How Prince William Will Finally Be Vindicated Against Meghan Markle

Now that my favourite season Spring is here, I’m outdoors a lot with the children, so my time for writing is a little compromised. Please do forgive me my ready readers, I will try my best to be consistent with royal updates.

But in the wake of Prince William and Kate’s 10th wedding anniversary, and yesterday reading somewhere that Harry and Meghan had the audacity to send well wishes to the handsome royal couple, I had to pen this. Each time Meghan does something crazy, I have no choice but to write. I really don’t know what planet Meghan lives on. I just can’t wait for Harry to divorce her, and with the way events are unfolding so fast, I believe before we know it, Harry will leave the US and come back home with his tail between his legs.

Meghan had the nerve to send well wishes to William and Kate on their 10th wedding anniversary.

What a lot of people do not realise is that this royal saga is the epicentre of end time prophecy. As I always say, as my father taught me, royalty is the blueprint of God, so what God has ordained, no man can reverse. We were all glued to the fiction Game of Thrones, but we did not realise that we were being prepared by a higher power who controls all events for a bigger real life Game of Thrones, which today is unfolding before our very eyes. Caucasian Biblical scholars say biblical prophecy unfolds in the Middle East, the Black Hebrews Israelites say Southern Africa is where biblical prophecy unfolds, but in the eyes of Mary-Tamar was Jean, Great Britain is the land of milk and honey, where ancient words come to life. For that reason, the whole world, young, small, big, old, white, black, rich, poor, everyone really, is glued onto the drama unfolding in the British Royal Family. I believe that Prince William will sit in the SOUTH on the Iron throne way before the appointed time. And on that day there will be gnashing of teeth in Meghan’s Lala Land.

Where do I fit into all this, well I am that small little girl in the NORTH, the story teller, the most irrelevant one like Bran Stark, who is like a tiny drop in the ocean, crippled during childhood, but has the THIRD eye that sees.

I’m the irrelevant blue black nappy haired writer who sees and records all.

So yesterday I read that royal commentator Dan Wootton claimed that the Duke of Cambridge has been angry about the behaviour of Meghan for over year now, way before the shameful Oprah interview. Mr Wootton cited sources close to William as believing he will struggle to ever forgive Meghan for the damage she has caused. As I am typing this essay, another article has just been published citing that, Prince William is infuriated by how Meghan has treated his wife.

In fact I also read somewhere yesterday that Meghan will be booed if she ever tries stepping onto British soil again, so never mind the royal family, the British public do not want to see her here ever again.

As for Prince William, of course he can never forgive Meghan, especially for the bullying of his wife and his only daughter. No man who loves his family would ever forgive such wickedness done to his family, by someone who is supposed to be family. William loves his wife, and is known to be very protective of her. He has known Catherine for over 20 years. They are not just lovers, they are best friends. That is why he tried to advise and warm Harry about marrying Meghan when he had only dated her for under a year. William was the right person to give relationship advise to Harry because he has walked the walk, he understands that relationships take time to mature, and when choosing a wife fit for royalty, one has to be extra careful to exercise the spirit of discernment. Sadly Harry refused the wise advice of his only brother and went on to make the biggest mistake of his life.

What has been worse for William is that not only has he lost his little and only brother to this evil woman, his wife has also been a victim of Meghan’s wickedness. Oh I can not wait for William to sit on that throne, oh the final downfall of Meghan will be spectacular to behold. Unlike Harry who is clearly under some sort of Meghanic spell, which he mistakes for love, William is actually a man in love with his Kate. And what’s even sadder is that the two women are not even in the same league, Kate is classy and well groomed. Her clothes are always fitting and IRONED. Whether she is on royal duty or she’s being a mother, she is ever so polished.

Meghan on the other hand, oh dear me, is the opposite of classy. Her clothes are always a mess, either they are too tight or too loose. She doesn’t know the right apparel which suits her body type. She doesn’t appear to have an IRON in her house, even her wedding gown was creased! She just didn’t miss out on royal grooming, she missed out on personal grooming as well! She goes in public with visible sweaty armpits, like eww, that is so gross and so unbecoming of a lady. She is always awkward and unkempt and I believe her personal hygiene is as messy as she appears. When I showed my husband her latest picture she staged of herself supposedly taking Archie to nursery school, he was like, “She looks a mess, like she’s losing it.” Of course she is losing it. Her jeans were creased, her shoes or sandals or whatever she had on her feet looked just weird, the child was not supposed to be carrying that heavy backpack, and her bump looked as fake as ever.

But being a mess in public, with creased clothes and all, has always been Meghan’s trademark. Money cannot buy class that’s for sure.

If her clothes are not creased, they are dreadfully sweaty.

I think that is what has been very hard for Prince William to forgive, to think the woman who bullied his wife is so unkempt she is not even worthy to tie Kate’s shoes.

In my experience, a man in love can never forgive the wrong done to his woman. A man in love seeks vengeance on the enemies of his woman. Even the woman may forgive, but the man in love can not forgive. That is what I love about the Duke of Cambridge, he is not just the Prince, he is simply a man who deeply loves a woman. His love story with Catherine is actually a beautiful love story that is so underrated. He is Catherine’s Knight in shining amor, and Meghan is so jealous of what William and Kate have together, because she will never have that.

Meghan will never have what William and Catherine have together.

What I know is whatever happens from now, William will be vindicated on behalf of his wife. And that vengeance will be sweet and beautiful to behold. I know that to be so because I have lived to see such sweet vengeance on my enemies in the land of the living.

I met my husband through my old blog HE WAS MY DADDY. Even though he was never a reader, he literally read my entire blog, and the comments from Zimbabweans too, and with that he fell in love with me. But even though he fell in love, he also became very angry at all those people who hurt me. His mission in winning my heart was also to repay those who have hurt me.

