I Lost My Young Children To UK Foster Care Because I Am A Black Woman

My children were taken in foster care in the United Kingdom for one reason alone, if I was a white woman, I would have my 7 children with me today.

Not once in my 17 years as a mother have I ever been a danger to my children. If I was abusive to my children, then yes, I should have my children removed. I grew up with a mother who was not only cruel to me but abusive. Where I come from, Zimbabwe, a country where a mother is not only respected, but applauded for being abusive, and a child is blamed for the mother’s abuse, I constantly get abused and attacked online for talking about my abusive mother. Yet the very community who constantly attack me for being abused as a child, are the very people who made hundreds of calls to police and social services to have my children removed from my care because I expressed in my own way, art, the pain my mother inflicted on me as a child, where no one ever listens to me. I had Olinda Chapel, a woman I have never spoken to, a Zimbabwean Socialite who is adored by Zimbabwean women, a woman with mob power who hates me, who previously went online to attack me for being abused, make several calls to the British Police and Social Services pleading with the system for them to put my 7 children into care.

Well her wish was truly fulfilled, UK Social Services took my very young children from me, including a 1 year old baby who was breastfeeding. The reason they justify taking my children from me is because they said I had a mental breakdown. That is my crime as a black mother living in the UK, I had a “mental breakdown.” In other words a black woman like me is not allowed to have a mental breakdown, otherwise she will be punished severely for it and her children will even suffer worse for it.

I had Zimbabweans in the UK, including my own blood brother Lloyd Gasho call social services pleading for them to put the children in care. This is a man I brought into the UK, a man who forged his O’level certificate to get into a UK University to get a UK Diploma in Social Housing, yet no one reports him to any authorities for being a fraud. Yet knowing how cruel and brutal the UK Social Services is to black children, he wished my children be taken into that system.

What was the mental breakdown that caused a baby and her very young siblings to be taken into care?

I painted in my house, splashing paint on a big canvas and on my walls with my children. I cried as I painted, covering my face with charcoal. I cried because of the injustices I have suffered as a child, which includes being molested at the age of 6 years old in front of my own mother. I cried as I painted, because as an artist, that is the only way I can fully express myself, I paint and I splash the paint, that’s my art. I put charcoal on my face because I was in a period of mourning, I am an Israelite woman, my ancestors put ashes and sackcloth on their bodies to express grief, pain and injustice. I had recently lost my Father, the only man who was my friend and protector. The only man who fully understood me. I cried as I painted, expressing my grief, pain and anger at how the world has always treated me. As I cried, my children started to cry, because their Mummy was crying.

Even when my Daddy died, I wept in front of my children, so much they comforted me.

Who takes white British children into care for painting their faces black, dressing as witches and wizards in the name of Halloween and doing the most bizzare and strange rituals in the name of British culture. Who questions their sanity when they do things which are not considered as normal in other countries and cultures?

Tell me how it is a crime, or morally wrong for a mother to cry in front of her children? Why shouldn’t my children express sorrow because their mother is sad? Is that not a black Israelite thing to do? As Black Jews we lament when lamentation is needed. It’s our culture and religion. Do I as a black mother, not have a right to be comforted by my own children during my lowest moments in life?

If no one calls Halloween a ritual, why is it a ritual for me to paint whilst my face is covered in charcoal?

Should I not paint however I want to paint when I am going through pain?

Am I not even allowed to express my pain because I am a black mother?

How is that justification for ripping my children from me and taking them into care.

Even during that time I was supposedly having a so called mental breakdown, my baby Chaniya was constantly on my breast. Even in my so called psychotic state, I fed my baby. My children were all fed and clothed and even bathed. They never went to bed hungry because Mummy was having a breakdown.

Why am I not even allowed to have a breakdown, something I have no control over? Considering my upbringing and the cruel road of life I have walked, it is even a miracle that I never had such a so called breakdown all my life. I always put my children first, I never even had time to myself, or take care of myself, because my children always came first.

Then I have a breakdown, after losing my Daddy, and boom the UK brutal system rips my one year old baby from my breast. They entered my house and arrested my husband, brutally, without giving him a reason for arresting him. They paper sprayed him and almost chocked him to death. He fought them back to save his life, and they tortured him and took him in police custody. After arresting my husband, they ripped Chaniya off my breast, she started crying, all my children started crying.

