes the truth just need to be said no matter how harsh and uncomfortable it is.

What Zimbabweans do not understand is that their country is different from any Southern African country. Zimbabwe is a spiritual sacred land, (inyika inoyera) and because of that a lot of people, if not 99 percent of Zimbabweans are controlled by spirits. Zimbabwe is under a curse, I have said this for 7 years. This makes Zimbabweans carry certain auras and spirits which make even other Africans who surround them notice.

In South Africa for example, Zimbabweans especially men are known for having smelly armpits and not bathing, but obviously that doesn’t mean all Zimbabwean men who live in South Africa don’t bathe. But it is quite obvious that a large number of Zimbabwean men who reside in South Africa have very poor self hygiene so much that it is a problem for native South Africans. South Africans can smell Zimbabweans because of their strong body odour.

Zimbabweans are known to be smelly in South Africa

I can testify this to be true because I was once married to a Zimbabwean man who hated water, and would go for a week without a shower, and he didn’t brush his teeth either and never used deodorant. The God of Israel did deliver me from this filthy Zimbabwean man and gave me to a Ghanaian born man who bathes at least twice a day. So when South Africans say Zimbabweans don’t shower I do stand with them on this one, for I am a living victim of a non-bathing Zimbabwean ex-husband.

I was delivered from a smelly Zimbabwean and given a Ghanaian man who bathes twice a day

Now back to the essay, I want Zimbabweans to understand that there is a reason they are well known for not bathing, especially in South Africa. The reason is spiritual. So there is even a bigger reason why most Zimbabwean men lack basic masculine traits, and often behave like women. There is something deeper which makes 80 percent of Zimbabwean men act like they are women. You do not see this trait in South African men. You do not see this trait in Ghanaian men. You do not see this trait in Nigerian men. .

Zimbabwe historically is a land that was ruled by women, the original ruler of the people of Zimbabwe was a woman called Gadziguru, she is the spirit and ancestor of the land of Zimbabwe. She is the ancestor of Queen of Sheba, who was a single female husbandless monarch. The Queen of Sheba was not the Queen of Ethiopia, she was the Queen of the South. She was the Queen of the whole of Southern Africa, and where Zimbabwe is located today was her shrine and place of worship to her gods, because the land was considered sacred where ancestors would speak from the dead. In biblical times there were no “countries” in Africa, all Southern Africa was referred to as Ethiopia. An Ethiopian simply meant an African. Africans were divided by tribes and clans not by countries. African countries are modern and a result of colonization.

The Queen of Sheba was a black woman as depicted here, she ruled the South of Africa, Solomon was also a black man.

Now going back to why Zimbabwean men have a tendency to exhibit strong feminine characteristics in larger numbers than normal goes back to the original Zimbabwe when it was called the Munhumutapa Kingdom. Through Gadziguru, females were worshipped and were considered more sacred than males, hence Zimbabwe worships mothers as holy and sacred. As my follower said in her comment on my Facebook that she thought maybe it’s something in the water which made Zimbabwean men have feminine traits, build and hormonal structure. In Zimbabwe historically and spiritually young boys were sacrificed to the spirits and gods of the land. These boys would engage in abusive spiritual rituals of sleeping with spiritual husbands. This practise still happens today, but not reported or acknowledged in the mainstream. The same way the Catholic Church has a long history of sacrificing boys to be used in sexual rituals to catholic priests, Zimbabwe has a history of sacrificing boys for sexual rituals to spiritual water gods of Zimbabwe. Because of the curses of Zimbabwe and the spiritisms and abominations that happens in the land, the men are already born with strong feminine traits, build and hormonal structures. It is spiritual.

Zimbabweans themselves are constantly pointing out that almost all Zimbabwean men in the public eye of Zimbabwean social media exhibit strong feminine characteristics, as I said most Zimbabwean men are constantly being accused of being gay, which they all deny.

All these Zimbabwean men below, famous on Facebook have all been accused by Zimbabweans of being gay, and all deny it, yet their body mannerisms and behaviour tell a different story.

Gospel Singer Sebastian Magacha
Sebastian continues to deny he is gay
Zimbabwe journalist Simbarashe Chikanza

Zimbabweans are constantly accusing Simbarashe Chikanza of being gay

Facebook personality Thomas Chizhanje has constantly been accused by Zimbabweans of being gay
Thomas Chizhanje constantly feminizes himself

Zimbabwean one hit wonder singer Tytan Nkomo continues to be accused by Zimbabweans of being gay
Zimbabwean personality Stunner real name Desmond Chideme has being accused by Zimbabweans of being gay

There have been so many rumours of Zimbabwean musician Seh Calaz allegedly having a white husband

Seh Calaz pictured dressed as a woman though he denies being gay
Controversial comedian Passion Java is often accused of being on the downlow
Facebook personality Tinashe Maphosa is often accused of being gay because of his strong feminine mannerisms
Even the late Genius Kadungure (Ginimbi) was often seen humping men against their will, almost raping them at his all white rituals.

Ginimbi was always accused of being gay
This man popularly known on Facebook as Taka has been accused of being gay

I could go on and on about Zimbabwean men in the public eye who represent what Zimbabwean men are like. For some strange reason all of them are strongly accused of being gay because they exhibit strong feminine characteristics compared to men of other African countries. I have also had Zimbabwean women who have written to me about their ordeals of being married to Zimbabwean men who were secretly gay. Sadly Zimbabweans refuse to understand their spiritual history and cultural past and how it is connected to how Zimbabwean men exhibit these characteristics.

For me as a spiritual expert and a daughter of a Zimbabwean Chief, I have a lot of spiritual insight of Zimbabwe, I am grateful to the God of Israel that I have been able to escape this Spiritual Sodom and Gomorrah called Zimbabwe. I am so grateful to the God of Israel that my Lord Husband is a man among men, with the strongest masculine features, and a true alpha male…

My Lord Husband is a real man
You could never stand my lord husband next to the average feminine Zimbabwean man

So yes, Zimbabwean men behave like women, and there is a spiritual reason behind their behaviour. The Zimbabwean men who are awake need to come to the Northern Kingdom to be delivered from the curses of feminine traits. As Yesu Kristo delivered thousands from legions and territorial spirits, only the Messiah of the Northern Kingdom can bring out the real men of Zimbabwe, especially in these last days….

Let those with ears hear…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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