Why As A Black Woman I Am No Longer Writing A Book Against Meghan Markle


I have taken the decision NOT to persue the book about Meghan Markle’s appropriation of Black Women’s Suffering. The decision is mainly based on my Lord Husband’s unhappiness about some of the things I wrote about Meghan. My husband who does have connections was personally informed about the plight of Meghan Markle, especially how allegedly suicidal she has been lately, also allegedly trying to break free. Also currently it is safe for me to discontinue the book, as writing it further may put my own life at risk. It is no longer wise for me to write about the issues of the British Royal Family. Today as a writer I wash my hands off this topic. I had already written 20 Chapters of the 25 Chapter Book but I am now left with only one chapter which I had sent out for proof reading. I had to buy a new phone and a computer as I no longer have access to my old laptop and phone. I have also had my house completely trashed and searched, which I was informed was by high intelligence, with my laptop and phone stolen. I have been forced out of my cottage and now stay in one of my husband’s other properties. I will be publishing the remaining first Chapter of the Book on my blog, as I wash my hands and make it clear publicly that I WILL NO LONGER WRITE ABOUT MEGHAN.

I also want to publicly apologise to my Lord Husband Kofi NINO, The king of the North, my Messiah, the Moor of York and my head and covering, for my utter disobedience of writing articles without his approval or blessing. I also have a good reason to believe my husband received money to make sure the book would not come out.

I extend my sincere apologies to Meghan as it did come to my understanding that somehow she was deeply affected by some of my articles especially the one which I wrote that she was the one who made Kate cry by bullying her which had over half a million hits on my blog. I am now focusing on my family and Lord Husband as I want to win him back with my submission, loyalty and obedience. I also want to put it out there that some of my original sources who gave me information regarding what happened between Meghan and Catherine during the wedding fitting rehearsal may not have been entirely accurate.

I apologise to the people who were waiting for this book, but my life, children and marriage is more important. I love my husband and would go to the moon and back for him if I have to.

Yours Truly

Mary-Tamar was Jean

8 thoughts on “Why As A Black Woman I Am No Longer Writing A Book Against Meghan Markle

  1. As far as I know bribe money is taxable in the UK. If he doesn’t declare it, I wonder how much trouble he will be in.


    1. Well, you became well-known by writing about Meghan. I stopped reading your blog when you decided to write a book and stopped writing about her on your blog. Too bad. Your articles on Meghan were good.


  2. Sorry to hear Jean! Your husband is a coward. How can he be gag you to protect Meghan? Is UK not a democratic country that accept different opinions? Me think that he sold his soul for the pot of soup.


  3. Jean, I am sorry that you will not be able to finish your work. The ability to communicate in writing is such a skill. I appreciate your talent. Writing in the lines and between the lines is vital to our health. Best wishes for you and your children.


  4. Jean, I am sorry that you will not be able to finish your work. Communicating in writing is such a skill. I appreciate your talent. Writing in the lines and between the lines is vital to our health. Best wishes for you and your children.


  5. I don’t think you have to apologise. Whatever you wrote most of us know to be true. Maybe because of the love you have for your husband is stopping you to write what you believe is true. Very sad that he left you and his children because of Megan who is causing other people in her family suffer. When time comes and you are ready to continue do so, maybe now you are hurting. Be strong for your children.

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  6. Wait! You said that Markle is allegedly suicidal again? Someone’s life being at risk is of the utmost importance. We must call the montecito and Santa Barbara police to do a welfare check on her!!


  7. Jean I hope you called the police when you’re house git trashed / computer/ phone smashed up. You’re husband might be a lord back home in his own country, but here in the U.K. it’s domestic violence, We all love our husbands but not to the extent that he controls every aspect of our life, He sold you/ his children out, Who told him that he could buy land in Scotland and be a laird, I guess that was an other of the Markels, As someone said if Meghan suicide then social services should be involved to make sure that the children are save,,

    Please remember Meghan was found out to be a liar in a high court , Only won that case bc of who she is, no other reason, you are saying you want to try get you’re husband back, If I were you I would put all my time in you’re children / writing , Let you’re husband lie with the dogs he chooses to run with, The leader of the pack will get taken down then one by one they will all go their own way hopefully for our sakes we will never here of them again,

    I hope you can get the help you need you’re children need you more than you need a husband, husbands come/ go, please take timeout for, you’re self,It’s alright to be single,you don’t need a man in you’re life to tell you you’re amazing / you’ look beautiful/ Etc,

    Keep you’re children / you’re self safe/ keep you’re husband out, to take a six figure sum of money away from his children/ he not much of man never mind a lord,

    Take Care Jean


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