The children started crying because their parents were being taken away. I was arrested, for a reason even today I don’t know why, and stayed in custody for days. Whilst in police custody, both my husband and I had no idea what had become of our children. They wanted to torture me in the cells, they wanted to inject me, but something extraordinary happened in the cells. My husband who was in a cells almost next to mine, could sense the horror that was about to befall me, some men came in the cells with gloves and an injection and behold my darling husband roared like a lion, and somehow caused so much havoc in their system all the alarms went off. I had no idea that my husband was in a cell next to mine, but when I heard him roar, and saw all of them run away from me, I knew somehow I would survive.

My husband called on the God of Israel, and gave me strength to fight them. They tried so hard to inject me, but no one could touch me. They tried to restrain my husband and do all sorts to him, but he fought them all so hard, and broke even the equipment they brought to put him down.

I was never given a reason I was arrested, but obviously I was arrested because I painted crying in my house with my children. My husband was told he was arrested for resisting arrest.

Yet they arrested my husband so they could take the children.

By the time we came out of their brutal cruel system, our children were in care, and there was no way of ever getting them back.

How many white women are constantly having mental breakdowns and are given support and their children are not taken into care? I did not get any support for having a breakdown, I was arrested, and yet never charged for any crime. I was arrested so they could justify taking the children and putting them in care whilst I was locked up in the cells, for no crime.

They continue to say they took the children from me because my children cried as I painted and the house was messy. How is that ever a reason to put children in foster care?

Children cry all the time, why should children be taken away from their parents because they cried?

My children are even crying now, they cry all the time because they want to come home to their mother. Why are they not being removed from foster care because they are constantly crying? Or is it only crying in front of their black mother that is wrong. My daughter Fadzi is constantly breaking down, because she misses me so much. She lives with a racist white foster carer who constantly punishes her, threatens her and denies her food so much she’s lost a lot of weight.

So why is Fadzai not being removed from the white woman who distresses her and makes her cry. Why is my daughter Charo not being removed from the white woman who says she’s fat. Yet I had my children taken away from me because I painted and cried and my children cried with me.

Is it not even a sign that my children and I are so close, that when I cry they cry with me. Why should my children be placed in care for that?

Meghan Markle came out on International TV and claimed boldly that she was pregnant and suicidal and was hailed a hero. She can never have her children taken from her because of any breakdown. That is white privilege.

I as a black woman can’t even afford a breakdown, I get severely punished for it.

I worked as a mental health nurse where I saw children of white British families living with drug addicts parents in absolute filth, yet the filth was never a reason to put the children into care.

Is the British System telling me that a black woman loses her rights as a mother if she suffers a mental health breakdown? Even when she’s not a harm to her children. Why should I be a perfect human being because I am black? Even with such a traumatic life and childhood as mine, why should I be punished for finally breaking down.

My life has been so painful so much I often find no reason to live, and the only reason I have of living is my children. Even in England they have a saying that “God gives us children so we don’t commit suicide”. So why take away my reason for living because I felt so weak, and injured in life I finally had a so called breakdown. Instead of helping me, why take my source of life away from me?

These children were my source of life.
My children had a father who doted on them.
The children were happy together but have been separated.
I smiled because Chaniya was my life.

My children thrived in my care, I spent every day of my life with them.

They were always well dressed, well taken care of. They were a happy perfect family.
I mourned my Father with my children, even in the darkest hours of grief, I took them for picnics and walks.
Every journey of my life, the pain the joy my children were always with me.
Everyday, I would put Chaniya on my back, she thrived and loved sleeping on her mother’s back.

May the God of Mary-Tamar punish every soul involved in taking my children from me. May misfortunes befall them, be it cancer or bad luck. The tears of my black children will not be in vain. My tears of blood over my children can never be in vain. I know this country is Atheistic, they believe in no God, but this abomination they have done to the 7 children of Jean Gasho will touch the God of Israel…my spirit of my Father Never Gasho is seeing all this abomination being done to his grandchildren by the white man.

The white photographer who took the picture of that little ophan in Africa on the brink of death, and left the child to die and be eaten by vultures who stood at a distance away because “the rules said” finally killed himself, because he allowed the rules to overtake simple and basic humanity.

There is no humanity or any justification under the sun of even keeping Chaniya, a one year old black breastfeeding baby from her black mother. Even a so called breakdown of her mother is not justification for this abomination.

Sometimes as white people, yes we know you have the power and all, but you go overboard with cruelty in the name of “the rules say…” Sometimes you need to be just humane…and do the moral thing.

