Why Every Sabbath I Ask God To Bring Down Meghan Markle Like How JEZEBEL Fell

Before I get into my essay, I just wanted to address the people, mostly the black meghanites, asking me to leave Meghan alone, whilst in the same breath mocking me that Meghan doesn’t know me. Well, since I started writing the Meghan series, there has been over half a million views on my blog, and I know that Meghan is part of those half a million clicks. I believe my work is gaining momentum, my black girl voice, as small as it may be, does matter.

As I have always maintained, that once upon a time, when Meghan came on the scene, I really liked her, then she went to Africa, and made the trip all about herself, and that was really it for me, I saw a woman so evil, even God cannot forgive her.

Today, I want to dwell on that South African trip again, because I don’t think people fully understand how wicked she was whilst she was in South Africa. In fact, as a woman of conviction and faith, every Sabbath I bring my prayers before the Lord of Sabbath, and I use the abominations of Meghan in South Africa as a base for my prayers. And I burn incense, knowing that my prayers go up as a sweet smelling aroma.

The abominations of Meghan in South Africa.

South Africa is one of the most violent countries in the world for black girls and women, a country with a culture of rape. A country were rape is a part of life. A country were most girls and women can never go to the police to report the crime, because reporting the crime carries serious consequences for the victims, so they are forced to face their rapists everyday in the streets, whilst the rapists brag openly that they have “humbled” them, and they are told by their rapists that if they misbehave, like going to the police, they will come back and rape them again.

South Africa has the HIGHEST rate of rape in the world. For the black girls and women living in poverty in South Africa, rape is actually part of their poverty too. Black girls are raped openly, sometimes in front of their relatives, it’s so heart wrenching.

When Meghan went to South Africa in 2019, she knew about the plight of the black girl child in that country, Meghan knew about the violence that the South African girl child has to endure on a daily basis, she even went to visit the girls who have faced sexual violence, and made a speech and all.

Surely any normal person, especially coming from the West, would be moved by the stories they would hear in South Africa, especially one of the most privileged women in the world, yet for Meghan she actually saw this as an opportunity to mourn about herself, and cry that “Not many people had asked her if she was ok”, yet one of the most famous women in the world had come out publicly saying she was always calling Meghan to check if she was OK.

Back in 2018, when Meghan was supposedly pregnant and started getting the negative press, which she deserved by the way Serena explicitly went to People magazine to tell them that she was always calling Meghan to ask her how she was. This should tell you what a psychopath Meghan is, because a year later, she completely disregarded Serena and went to South Africa to claim that when she was pregnant not many people asked her if she was ok. Well Serena did, the most famous black woman did, and it’s explicitly on record, but then again, because she is a token black friend to Meghan, her concern for Meghan was obviously not good enough. She needed “many people” to ask her. And I am sure by saying “many” she meant white people.

She needed white people to care more, of which they did. Even George Clooney, a man who doesn’t even know her, risked his own clean image, voicing his concern about the way the British press was treating Meghan, but to her that was not good enough, she still claimed many people didn’t care. In life, you cant have the whole world on your side, surely isn’t a few good friends who care enough? Isn’t there enough proof out there that Meghan had a lot of powerful people ask her if she was okay…

What Meghan doesn’t understand is that in life, no matter how hard your life is, (well for her the worst thing was the press writing negative things about her, she wanted everyone to worship her), but the reality is there is always someone out there who is having it way more worse than you. For every negative headline she received, women in the UK were dying in the hands of their abusive husbands. One in three women aged between 16 to 59 will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime. In the UK, two women a week are killed by a current or former partner. It’s crazy that a woman of such position of power and influence cared more about her “problems with the press” than putting into perspective what life really is like for the ordinary women in the UK.

In 2013 when my Zimbabwean ex-husband beat me up so bad after his family had called ambulance for me to be sectioned during a church service, it was a turning point for me to do something to change my life for the better. On that fateful day of the ambulance incident, when I went home, my ex-husband’s lack of empathy for me at the cruelty and humiliation I was experiencing in the hands of his family caused me to dare ask him why, and for that he beat me and threw me on a radiator so much it broke. I called 999 and that was the day my marriage to the monster ended.

