Meghan’s Elder Abuse Of The Queen And Why She’s Getting Away With It

Meghan’s Elder Abuse Of The Queen And Why She’s Getting Away With It

Elder abuse is way more common than we may think, especially in the first world. When I first came to England years ago, as a student nurse I did a lot of part time work in nursing homes. I witnessed old people being treated so bad, almost as though they were no longer human. At that time I always prayed that when I get old, I would rather be at rest than have strangers, some of which are men, disrobing my old wrinkled body without any ounce of respect at all. It gave me such a grim picture of modern Britain and getting old here. That said, that was years ago, I would like to believe that a lot has changed now for the elderly in nursing homes.

But as I said, elderly abuse is a lot more than what we understand, it’s more than just neglect and the physical abuse which sometimes happens in the nursing homes. Most of elderly abuse is based on control, manipulation and emotional abuse. As we all get puzzled by the horrible behaviour of Meghan and Harry we forget that there is actually a 95 year old lady at the centre of this. Just because she is the Queen doesn’t make her exempt from abuse from toxic family members, and in this case the abuser is Meghan Markle.

What is tragic here is we are witnessing a very old lady being abused by a woman she welcomed into her family with open arms. It’s only been a few weeks since her husband died, so obviously she is at her weakest emotionally and mentally, not to mention how advanced she is in age. Not many people get to live to that age.

The Queen pictured last week marking what would have been the Duke’s 100th birthday looking very frail and old.

My Papa was only 65, fit and very healthy, and during his last week he was even driving his car, closing windows and claiming he was “self-isolating” in the car, then the next minute he was gone. His death was so sudden, that’s why I’ve struggled to accept it or understood it. When I look at the Queen, I wish Daddy would have lived to that ripe old age, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Sorry to have rumbled on about my Papa, it’s just that he’s in my thoughts everyday, so he will always be on my paper too whatever I’m writing about.

Talking about my Daddy and also the Queen, I once wrote a prophetic post about the end of the British Monarchy, which was quoted and taken out of context by the Zimbabwean media who don’t normally have any kind things to say about me, and my Daddy who was such a wise man, read the article and advised me not to write negative things about the British Monarchy, even if I meant well. So I took my Daddy’s advice and deleted the article.

As an African Chief and a descendant of the Mutapa Royal Dynasty, my Daddy always taught me that royalty was the blueprint of God. In fact I have an audio where he talks about the foundation of royalty, though it’s in Shona. He had such an insight and knowledge to the deepest things of life that people never think of or explain. He said Royalty is to be honoured and respected, because everyone great or small, rich or poor, black or white who carries royal blood is ordained to do so by God himself.

My Papa really influenced my writing in the past few months. I had a rebirth spiritual encounter about 4 months ago, with dreams and all, involving my pen and the British Monarchy, very much like Paul’s Damascus road conversion. So in much fear and trembling, I started penning the wickedness of Meghan Markle against the British Royal Family in which in the same breath I also wrote so much about my Daddy, because I felt so connected to him, like my writing was being inspired by him. Little did I know that it was my way of saying goodbye to my father.

What Meghan and Harry are doing to the Queen is despicable really, because they know not how long she has left. Actually one would think they are trying to send the poor Queen to the grave.

I’m grateful that Daddy lived to see me grow and have my 7 children. In the last months I would screenshot all the Twitter comments I was getting and send to him on WhatsApp. So he lived to see a bit of my pen having some sort of impact. Well he always told me I was a “global writer”. He desperately wanted me to meet Oprah, I wish I had told him that “Daddy I don’t need no Oprah after all. My own little blog is good enough to tell part of my story.” I’m so glad Daddy advised me to not write negatively about the Queen. In honouring the British Monarchy, I honoured my old man even more.

Through honouring the Queen I got to show so much appreciation and love for my Papa in his last months.
My late father, Chief Never Gasho, my HERO.

Yet Harry has allowed his wife to abuse his own grandmother in such a merciless way in her last years. And he knows very well that she’s vulnerable. Harry is very much aware that his Grandmother losing her husband has weakened her, he knows the anchor of the family, Prince Philip is gone. He knows that in whatever he is doing, his grandmother can’t do much to retaliate, she’s literally just an old woman now, rather a very old widow.

The fact that Meghan didn’t even seek permission from the Queen to name her adopted child after her pet name is the ultimate proof, on top of what she’s been doing over the past months, that she’s cruel and abusive to the Queen.

Meghan knows very well, that a lot of black people do not like the British Monarchy as they feel it’s colonial and racist. Since entering into the British Royal Family, Meghan has literally gathered an army of black people who hate the Queen on her side. Meghan knows that the Queen is hated as much as she’s also very loved.

Among Meghan’s die hard supporters are a lot of black people, the “woke” ones of course who do nothing but praise Meghan for being a brave strong Black Princess whilst talking about how evil and racist the Queen, Prince William and Prince Charles are.

Black people were PRAYING that Meghan gives birth to black looking children so it would piss the Queen off and make them feel more valid in this world. They connected Meghan giving birth to black babies to their own racial breakthrough. Meghan became a saviour for most Black people.

Meghan Markle has actually given people the POWER to berate the Queen. After her interview with Oprah, the commonwealth countries started threatening to pull out. The truth is Meghan’s behaviour recently has actually threatened the existence of the British Monarchy.

My property investor Lord husband, King Kofi, has quite a few men who work for him, renovating his houses. They call him “King of the North” and have so much respect for him. So sometimes they can’t discuss certain issues when he’s with them, like race issues. They assumed my husband being black, he is obviously a Meghan supporter. So one day the topic of Meghan came up, and these men were biting their tongues in fear of offending my very black husband, that he would say they are racist if they spoke against Meghan. That’s how bad the situation is here in the UK on the ground. But my husband managed to get them to just be honest to him about Meghan. And they were.