There are three people my husband can never forgive, my ex-husband, the “prophet” Walter Masocha, and my mother.

Like I said before, I understand William, because a man in love does not easily forgive, a man in love seeks vengeance for his LOVE.

My husband has never met my mother, even though she lives in the UK. He has no desire to ever meet her, and he says if he ever does, the words he will tell her will paralyse her soul. As for my fool ex-husband, though he stalks me all the time, he knows well to never physically come in my presence, because I have a King who would finish him off.

As for Walter Masocha the fallen prophet, just two years ago, I was walking with my husband in Milton Keynes, then I walked past Masocha’s right hand man, Francis Aturia. I panicked of course, and I whispered to my husband that we had just passed Masocha’s High Priest. My husband was like, “Where is he?” And behold, he started running after him, and stopped him and confronted him.

My husband confronting Cult leader Francis Aturia in Milton Keynes in 2018.

My husband boldly told him that the Cult was about to fall, that Masocha’s days as a so called Prophet were numbered. And my husband’s prophetic words came to life, because within 6 months, Masocha had his ultimate fall, where he fell disgracefully with a heavy thud. The thing about wicked people is they have a way of bringing themselves down. Sometimes we don’t even need to do anything in order to see the reward of the wicked in the land of the living, we just have to watch whilst they destroy themselves.

Masocha’s wife ended up leaving him on Christmas Day 2018, and his house fell. He lost all the wealth he had accumulated from the backsides of poor black people in the UK, and today he now lives with a woman who used to be his servant.

So my husband’s anger was appeased as his words to Francis Aturia were fulfilled. In 2018, whilst I was minding my own business, Walter Masocha shocked the world and made international headlines.

So when I write about Meghan’s fall, yes, I know she has already fallen, but her ultimate fall will be so loud. The heavy thud will be heard on all four corners of the earth. The fall of the wicked is always a process, it doesn’t happen over night. For Meghan, the process has already started judging by her latest staged picture she released on Prince Louis’s birthday, as she always does (she is the Queen of stealing people’s thunder). But however, it’s not her ultimate end yet until her husband Harry leaves her. Harry will be the one to tell it all, yes all the shameful secrets which happened in their inner most bed chambers will come from Harry’s own lips one day. The surrogates and all. We will hear it all. Like I said, the wicked have a way of destroying themselves, that’s why William and Catherine can only watch.

And the beauty of it all is that in Britain, the wickedness of Meghan and Harry has actually made Wills and Kate more popular.

The thing is, never trust a man who is willing to betray his family for a woman. Never trust a man who will leave his Kingdom and throne for a woman. Rather it is women who leave their families and Kingdoms for men. So for the man who leaves all for a woman, when the love runs dry, the same man will leave the woman, and betray her too, to win his family and Kingdom back. Right now, as Harry’s popularity reaches an all time low, he will definitely contemplate abandoning Meghan to win back his Kingdom.

Before we know it, Harry will be sitting on Piers Morgan Life Stories, telling us all how he was vulnerable and how Meghan trapped him. How she forced him to to do the Oprah interview, and how she made him tell blatant lies.

When William sits on the throne, he doesn’t even need to have Meghan’s head on a spike, not literally of course. Harry will do it all for him. Harry brought Meghan up, so he will be the one to ultimately bring her down, at that time, he will do anything to win his Kingdom and brother back, he will have to pay such a price, and great will be that final fall of the woman of perdition…and that will finally vindicate and appease the anger of Prince William.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

6 thoughts on “How Prince William Will Finally Be Vindicated Against Meghan Markle

  1. Again another insightful piece of writing and so very right. We have a long way to go with wifey getting just deserts but will be worth the wait the end game will be the mother of all end games. Wifey is the true definition of failure and slowly taking H and herself down. Many more public people are seeing through this narcissist who is struggling to keep relevant. And the nature of your writing helps to open the eyes of many more. I personally cannot wait for that day.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Another great article you seem to always hit it on the nose. Just love reading everything you write. Keep it up.

    Love from the USA


  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! I sincerely hope all that you have written comes to pass! Lovely wordso, once again!

    Love from your #1 Fan❤❤


  4. Please keep speaking these words into existence! The power of a righteous Christian woman is more than anything the wannabe, Satanic Markle could ever dream of. Keep going, we are all listening


  5. Dear Jean,

    You speak in your blogs about what you went through in your old church because you were trying to reveal the truth. They hurt you, they tried to silence you and bully you. I was just a young child in that church but my family left shortly after what you went through. I always felt for you and I remember in year 7 dedicating a prayer for you at my church mass.

    It really hurts to read your words in regards to Meghan. You went through something awful and traumatic and no one wanted to believe you so to see you do the same to another woman is just disappointing and sad.

    Yes, you are entitled to have your own opinion and do whatever you want to do with your trauma, you don’t have to do something productive, but one would hope you would.

    You’re a good writer but the article to me just exudes petty and hateful.

    I hope you see how it comes across.

    What do you honestly Gain from tearing down this other woman who doesn’t even have any idea who you are. You speak so highly of the royal family, forgetting all the racial and horrific comments made by members of said family, like the late Prince Phillip.

    I asked 12 of my fellow university friends to read your article (ages range from 19-24) and the census is the same. Maybe it’s because we are young, but we believe woman support woman, not highlight their sweaty armpits (everyone sweats, she probs noticed and felt embarrassed)

    Meghan is actually bullied, genuinely and you’re just piling on. Sorry, but that’s how it seems. She’s not perfect, no one is. Leave her alone please and write something that benefits humanity, you’re so capable.


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