Somehow I ended up in a women’s refuge with my three young children. The day I arrived, as I was escorted to my room, I walked in slowly, in shock that my life had turned out that way, I started to cry as I couldn’t even wait for the woman to leave so I could weep in private. The woman, who was so lovely and just doing her job, stopped and looked at me, and said, “I know it’s a shock, but this is not the worst place to be dear, life will get better Jean, you will leave here, and find a house, sooner than you think.”

I tried to digest what she was saying, but at that moment, nothing made sense, I just saw darkness. When she left my room, I just sat there, whilst my children, especially my youngest son who was only four, got excited jumping on the little bed on the corner of the room. My Zimbabwean ex-husband was the worst father and provider, he would give all his money to the church at the expense of his children, so my little boy was so happy to finally have his own bed. He didn’t realise that life was changing for him, that he was now in a women’s refuge with his mother. To him, life was but an adventure and he was just excited to be in the refuge, somehow I dried my tears and drew strength from the excitement of my baby.

I looked up and saw a painting on the wall, which said, “Happiness is not a destination, but a journey.” The message made so much sense to me, as I was comforted seeing my little boy so happy to be in the refuge. I then gathered myself, and took the children outside to have a look around and meet the other women.

I then found myself talking to a British Nigerian woman who was the first to welcome me to the refuge. She was so open, and started telling me her ordeal. She had fled Nigeria to come to the UK, after being beaten by her husband, and had lost some of her sight, so much she needed medical attention in the UK. As a British citizen, she had managed to convince her wealthy Nigerian husband to buy her a holiday to Dubai, but on her way back, she came to the UK to literally seek refuge from her abusive husband and never returned to Nigeria. As she narrated her ordeal to me, crying, her eyes blood red, she was such a mess, telling me how her husband used to beat her, throwing her down the stairs, telling her he wanted to kill her, how she was so ill from the beatings with severe headaches. I remember comforting her thinking, wow she has had it worse than me, I have never been beaten to the point of losing my sight.

My Zimbabwean ex-husband used to beat me up as I already wrote on my blog before, he once beat me when I was pregnant with my first child, he sat on me and chocked me, punching me so hard in the face, I remember going to work with a black eye and lying to people that I had fallen and hurt myself as I was too ashamed to tell anyone that I had been beaten by my own husband. I was young and naive and wanted to maintain a rosy picture. But as I comforted and listened to this British Nigerian woman in the refuge, who had been so traumatised by her husband, I knew my domestic violence ordeal was not as traumatic as hers.

The women’s refuge was a learning curve for me. There were about 8 women in the refuge, and each of their stories was so harrowing, it made me feel totally ashamed of myself, I felt like I didn’t even have a story which warranted me being there. One Somalian woman had been kept as a house prisoner by her husband, beaten and raped and it took one day, where she pretended to put rubbish bin bags outside, and with her two little children, she escaped and ran for her life, like how Tina Turner finally escaped Ike. These are real life stories that happen on British soil, mostly to women of colour, and no one even knows or writes about it.

Though it was still very hard for me in the refuge, and alone I often cried myself to sleep, but I drew strength from knowing that I was surrounded by women who had been through worse. I stopped mourning, and hardly ever shared my story with the women. I started organising prayer meetings, and activities for the women and children. The women in the refuge, despite their challenges held on to their faith. They still prayed, and believed that one day God would make the world better for them.

It was actually in the women’s refuge I discovered that I could have some purpose in other women’s lives. My son turned 5 in the refuge, and I did something that had never been done before in a women’s refuge, I organised a party for my boy, using the little money I was getting from child benefit I bought treats and balloons and brightened the place up. I took my daughter and my Nigerian’s friends daughter and did a little dance routine with them to encourage the children, and mothers. And what a glorious day it was in the refuge as my son turned 5, the children laughed and giggled all the way through our dance routine.

My point is, if I could go in a women’s refuge, when I had been beaten by my ex-husband, and abandoned by my own family, yet in a women’s refuge I felt so compelled not to whinge but rather I had to be a ray of light to the women who had had it worse than me.

Then can someone please tell me, what right Meghan Markle has, as one of the most privileged woman on earth, a woman who has never had a man lift a finger at her, or sexually abuse her, what right does such a woman have to go to Africa and whine about how “hard” her life is. Is that not an insult to African women, and to God as well.