May the God of Israel punish those who took Chaniya away from me, may their fate be the same of that evil Photographer who chose rules over reason.

May God punish every soul who took part in taking my children.
This social worker, Katie Grammer who has constantly racially abused me and is protected not only by the police force but by the System claims she is the one who now has sole responsibility for Chaniya and wants her hair cut because its too bushy.
White woman Katie Grammer is demanding Chaniya’s hair is cut because to her its too bushy.

I have loved this country and served it with all my heart, I never deserved such a cruel treatment from a country I spent months defending and writing so proudly about…Go back to all my posts and see how much I defended this country, when the world was saying UK is racist because of its treatment of Meghan Markle…

I stood for white people and fought for them, only to have them mercilessly take my children from me…but I know thy works oh Great Britain, that the Foster Care Industry in the UK is now a career for white people, as they get paid a lot of money to foster black children. I know thy works oh Great Britain, that Black Children of African parents are the ones who fill the foster homes, and those African parents are scared to ever speak out, for someone has to get paid, and black people have always been your cash cows.

What I know without a shadow of doubt is that I lost my children because I am black in the United Kingdom.

But no, I did not deserve to lose my children for being a black woman in the United Kingdom…

Mary-Tamar was Jean

21 thoughts on “I Lost My Young Children To UK Foster Care Because I Am A Black Woman

  1. I thought you loved white people. Or was it that you said white people loved you. Did you not say that during your chikdhood your mother took you to a hwite woman’s house and you wished ,even then as young hausnegro, that the white woman was your mom. You are gettjng to kive up to your words you hausniggaring sycophant. You called a man “the holy one of israel”. I told you it will not end well for you. Today I come as me Shingai Musuka your ex husband. I’m not even hiding I have the last laugh. Always laughing at me and making my life hell, nhasi wanya. Why did you say mboro yangu idiki when you knew well the truth. Nhasi wakaura Jean. Mwari haajayidzi makudo ne anokamhina. Forrest Gump remember. Hausnigro


    1. “Today I come as me Shingai Musuka your ex husband” munhu akakwana here uyu. Murume mukuru kuuya kuzorutsa. Kura mhani murume mukuru. Kutonyora kuti X husband.


  2. ignore the spelling errors. I am an independant man. My name is Shingai Musuka, sometimes I type in a hurry because , I have to do like the nurses and earn a living.


  3. Oh Jean! This has broken my heart. But please don’t stop fighting for the return of your beloved children. Write to your Member of Parliament. Write to all the newspapers. Why don’t you also write to Thomas Markle? He may be able to help you because he has the phone numbers of influential people in the media especially GMB.
    Can I do anything? Is your husband with you? Please don’t give up.
    Remember the power of the pen Jean.
    You have always believed in the power of the pen. Start writing letters PLEASE.
    I will help in anyway I can. Just tell me what I can do and it will be done.
    You are a WONDERFUL mother Jean. Anyone can see that. Email Thomas Markle
    Much love you you and may God protect your children until you get them back.
    Kind regards
    Sadie aka Wally
    Please keep us updated.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Jean. I shall do as you ask. I just want you to stay on top of things whilst this I’d being sorted out.
        Please don’t lose your temper or threaten to jump in a river.
        That will make things worse.
        Go to therapy or counselling and accept their help and advice. Eat the humble pie until your children are back with you. I care about YOU so much my Sister. Stay strong. Wally


  4. I’m really sorry jean.im a lady from Zimbabwe who has gone through every aspect of your life I suffered abuse at the hands of my mother, got abused by husband and church members.im trying very hard to escape from the claws of my monster hubby.i have been called all sorts of names.in all this you are the one who gave me power.your pen saved my life up to this point. I read all your blogs and realized that you are the sister, mentor, therapist and counsellor that I never had.im alive today because of you.please don’t give me life and lose your own.i know you are a fighter and will conquer this.you have fought insurmountable battles before so u can win this one.you are in my thoughts and prayers.lots of love

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Feel the pain Jean. You said my penis is small and slandered me. Feel the pain bitch. I called Social services and they did right you ain’t shit those kids are better off in foster care. Poppin a few bottles to celebrate 🎉. Hwala. Taking my beautiful new wife Shamiso to France this weekend in your honour. 😂


  6. Hahaha? Wamama I’m hitting you with a libel case for saying to the whole world I have a small penis. You are going to have to prove it court that my penis is small. Icho! You thought I was stupid being quiet all these years huh? I sent you messages privately on Facebook telling you I’m going to deal with you. I’m using Masocha’s lawyers by the way., I’m going to pour water in a drowning fish. I have the last look laugh Jean. Wamama kani. See you in court!