“It’s not that we are racist, Kofi, but this woman has come into our country and we welcomed her. Now look what she’s doing to our Queen. She’s trying destroy our monarchy.” They told my husband.

My Lord husband’s white staff assumed that because he’s black he automatically likes Meghan Markle.

My husband told his men that he is his own person and doesn’t “think” like the average black person, like Zimbabweans who are mostly hypocrites as they hate their own kind and abuse him because his skin is dark. My husband is actually the biggest victim of Black people’s self-hatred. In general Black people will prefer mixed race people to full black people, and the darker your skin colour is, they will despise you even more.

Sadly Meghan has used her black mother Doria’s skin colour and her privilege of being mixed race to gather black people and give them a voice against the Queen. One British Nigerian activist Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu is currently penning out a perfect little career based on “blasting the Queen” using Meghan as her reference. Black people, especially the religious ones are hailing her as a HERO, mainly because she’s Meghan’s strongest Soldier.

If Prince Philip was alive, if it was in his day, obviously Meghan would not have gotten away with most of the damage she’s done to the BRF. She would have had her titles completely stripped off for starters. But today the Queen is old and frail. And Meghan knows it, hence she literally dances around the old woman. Actually she dances more on Prince Philip’s grave.

The palace aids are very much aware of this Elder Abuse happening in front of the world and are trying to fight the Queen’s corner, but their power is very limited and there is only so much they can do.

Meghan knows very well that the Queen is also very loved and adored by many, hence she faced so much backlash with her shameful Oprah interview, probably because she lied so much that even for her fans, it was difficult to look past the blantant lies.

So now because she wants to also appeal to those who love the Queen, she decided to name her adopted girl child Lilibet. She also knows that the late Princess Diana was loved and more popular than her, so she’s decided to milk the dead Princess as well.

And as for Harry claiming that he told the Queen that he was naming his daughter Lilibet after she was already born, does Harry think we are that stupid? Why didn’t he tell her all these months Meghan was supposedly “pregnant” that he planned of using her pet name? If Harry and Meghan had any ounce of respect for the Queen, they would have at least told her in advance about their intention to use her pet name to market their child.

Meghan, the Royal gold digger, had already registered the name for money making purposes, way before Harry claims to have spoken to the Queen.

And Meghan knew that the Queen would not do or say anything about the disrespectful name ritual. Oh and it’s not a coincidence that the Queen’s portrait has been taken down from one of Oxford’s Universities. This is what Meghan is fighting for, so she can reign supreme as the Queen of Black people’s hearts…

But not under my watch of course, I pray history remembers Meghan Markle as the woman who mercilessly abused Queen Elizabeth II in her old age…using her so called sudden “blackness” to get away with it, even though all her life she claimed to be a Caucasian. Elder Abuse is a serious public health issue, and because of her privilege Meghan is not held accountable for it.

Well, I pray the poor girl child Lilibet Diana grows up to change her name to something something was Lilibet like I did. Surely it won’t be fun having such a name, being forced into some weird ritual of walking in the shadows of Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth. Well, talking from experience, daughters of narcissistic mothers, if they survive their cruel mothers, always grow up stronger, determined and with a mind of their own. I pray somehow Meghan will find her match in her “own” girl child she’s choosing to name after the white women of an institution she hates so much.

Narcissistic mother Meghan Markle.

The Genesis of the Revelation by

Mary-Tamar was Jean

7 thoughts on “Meghan’s Elder Abuse Of The Queen And Why She’s Getting Away With It

  1. Thank you for this post I haven’t managed to read it all yet but I promise you I will.
    I’m sorry about your daddy he sounded a wise man. My dad died young too only 62.
    Our Queen is a lovely lady and her pride and joy is the Commonwealth especially South Africa. She hasn’t a racist bone in her body. The Commonwealth is a voluntary body and countries can leave at any time. 53 countries belong and Her Majesty is Queen of 15
    I’m sad when black people hate white people so much but what went on hundreds of years ago isn’t our fault. Yes some of our ancestors did terrible things but the people who sold others to slavery were in fact Africans and Arabs. That doesn’t mean we were innocent but what went on hundreds of years ago I bet every single country is tarnished.
    We in Britain are the least racist country there is.we welcome people here and want them to have a better life. We want the whole world to be a better place for everyone.
    I think if anyone is racist it is blacks hating us. Having marches and pulling down our statues. The guy at Oxford who instigated the removal of our Queen’s portrait is a white American from a very rich family. Now imagine if I went to America and removed a picture of the President there would be hell on
    Her Majesty has been our Head of State for 70 years and she promotes unity, diplomacy and integrity and most of Britain and the Commonwealth love her.
    Thank you for your post
    You sound a lovely caring lady 💙


  2. So sorry for the loss of your father. Though not here physically, he is still guiding you and your pen to inspire so many people. May God bless you always.


    1. Very astute observation about Meghan Markle. I am glad to see someone else think the same as I do regarding the actions of Harry and wife.

      After the Oprah Winfrey interview I went on many sites saying that the interview was a political hit job on the Queen and Royal family. Their goal is to get the Monarchy absolved. People thought I was crazy to say such a thing.

      Everything Harry and wife do is designed to hurt the Monarchy, and cause problems for the Queen personally.

      The USA and England are under attack by nefarious people, using various means, and Harry and wife are part of it.


  3. Again, another well written article Jean…it certainly sums up my views on Megan’s treatment of our Queen and I am sure many others as well! ❤️


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