People can not understand my anger at this woman, but that’s okay, because my God who told me to go to war with this Jezebel understands. He is the one who has equipped my hands for this battle. What Jezebel did on African soil was unforgivable, she spat at every blood tear of the African girl child.

Even though I left Africa, my heart bleeds for the silent African girl child and woman as I depicted with my pencil.
I can never forgive Meghan for spitting at our plight and pain as women who have experienced gender based physical and sexual violence.

Yes, I do not take lightly a filthy rich white woman with power who goes on African soil to mourn about herself, when she is in a position to change the world and make it a better place for women in excruciatingly painful circumstances. I do not take lightly a white woman who claims to be a humanitarian, yet when she goes to Africa she takes a TV crew to talk about her first world “royal problems.” For that reason every Sabbath I burn incense in my house, and ask the Lord of Sabbath to bring Meghan Markle down, because she deserves to fall like Jezebel fell, and I will not stop until she has completely FALLEN…

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

14 thoughts on “Why Every Sabbath I Ask God To Bring Down Meghan Markle Like How JEZEBEL Fell

  1. Everyone must count their blessings and make each day count for our world to be a better place
    Meghan should read autobiographies of the heroes of our world
    President Nelson Mandela
    Dr. Martin Luther King jr
    President Abraham Lincoln
    Mahatma Gandhi
    Mother Teresa of Calcutta and so any others
    Reading will take us to turning points in our self development .
    God bless you and family Jean


    1. I have read a few of your blogs in regards to Meghan Markle. Like yourself, I too had high hopes for her and her husband – more so for him as it is his first marriage. I do not dislike them, but I judge people by their character and not by the colour of the skin. (I’m old-school!)

      However, as a born-again believer of Jesus Christ, the scripture tells us how to pray for those who use us, to pray for our enemies etc. Yes, the scripture talks about our prayers going up before Almighty God as a sweet smelling savour/aroma. Psalms 141: 2 But you are misquoting what the Psalmist David meant. He said it is one’s PRAYERS that goes up to God – he was not talking about burning incense. (that is witchcraft). Our prayers to God must be from a pure heart before Him. It’s in knowing HIM (a true relationship with God through and in Jesus Christ of Nazareth) that our prayers are truly heard and are impressed upon his His heart. Remember He is HOLY.

      A true child of God asks for HIS will to be done on earth, as it is in heaven. At the same time, we must also pray that OUR hearts are right with God – because Psalms 66:18 states `If I regard iniquity in my heart the Lord will not hear me’.

      We can pray that she and her husband see the error of their ways and repent. God sees and knows everything that is going on both in public and behind the scenes.

      He is not taken by surprise with what is happening them them or their motives and reasons. Nevertheless, Romans 12:19 states ‘Dearly beloved, avenge not yourself, (don’t take matters/revenge into your own hands) but rather give place unto wrath (leave room for God’s wrath), for it is written Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord’

      Thank you.


  2. Again, a fabulously well written article depicting the real and horrendously cruelty others have endured in their lives…yours included!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Meghan Markle claimed that she was “there” for South African women but has never mentioned them or their struggles since returning from South Africa. She has not made improvements to their lives or welfare a priority. She has not gone out and made speeches and Zoom calls highlighting the abuse of poor black women in South Africa. She has never to my knowledge spoken about rape. She has not been instrumental in raising awareness or funds for women’s refuges. This is because she does not care. Charities are for her just a means to leverage publicity. So one day it is this charity, the next another. They are just stepping stones to raising her profile as a “humanitarian”. She moves from one to another rapidly promising this or that but never returning or honoring those promises. Look how she now “volunteers” at charities in California USA. She no longer cares about the charities she visited in South Africa, Canada or the UK. She lives in the now. Charities are stepping stones to her. She uses them to cross the river of life, she does not come back to assist others to cross after her. She moves onto the next charity. She does not look back. There is no commitment to any particular cause. Look how she could have used her contacts with Netflix and Spotify to make films and podcasts to highlight the plight of these women. Or used her Archewelll charity. NOTHING. She thinks she is like Princess Diana. But Princess Diana was committed to the causes of AIDS and HIV and also to LANDMINES. Even so many years later Princess Diana is remembered for raising awareness of the plight of HIV and Landmines victims. What is Meghan remembered for? For disrespecting the Queen of England when her husband lay dying in a hospital and for saying “No, I will not postpone this Oprah TV interview because the health of Prince Philip is being used as an excuse to silence me”. Oh Meghan. Those words showed you for what you are. I think they are coming back to haunt you now.


