Why Meghan Markle, If Not Stopped, Is A Threat And Danger To All Royal Bloodlines

Many might not understand what is really happening, on the grand scale of things. Many may not understand what is at stake here. Many may not understand how history is being made and changed. Right now I do not care who is black or white. What I care about is the truth. When the truth is at stake, people do not realise that their freedom is also at stake. Without the world realising it, Meghan Markle is a now the new version of the “TRUTH”, a truth which is in fact a lie.

When Harry blurted to Oprah, “My father and brother are TRAPPED.” Those were not his words. Those were the words of his wife. Those words were one of the main purposes Meghan arranged the interview with Oprah. Had Harry not declared his father and brother as “trapped” to billions of people, only God knows how he would have endured the wrath of his wife in their innermost secret chambers. That’s why he just blurted the words out of nowhere, without any context to the conversation. He knew his marriage and life where hanging on those lines. Harry had to make it clear to the world that his father and brother deep inside, didn’t want to be royals. Harry had to set the record straight that the heirs to the British throne want to be free, like how Harry is now, but they can’t, because they are being forced into an evil institution which they can’t get out of. That institution is “royalty”.

Sadly Harry is willing to betray his brother and father, because of his own jealousy towards William, so he will sell the British Monarchy to please his wife. Meghan knows how much Harry always felt like second best to William, so that is her greatest POWER, she can use Harry to do or say anything to destroy the most famous royal family on the planet. However, Meghan does not only want to destroy the British Monarchy, she wants to abolish the meaning of true royalty, as she launches herself as the more modern BETTER version and substitute of true royalty.

She will also have the advantage that she has been some sort of “victim” to the most powerful monarchy on earth, a monarchy which already a lot of black people feel wronged and robbed by. That is the army of Meghan, those who do not like the British royal family, even though her army of black supporters like her because she married a white Prince and because she is mixed race, (the irony and hypocrisy is always there) but still they feel robbed by British Monarchy, and they want the monarchy abolished, end of. Once it’s abolished, they want Meghan and Harry as their NEW version of royalty.

So the main purpose of the Interview was to give her army of black people what they wanted to hear, to rile them up by telling them that the British monarchy is “RACIST” and abusive, and to also tell the world that even the heirs to the British throne, Prince Charles and Prince William need saving from the whole evil system, they need to get out but don’t know how to.

So Meghan instructed Harry, that he had to say, “My wife saved me.” It was crucial for Meghan’s new religion that the world knows that she is the one who RESCUED a white Prince from an evil monarchy, hence the world will now look at her, as a woman who can save the world.

Many might not understand the spiritual side of Meghan, but she leaves a trail of who she really is everywhere she goes. Meghan’s power lies on who she latches on, and sucks the blood out of them for her own survival, she bleeds everyone dry, impersonates people, then when she is full, she moves on.

I never thought I would say this, but Samantha Markle was so right about her. She may not be able to articulate herself properly, but Samantha knows what it feels like to be bled dry by Meghan.

I never thought I would say this, but her father Thomas Markle is so damn right about her, every word he says about her is true. In fact he is her biggest victim, because today she would be NOTHING was it not for him. She used his white race to her advantage, growing up, she was obviously so happy that her Daddy is white. She used his money for private education, then she used his connection to Hollywood to climb the social ladder.

Then somehow she crept into the royal family, and now that she’s bled them dry she’s done with them.

Meanwhile, she is in the process of using her own mother Doria, an ex-convict, whom she never grew up with. Now after discarding her white father (who raised her) now that she finished with him, she now needs the “black” in Doria to build her Empire.

But what people do not realise is that as she launches herself as the symbol of victimisation, using “race and mental health” cards, she is also launching herself as the solution to a “fake” problem she has created. I don’t think people can comprehend what an evil human being Meghan is.

Meghan is not only a threat to the British Royal Family, she is a threat to a people, a people whom God chose and placed on this earth for a purpose. Because in her world, she alone deserves the honor and glory.

I fight her back because not only is she stealing my struggle as a blue black nappy haired black woman, I fight her because I love all things royal, and she’s a threat to my world. I love all things royal, not only because royal blood runs in my veins, I love royalty because I believe that royalty, in its true essence is the glory of this world. I understand the sacredness of royalty, that it is a destiny written in the stars before one is born, when it runs in your veins, even when you don’t know it, you feel it.

As Princess Diana once said, “I always knew I was called, that I would be someone.” As a little girl, she felt it.

Even though Meghan may have a vision in her twisted head to eradicate the existence of those with such destinies, she cannot eradicate something that was created by God. Royalty is the BLUEPRINT of God. He is after all, the KING of Kings. So I am a defender of royalty, not only European royalty, but African royalty too. On Instagram, I do follow my favourite royals, of which some are the wives of Africa’s last absolute reigning monarchy, King Mswati, because such royalty fascinates me too. I am an old soul at heart, and history and tradition intrigues me, especially history of black Kings, who always had many wives by the way. I study the lives of royal wives who lived in harems, and how Kings chose their Queens. The mark of a black King was solidified by his Harem of wives, how many they were, how beautiful they were, what titles and status they had. As a royal traditionalist, I see nothing wrong with such lifestyle, it had its bad sides, but surely had its glory and splendor, that’s why my favourite King of all time is King David. My husband is a polygamist, so we take the good and the bad of polygamy, but still when all is said and done my husband’s wives are actually the closest friends I have in life. They are the women who respect me, and thrive by learning from me.

