Dear Marry Chiwenga, Please Stop Lying, You Married Constantino For His Wealth Not His Heart

Dear Marry, I’ve have been following your case with utter shock and fascination for the last few years. Your story deserves to be written in history books as a lesson for all black women. I’ve been so intrigued by your public case so much this is the second open letter I am writing to you. Your story is so shocking that even here in United Kingdom, you made the headlines in our mainstream media. Last night before I went to bed, I stumbled upon your Tweets, and I have to say, I was so shocked by them I couldn’t wait for the morning to put my thoughts on my blog. You wrote on social media that it was actually your 40th birthday today, and that you haven’t seen your three children in years. You called your husband, the Vice President of Zimbabwe, Constantino Chiwenga, the”evil eye”. Yesterday you also asked in a series of Tweets where God is when you need him.

Then somehow, in a bizarre twist of your tweeting, you then paid tribute to your estranged husband by claiming that you didn’t marry him for material wealth, but you married him for the ‘wealth of his heart’! You went all out to describe what an amazing God fearing man he is/was. Oh Marry Marry quite contrary. Really Marry? Today you want to tell the world that you didn’t marry Constantino, the Army General Commander of Zimbabwe for his wealth? And you expect the world to believe that blatant lie. Even in sickness, pain and humiliation you still choose to be a hypocrite and liar. Stop taking the public for fools, considering they have been very forgiving and compassionate to your fate.

When I saw the above tweet I was like, this is it, I am so blogging about this. Oh Marry Marry Marry, you remind me of a certain demon possessed pathological liar called Meghan Markle who claims that she didn’t marry Harry because of who he is, a rich powerful white Prince. Rather she boldly claims over and over that she never googled her husband neither did she knew who he was before she married him. I find it very difficult to sympathise with women like you and Meghan Markle, the fact that you try so hard to convince the world that you didn’t marry the men you married for their wealth, power and fame, is not only laughable to say the least, but it’s an insult to the institution of love and marriage, especially to women like me, who actually truly madly and deeply married for nothing but LOVE.

I was a single mother of 4 children, and along came a young eligible bachelor, who had nothing in his pockets to offer me, all he had was the wealth of his heart, and he promised me that, “baby, what is yours is mine, even your shower gel in your bathroom is mine.” He took on my four children, and together we suffered to the point of homelessness, yet today my lord husband is a millionaire in assets, with a portfolio of over 10 properties in the United kingdom. That is actually what it means to marry a man because of the wealth of his heart. I want to school you Mrs Chiwenga, because it looks like you have learnt nothing from your humiliating public ordeal, the least you can do right now is not to lie to the very public you want sympathy from. So please Marry, with all due respect, leave the quotes of “I didn’t marry for material wealth” to women like me. I am very territorial and protective of my office of wife, mother and homemaker, as a writer and public figure, this is my main calling. Yes I am old fashioned and traditional like that so I will call out any other public figure who tries to mock and undermine the institution of love and marriage, because contrary to what black women out there preach, marriage is actually an achievement, especially when you marry well.

Actually Marry, this is what marrying a man for his heart looks like…

I also want to remind you Marry, that you failed to keep the man you married for MONEY and POWER. All you had to do was just love him in sickness and in health. In all fairness, in defence of the General, even though he is without a doubt the most powerful man in Zimbabwe, he actually had your back love. You almost had it all. He gave you all he had, he gave you children, he gave you wealth, and he gave you power. He married you after you infamously left your first husband, he married you even with your own children you brought to the marriage. Come on love. He is not that much of an evil eye is he? He took you everywhere, you were literary his trophy pretty young wife.

You were the Vice President’s Pretty Trophy wife.
You sat and dined with the most powerful women of the land.
Dressed in designer apparel , you walked with the elite women of the land.
And in all fairness, he was always listening to you Marry, especially in public.
You always had his attention, you were truly his Queen.

If anything, it was you who actually proved to the General that you DID NOT marry him for love, that is why you are in this position today. You couldn’t even look after him when he was on his sick bed. You couldn’t wait for him to die love, rather instead of being there for him in sickness, you started transferring money and running around like a headless chicken trying to secure the bag whilst your husband was dying. You never loved the man, you only loved his power and wealth hence when his life was under threat, your only concern was wealth, which was the only thing that attracted you to the old man in the first place.

In your marriage to the General, you failed to learn one thing Marry, that whether rich or poor, true marriage and love is actually bound by the things that money can not buy. Those little things…

Marriages are bound by the little these that one has to do to keep her MAN.
This what I serve my Lord Husband, as my sacrificial and serving love for him.

Money, power and wealth is never enough Marry, sadly you never learnt that lesson when you were in the arms of the most powerful man in Zimbabwe. A man may have power and wealth, but he wants to be loved and respected for who is he is not for what he has. Even the notorious King Henry VIII needed a woman to love him for him, not for his throne.

