Why As A Black Woman In The UK I Am Fighting For My Black Daughters To Be Removed From White Racist Foster Carer

Dear Julie 

As you constantly ignore my calls and emails regarding my case and children, I have copied a number of important individuals in this email and will forward  for future witnesses on this disturbingly developing case. 

I am writing this email as a mother who is deeply concerned about the welfare of my two daughters Charo Offeh and Fadzai Offeh who were wrongfully taken from my care and placed into foster care without a proper assessment or any support to me as their mother. These two little black girls have lived with their mother since they were born, slept in their mother’s bosom when they were babies, drank their mother’s milk and thrived as little black girls in the bosom of their mother’s unconditional love. 

Today, it’s truly heartbreaking to see that my two confident little girls have been cruelly abused by a white woman who has completely destroyed Charo’s self esteem. 

During Family Visits with their big sister Nakai, Charo has expressed fear to Nakai about her foster carer who has told her she’s FAT and needs to lose weight. Charo is constantly punished for being a chubby little black girl and body shamed by her foster carer. Charo has been put on a strict cruel diet and is constantly denied food. Charo has developed a fear of eating food, and often tells Nakai that she is afraid of eating because her foster carer will punish her if she finds out she’s eaten. This abuse of Charo is rich coming from a foster establishment in one of the most obese countries in the world, where 70% of the UK population, especially children are obese. The foster carer who is abusing Charo is not exactly slim herself, it is fair to say she’s overweight, yet she has the audacity to pick on a black little girl who is only 4 and boby shame her! The culture of United Kingdom itself is built on eating food and gluttony, yet a white overweight foster carer has the audacity to abuse my black little girl and literally punish her for the sins of United Kingdom. 

I demand my daughter is removed from this cruel woman immediately. The damage she has done to Charo’s well being and mental health will take years to undo. 

Yesterday during a family visit with Nakai, their older sister, Fadzai told her big sister that the Foster carer told them that if they eat any snacks from Nakai they will be punished by going to bed hungry. Nakai wept after the visit at how her once bubbly little sisters who used to be full of life and adventure have been turned into fearful little girls who are threatened and punished using FOOD. This coercive abuse is totally unacceptable. 
Nakai also noticed that Charo is not herself anymore, she is scared to go back home to her abusive foster carer. 

On top of the emotional and psychological abuse the girls are being cruelly subjected to, Nakai also noticed that Charo’s dark skin was extremely dry and she’s developing an itch and eczema due to neglect and poor skin care.  

Nakai asked the girls why Charo’s dark skin was in such a bad condition to which Fadzai replied, “She said we do not need any skin lotion.” I believe this white woman believes that because my girls are BLACK so they do not need body lotion. It beggers belief that a racist white woman is allowed to foster black children. A white woman who knows nothing about black people, black culture, or black skin care to say the least. 

My daughter WhatsApped the Racist Foster carer to express her concerns about her little sisters and was blocked without even a reply.

It beggars belief that the system takes black children, with a totally different culture and upbringing to white british children, and places them in homes of white people who are not only racist, but are totally ignorant of how black people live. If this is not evidence of the racial white privilege system of this country then I do not know what is. 

Before Christmas I was sent a picture of Charo’s dreadlocks, which were practically ruined by the white woman looking after her. She knows nothing about black hair, and her lack of care for Charo’s hair made my little girl look like she was a homeless child. Her dreadlocks were so unkempt it was painful to look at. 

Answer me today: Why is a racist white woman with zero knowledge of black people fostering my black children? 

Is it because you believe we live in a white world and black people are unworthy to even be heard? 

Is it not even the reason you constantly ignore my calls and emails and deny me the right to change my social worker, because you feel I am unworthy of even an opinion because this is a white dominated country.

I have done a thorough research on this subject, and found out that black women are five times likely to have their children removed from their care than white women. As a qualified Mental Health Nurse, I worked in the community with white women who did appalling things, lived in appalling conditions, yet never had their children removed from their care. 

As an influential public figure and author, and as a writer who also writes for the Huffington Post UK, with thousands of following on Social Media, I have publicly shared part of my story of having my children taken from me, including a 1 year old baby who is supposed to be breastfeeding. A few years ago when Charo was born I wrote a powerful piece for the Huffington Post about the importance of breastfeeding so know that you may ignore my emails and calls, but I have a voice in the British Media that you can never silence.

 Since sharing only part of my story on my platforms I have received hundreds of emails from black women not only in the UK, but in the USA who have had their children removed from them and given to white women. Some of the stories are quite horrific, and mirror the racial system and how black children are treated by white foster carers. 

I refuse to have my two little black girls be victims of the White British Supremacy. 
Remove my two girls Charo and Fadzai urgently from the woman who is looking after them. I am currently pregnant with my 8th child, I do not need any stress because I want to have a healthy  little brother or little sister for my 7 children. 

I repeat, listen to my voice and remove my daughters from the woman who is currently looking after them, she is unfit to be a foster carer, especially to black girls.

Jean Gasho

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