Why As A Black Woman In The UK I Am Fighting To Get My White Racist Social Worker Changed

Dear Julie 
I have called several times and been told you will call me regarding my complaint about the horrific racism and insults I have received from Katie Grammer, and yet I never get a call back. 

I am following the advise of legal professionals, the BBC and the police to now put this in writing, so its recorded. 

Considering the abuse I have suffered from Katie Grammer, it is within my legal rights as a British Citizen to have her removed as my social worker, and have a different person, something I am being denied by your system. 

Katie tried to turn my own daughter against me, told her I am a drama Queen, I m sassy, I play the race card and said I had a ‘fake’ seizure in hospital when I was assaulted brutally by two white women.  Katie defended the women who beat me up, and mocked me to my own daughter, who is only 17. My daughter has been so traumatized by Katie’s behavior she is now receiving counseling.

I do not care how much you continue to protect this woman who is not fit to be a social worker, I may be black and unheard, but I will do everything in my power to get justice over her racial abuse to me. 

Katie also liased with Shingai Musuka, allowing him to contact my children, a man who used to beat my children and sexually abused Nakai, after Nakai had told Katie over and over not to involve this man. Shingai Musuka was banned by the court in 2016 from ever contacting my children. Because of Katie my children, my two boys ran away from their foster care, because they were so afraid that their biological father was coming to get them, after Katie told them Shingai could see them if they wished. 

I have a lot to say about the evil racist behavior of your Social worker, but I will save it for the right individuals. I am a mother hen, and will do anything to protect my children. I am currently pregnant with my 8th child, I certainly do not need the abuse and stress Katie has caused me hence I refuse to even talk to her for the sake of my own well being.  

Katie will not and is not going to get away with what she has done to my black children, powerful she may be, protected by the system and country she may be, but change will come because of her. 

You may choose to ignore this email as you have ignored all my calls…but it is recorded that I have written to you requesting a change of social worker…


Jean Gasho mother of Nakai. Shingi, Kunashe, Fadzai, Charo, Chaka and Chaniya. 

I believe Justice in the UK will come through my suffering. I have not suffered in vain.

Mary-Tamar was Jean

UK Racist social worker Katie Grammer.

One thought on “Why As A Black Woman In The UK I Am Fighting To Get My White Racist Social Worker Changed

  1. I need to talk to you about Katie Grammer…… she is currently doing a similar thing with me (although I am a white male)

    She named called me to my partner without even knowing me

    She has painted me as a sole perpetrator when it was my ex that had me under loads of emotional abuse until I couldn’t take anymore and I ended up pinning her by her neck and shouted not to make a fool of me ( she was going out on a tinder date 6 months pregnant with my son and her 2 daughters aged 10months and 5 years old)

    Then she came to my flat and assaulted me with Ivy in her arms (10minth old) hitting me and slicing my thumb with a glass bottle

    My ex also assaulted Ivy’s dad at handovers on his visitation days

    Yet Katie Grammer has gave her a positive report and painted me as the sole perpetrator

    2 men with the same story

    I get a negative report forcing me to have supervised contact with my son

    I’d love more details from you and maybe share information to help get justice and bring her down


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