Every man, no matter how powerful or wealthy needs a woman who loves him for him not his throne.
So whilst you infamously danced before the world because your husband had removed Robert Mugabe from power and had become the Vice President of Zimbabwe.
I dance in my backyard because the food I’m about to serve my lord husband is looking and smelling so good.

As a woman, you failed to secure your position in the arms of most powerful man in Zimbabwe. Now that Constantino has publicly put you away when you need him the most, you now want to lecture the world that ‘power is not permanent‘ when ironically, that only applies to you, not your husband. He is still the Lord of the land, but you are no longer the 2nd Lady of Zimbabwe. Your husband still has the power, he is still the Vice President of the cursed but wealthiest country in the world. He still has access to all the gold and silver of Zimbabwe. He has power over the Judiciary, he still pulls all the strings over your life, hence he has banned you from seeing your own children, and there is nothing you can do about it because he is actually the law of Zimbabwe.

Ironically Marry, your statement that power is not permanent only applies to you, not your husband.

The thing is Marry, though I totally condemn the breach of human rights being exercised on you by your husband, especially denying you access to your own children, it is very extreme and cruel of your husband, but I do feel like you clearly made your bed, as sad as that sounds it’s the reality. As a woman and mother of 7 children, I can not even imagine what my life would be was I to have my children taken from me. I would have nothing to live for, if I am to lose my children.

I write as a woman who has had to fight for the custody of my children in a cruel world where sometimes being a woman is actually your crime. Like you Marry, I have a very cruel ex-husband who wanted me dead, wanted to take my children from me, just like your husband, he claimed I was not mentally fit to take care of my own children.

The only difference with your case is that my ex-husband was not a Lord, he was only but a Zimbabwean fool, in fact he took me to court fighting for his children to be placed in care. The difference with your case is that I did not try to murder the fool, though sometimes I wish I had, but sadly I was actually a good wife to him. The difference with your case is that the fool didn’t control the judiciary, rather a white male judge, in a democratic United Kingdom, concluded that my children are mine, and they thrive under my care, and no man, especially a fool of a husband can take them away from me. The difference with your case is I never had my fool ex-husband order me to be wheeled into court whilst unable to walk.

Oh and you asked a very important question yesterday as you marked your 40th birthday. “Where is God when you need him?” You asked.

Where is God when you need him, you ask?

Well Marry, as a Priestess of Dreams, a Prophetess of my lord husband King Kofi Nino, and the begotten daughter and heir of my late father Chief Never Gasho, I commend you for asking such a powerful question. Where is God in your situation? I do hope you speak of the God of Israel, Yah, the only God who sees and hears. The God who hears the painful cries of women abused.

You see Marry, you are now like a fallen royal. Your plight is no different to the plight of Queen Vashiti, if not worse. Historically there was no mercy for a fallen royal. Black African men who have power and wealth are no different to the ancient black kings. When a wife falls out of favour with them, they offer them no mercy. If they had their way, they would have your head on a spike at the click of their fingers. When you choose to marry a powerful black African man, you have to have this in mind. Just ask King Mswati’s wives who fall out of favour with him, they choose to even commit suicide because of how cruel he is to them. This is the other side of marrying black men who have power and wealth.

There is nothing new under the sun, even the most charming sweet psalmist of Israel King David treated his own wives in such a manner. Once you lost favour with King David, he would not even touch you, you would be confined to a palace and die without ever lying in his arms again. Such was the fate of his 10 concubines who slept with his son. Such was the fate of Michal, his first wife. I am sure these women also asked, “Where is God when you need him?” But remember this Marry, the King does whatever he wants, and in God’s eyes the woman was made for the man, not the other way round. Whether you realised it or not, your husband is a King of Zimbabwe. So he will do whatever he wants, and no one questions him.

Yesterday you also wrote about the “gentle touch of the General’s hands”. You miss his arms now, you wish he was still with you. Oh Marry Marry quite contrary. A man with power and wealth will always have women at his feet. Right now those hands of your husband caress another woman, or rather other women. Right now, another woman looks after your children, what’s worse is that that woman is your own maid, and it’s very likely she also enjoys the gentle hands of your husband.

Your own husband now treats your maid with more respect than he treats you.

Even though he has publicly put you away, you still call yourself “The wife of the Vice President.”

The last time I wrote you an open letter, you chose to ignore the advice I gave you. I told you to go back to your lord husband and beg for forgiveness for the way you treated him when he was on his deathbed. Tweeting and trying to gain sympathy from the public (by lying as a well) is not going to help you at all, what you need today is to bow before your lord, Constantino Chiwenga that is, and pray that he has mercy on you, and takes you back even as a concubine, for he no longer sees you worthy to be his Queen, so much he now treats your own maid better than he treats you. You need his mercy Marry, otherwise you will die without seeing your children ever again…

That is the voice of God right there…the voice you now seek, take it or leave it

Oh, and Happy 40th Birthday by the way…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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