So my husband respects King Mswati as Africa’s last absolute monarchy, though I have a lot of advice and rebuke for him lol. My husband has spoken to some of the sons of King Mswati, whom before the pandemic struck, my husband wanted to host a gala in the UK to celebrate African royalty, of which they would all grace the event, and his Ambassador was Princess Sekhothali Seeiso of Lesotho.

Just like the Queen respects King Mswati and his harem of wives, even though her traditions and beliefs are very different from that of the Eswatini Kingdom, yet when there is royal wedding in the UK, he is among the guests, because she respects that different they may be, but royal blood he still bleeds. And even though the west sometimes tries to paint this man as a tyrant, he is absolutely loved and adored by more people in his little Kingdom.

King Mswati II ariving at Prince William and Kate’s wedding in 2011

So it’s funny that I have black people literally attacking me, and calling me names, saying I am a white puppet who is defending Kate Middleton because she is English royalty, yet my husband and I are the biggest supporters of black royalty, because even though both of us have royal blood in our veins, we know what it means to be of royal blood yet still live like an ordinary person because your Kingdom was abolished by other versions of Meghan Markles. So we try our best to support the few existing black royals left, so that they are not eradicated by society and history, hence in our circles our friends are royalty. My husband is an advisor and confidant of the first black mayor of Luton, and her work with my husband has always been to bring change in the UK community, and their joint events always honor true black royalty that is not recognised in the world.

So when I am fighting Meghan Markle, I see through her Vision and agenda. She wants to create a world where there is no such thing as true royalty, where only Meghan reigns supreme, which in its truest sense, is blasphemy against a chosen people.

I will always stand at the door, and defend true royalty.

I stand with true royalty, the ones of the bloodlines, who bleed blue blood whether they are black or white, rich or poor. I consider those people my kind, and somehow they are the people I relate to the most, hence my friends are royalty. My dearest friend HRH Princess Erica of Banmu is the hardest working woman I know. She lives in Europe and goes around doing her royal duties humbly, without the fame, yet she is always a light to people around her and her work brings change to her community. She is the epitome of what grace and royalty is, that’s why she is my baby Princess Chaniya’s godmother.

HRH Princess Erica is Chaniya’s godmother.

So whether it’s Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge or it’s Princess Erica of Banmu, I will choose such women over an evil child bullying self-centred Kingdom destroying narcissist who is trying to build her own Empire where women like Kate or Erica will cease to exist, yet she is using real royalty to build her world, whilst destroying the real royalty. These two royal women below are from two different worlds, but they do brighten the world in their own ways, which is the purpose of royalty.

So because I understand that a threat to the British Monarchy is a threat to all our Kingdoms, so for as long as I can write, I will not allow Meghan to reign supreme over us. Not at the expense of the chosen ones who faithfully and truthfully serve their Kingdoms.

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

14 thoughts on “Why Meghan Markle, If Not Stopped, Is A Threat And Danger To All Royal Bloodlines

  1. thank you for this battle. A persom who doesnt want lime light, goes to Oprah. She’s very manipulative. Gos help Harry.


  2. Wonderful article. It was informative and inspiring, but also reassuring, so thank you. As an Australian I have the utmost respect for Her Majesty, our Queen and am saddened at the attacks on her household by someone she welcomed.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow. Its as if you have being reading my mind. I have being saying since (the launch of Sussex Royal instagram account) that Meghan Markle was on a mission to destroy the Royal Family hence the Firm had to be careful. I was always attacked by the crazy brigade.


  4. Well said and well written as usual, you are amazing. MM knew she was never going to fit in, she did not have the class, the know how, no way, no how she could have carried this out. She thinks she is powerful, LOL !!!! I have no words for Harry, & MM, get lost you two using, loser, squatters, you actually suit Hollywood or LA. No substance at all !


  5. Well said and well written as usual, you are amazing. MM knew she was never going to fit in, she did not have the class, the know how, no way, no how she could have carried this out. She thinks she is powerful, LOL !!!! I have no words for Harry, & MM, get lost you two using, loser, squatters, you actually suit Hollywood or LA. No substance at all ! I think your baby is the cutest little baby in the world next to mine of course, kidding but my son was a cutie as well 🙂 Not a princess or a prince but my prince 🙂


    1. I agree. She started her miserable attitude & acting out once she realized she was failing in the biggest part she would ever play. Hollywood “royalty” is not royalty, it is a false reality bought into by actresses & “fans”.
      Meghan said it herself, she thought it would be celebrity, not service.


  6. Wonderful article I’m in awe of your wordsmithery. Absolutely needed saying out loud and in print.
    Wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. Some are tied by not having an outlet some are tied worried about being victimised by Ssquad some being sacked. So it’s refreshing to read an article of this a calibre. Thank you.

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  7. I’m an American by birth. My bloodline traces directly to the Stuart royals—the last true royals. Maybe because I’m American but I don’t believe royals are “chosen by God”. They come to power in war and they kept power with war. That said, I agree that Megan will drain these people


  8. Thank you, so grateful, for this article. Your writing leaves a deep impression.
    You have keenly articulated how I also feel about the British royal family and royal families around the world. My DNA memory of respect comes from a young man who immigrated to America in 1740 from Scotland, named King, which was a Scottish surname taken to disguise the name Gregory, a line of Scotts who descended from King Gregoire of Scotland, a name which was banned on threat of death from England. Gregory means “Royal Runs My Blood.”
    And it bloody well does.


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