      1. Your words always lift me up. I give thanks for women, and men who use their voices and life experience to better us.


  4. Amazing 🙂 I love you Jean, you are a ray of sun light. I hope you do bring down this lying, low down, sorry piece of trash and Harry too. The day I watched that interview is the day I thought the same thing and so did my sister. We both said is she serious? What a sick B! How low can one go to cry on national television in a Country like Africa when woman are treated so poorly, children starving, corruption etc. after we’re just so highly praised on such an elaborate trip. Two lying hypocrites, then Harry’s sob story after that. Pathetic and words can’t express what these two evil gutter rats are.

    When I truly despised these two even more was when they came and used Canada, stole from our taxpayers, our veterans who are going without shelter, can’t afford proper clothing, healthy food, many today who fought for our people are living in poverty, you know the ones Harry pretends he cares for. The two losers used Canada, took, squatted for six months with no thank you, no regard, demanding more paid security, left there child here while they screwed off to UK to show off or try, meaning not only one country paying, leave the child here so can continue having both countries paying. I could care less about their son or their security. A joke!
    The two losers left without so much as a good bye on a private jet no less likely paid for by our stupid PM who apparently of course Harry’s friend. We know out loser PM tries so hard to rub shoulders and likely line his pockets, favours for the wealthy. H & M did nothing while in Canada except cause problems as Megain setting up media ops then complaining. Harry used Canada knowing his grandmother head of state.
    Honestly I am still irritated the Queen allowed, she should have put her foot down and said no Harry you are not going to use your privilege to squat for six months on tax payers dime. Our weak PM should have called the Queen or wrote and said this is not acceptable. A planned trip, a week is one thing but not six months or even a month.
    Jean what she did in Africa was a disgrace, she is a disgrace to all woman, men and children, an evil calculating spawn of satan. I say any woman or man who doesn’t see this and has anything negative to say about you or what you write can crawl back into the same hole they came out of with Megain. Crows fly with crows, rats run with rats.

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  5. Jean, this is the 2nd blog of yours I have read, it is absolutely brilliant and exactly what I was thinking when I saw the South Africa interview…it made me so upset for the actual women and children who live there being publicly disrespected by harry’swife (I won’t use her name), she completely ignored their plight it was shameful and I so so hope your prayers (and ours) are answered and the truth about harry’swife is revealed soon.
    Harry’swife is ‘using’ any drops of her heritage to her own advantage and ignoring those who have actually suffered while they are actually beautiful proud black women. This charlatan who has always referred to herself as caucasian, who cares not a jot for anyone but herself. Who disrespected HMTQ and the BRF as a whole knowing they would never give tit-for-tat interviews when Prince Philip was dying, the whole situation makes me and my family feel very upset and angry that she continues to focus on ‘her’ life as if it is more important than the charities she is supposed to represent – it shows she is NOT royal.
    Selfish, self-centred, family destroying, narcissist yes but a humanitarian no, never.
    Intelligence is also missing from harry’swife as an intelligent person would never do what she is and has done.


  6. Jean, you are an inspiration to women of all colour! I love you, your gorgeous children and every single thing I know about you, I love.
    I’m hoping that you grow and get noticed for your powerful message.
    It’s people just like YOU who change the world. starting with Africa.


  7. I’m not a Meghan fun, however I think it’s a tad premature to argue that she has not used Archwell, Netflix or Spotify to champion the rights of the downtrodden. They’ve only put out one podcast, and they have only just about inked the Netflix and Spotify deal. They are in the process of putting together content so I would advise we wait and see what kind of content they will put out.


  8. I am considered poor in my country, but, by American standards I have wealth that families in South Africa could only dream about. I felt so ashamed when that interview came out and doubly horrified when the Oprah thing aired. I speak with a few people who live in South Africa, their suffering dwarfs a lifetime of mine daily. Such wasted opportunity, as royalty, such wasted airtime. So many in the western world would have rallied behind a just cause. This is why I stand by you with disdain for a spoiled , grifting woman calling herself a dutchess. I feel hope and happiness and strength when I read your blogs. I pray you keep writing, the effect is not lost on me or mine. Post script : your babies are gorgeous.


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