  7. So they were right after all that you’re missing a few screws 😂. Remember Shingai Musuka? He is coming for you. You fucked with the wrong one there.
    Telling him his dick is too small. What a time for you, Now a case to take you to the cleaners = coming. And guess what he’s using Masocha’s lawyers. Hahahaha


  8. God help you through these tough times Jean. The social care system in the UK us a mess and I say this as a European person. Do whatever they ask you to do in order to be reunited with your children. One thing you are is a dedicated and loving mother. Many people suffer mental issues including myself but it doesn’t have to define us. And remove those nasty abusive messages above. You don’t deserve that and it doesn’t help you. I am also a survivor of similarly abusive relationships like you and these people writing such crap are toxic. May Gods blessings be upon you and your children.


  9. I am a poor houseless Traveler and blogger from Cambridge, MA USA that has read your blog for years off and on. Your points of view have always been refreshing and your culture seems more disciplined than African American culture here which has been painful and disruptive to me. As I travel west the African American culture becomes much easier for me to co exist with and I dont take notice nor does it interfere in what I am doing. Boston is small and the northeastern US politicizes EVERYTHING. Years ago people who were our allies are now allied with Globalists and trying to gain all the good life in America they were always denied. So busy that they’ve forgotten about other kinds of poor people.

    Globalism leaves people behind…and the one thing totalitarian systems fear is the artist.
    Your blog seemed to unify not divide. There was beauty not the ugliness so prevelant nowadays.

    I’ve never read any posts from you where you seemed all that disturbed or off. You seem to behave according to cultural norms as most other people around you would and you always have photos of a roof over your head, nice clothing and your children cared for.

    I haven’t kept up lately as to why you’re in UK because I thought you were in Africa so forgive my misunderstanding if that wasn’t the setting of the blog some years ago.

    I agree with the last woman that the UK is a mess. It’s always been a mess and it never seems to have a working system that solves anything other than preserving it’s elite class’ position-much like the northeastern USA, lol. There’s also a rampant underground child trafficking problem that seems part of Britain’s age old culture.

    All you’d have to do is look at Britain long enough to understand why the USA was created lol.

    I’m sorry you aren’t here because this never would have happened. Your writing should not be used against you in any legal way and no action should have been taken without evaluation first.

    The EU and Britain’s abuse of power nowadays seems so counterintuitive to so called human rights it’s laughable. You aren’t wrong.

    Remember that no matter what they do you are, first and foremost an artist. Your writing is important and has touched more people than you probably realize.

    Imagine a person in my position, finding your blog! So many worlds apart and with so many differences-so what is the similarity that I respond? What do I recognize?

    I have no children, I can’t say I know the feelings but I’ve seen enough mother’s go through this that it’s devistating surely. I am an advocate however and I say fight them.

    Get represention, get doctors or other professionals that work with artist people and maybe even have a knowledge of your culture so that you can be judged fairly. Use all their PC rules nowadays to your advantage and seek out support in any way you can.

    Always look for the good people and stay away from people who aren’t effective or are working for the system not you and your family.
    If you get mobbed enough you truly begin to internalize you are wrong or bad somehow. Do not fall for this.

    Don’t feed into anything and don’t get baited or triggered. Stay calm, seek out only those that will stand by you and exclude anyone who will cause you to fail.

    Make everyone understand this is wrong and you aren’t wrong.

    There’s got to be help somewhere.

    Let’s just say I’m a sort of expert at mobbing situations and I’ve been doing this for a long time.

    If you understand who to trust and READ people, then you can exclude those you cannot trust.

    I wish you well in your ordeal and if you keep fighting this and keep writing there has to be a result at some point (remember not to discuss any details of any legal cases on your blog as this can be used against you in court. Never discuss any legal case on the internet while you’re in the middle of it you can discuss it afterwards).

    Best wishes,


  10. My fellow sister of the soil! Thought of you today and you are so missed! How are things for you now- hope you have gotten your precious children back? I am praying for you and can’t wait to see you back.on your blog

    Stay well,.my sister!! May God ( to bless you and keep you ❤️ <



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