Dear Meghan, Put Down The British Crown On Your Head, Before I Remove It With My Pen

Dear Meghan, as you have made it your life destiny to destroy this country’s heritage and CROWN, whilst you still wear your own version of the Crown they gave you, I stand here, on British soil claiming my birthright. As the majority of black people reading my articles can not comprehend my love for Britain, they think this is some form of “insanity” on my part, because if I am black I am supposed to hate Britain and love Africa. They keep telling me that British people will never love me or accept or me.

But Meghan, I want you know that way before you came on the scene, I did serve my country even through my pencil, without seeking love or validation from anyone.

So as you brand yourself as the ultimate racial victim of the British Royal Family yet you claim to not know about the their history, let me school you for a minute, on some racial British history in the monarchy.

There once was a woman, fully black, with blue black skin and nappy hair, a woman more honorable than you can ever be. She faced true hardships, she was taken away from her people and family, when she was only 5 and held as a prisoner, she was of true noble birth, a daughter of an African chief. That woman was Sarah Forbes Bonetta. The Queen paid for Sarah to be educated and saw her several times in the space of a few years. Sarah, a highly intelligent girl, developed a particular talent for music. She married in 1862 and later had a daughter, Victoria, to whom the Queen acted as godmother. This remarkable woman became a BLACK BRITISH ROYAL and was treated as such by the Queen. I am sure life was very hard for her, she had to adjust to life here in England, especially at that time when her people were in bondage, but HISTORY speaks kindly of this young woman, she took with grace and dignity what life threw at her, and became the best version of herself on British soil, learning music and serving her country. She got married, had children and lived her happily ever after.

The irony is, the black people who praise and worship you Meghan, for spitting on the royal family, are the same people who pride themselves as they associate with this remarkable young woman, so much they share her pictures on “Black Facebook Groups,” as part of black history, calling her a Princess of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and goddaughter to Queen Victoria. Yet she never disgraced the royal family like you have done. The same black people who look up to this historical woman as a source of black power and inspiration, are the same people who today are saying I am not even worthy to be compared to you Meghan, and mock me for defending my country, saying I am a traitor to the black race, because I love England, the country they claim to hate, even though they risk their lives to live here. Oh, Meghan see the people whom you inspire, hypocrites and self-haters.

Unlike you Meghan, who stands up and boldly lies to the world that you funded your own college education, when it was actually your white FATHER who made you to become the woman you are today, and gave you the platform for you to be where you are, I will never stand up and lie that I got here by myself.

If my father was not whom he is today, or socially connected to the most powerful people in the Kingdom, if he was not Chief Mutota, I would not be where I am today.

For that reason, he is the only member of my family I still speak to, because in all his shortcomings, he has never been evil to me to the extent of trying to stop me from flying, as my mother does. He has showed me mercy and sympathy during some dark times of my life.

So I honour him, and forgive him, even though at times he hurts me, but I will always have a soft spot for him, and for that he gave me the biblical blessing of a father, the same Isaac gave to Jacob. He told me over and over, that of all his children, I am the one he gave his blessing. My Father supports my pen, and calls me a “global writer” in his own words. Sometimes I write things that so hurts his feelings and Kingdom which he loves so much and defends, but he still says, “You have so much pain in you, so I understand why you write the things you write about Zimbabwe.” So let me tell you something Meghan, never underestimate the blessing of a FATHER, it surpasses that of a mother. Every child on this earth should seek it, that’s why Esau cried tears of blood for a Father’s blessing. That is why it is your father, not mother who gives you away, and blesses your marriage.

Like you Meghan, my father gave me the best education in Zimbabwe, my English teacher was a white man from Liverpool who perfected the art of creative writing in me.

So unlike you Meghan, I will always be indebted to my father, even though I have left his house and refuse to go back. He is the one who handed me over to England, he sent me here to University when I was only 17.

Because I was under 18, as I arrived at the UK boarder, I was detained because I had no legal guardian even though I was coming to study.

Behold, my father in Zimbabwe, so angry, picked up the phone and called immigration, apparently demanding to speak to the Chief Immigration Officer at Gatwick, if there is ever such a thing. Somehow he managed to speak to someone important, and said, “Why are you detaining my daughter? Do you know who she is? Do you know who I am? I have over 200 servants right now, I own land and a mansion.”

So I was interviewed again by the immigration, when I had lost hope thinking I was about to be deported, and they started asking me strange questions I had never prepared for. But my gut told me to just speak the TRUTH. They never told me my father had called them, “Do you have servants at your home in Zimbabwe?” They asked me.

“Yes.” I answered, not knowing why I was being asked such.

“How many,” the man asked me.

“I don’t know, maybe over a 100.” I said.

“Okay, your father has called, and we have spoken to him, the good news is that we can let you in, but on condition that you stay with the legal guardian whom we have spoken to, and has agreed to take you in, because he is a friend of your father.” The immigration officer told me.

So I left Gatwick airport entering Britain for the first time, excited and scared at my new life, as I was driven to the house of my legal guardian in London, the Zimbabwean Ambassador to the United Kingdom. I was let into the country because I was a daughter of an African chief, that was my privilege and birthright in entering the UK. Was my father not who he was, I would have been deported. I entered the UK on the grounds that my legal guardian was an accredited diplomat of the Kingdom.

The Ambassador shook his head when I entered his house, a beautifully furnished house, as I marvelled at glory of England. “Jean, your father is crazy. He demanded I speak to the Immigration and say I was the one looking after you here, he didn’t even give me a choice. The things he told the immigration, I have never seen anything like it. ”

He laughed and welcomed me to England, and blessed me and told me to go and live my life.

My father taught me that royalty is a destiny and calling, something you are born with, rich or poor, that when it calls you, one can never run away from it, as he always teaches me about the spiritual history of Zimbabwe, saying I am the granddaughter of the ancestors, and they are calling me back to take the Kingdom. As a Priestess of Dreams, one of the GIFTS my father cherishes and wishes me to us for his Kingdom, I always have dreams of being called back, by the gods themselves, the ancestors of the Kingdom, I have seen them, I have beheld the Kingdom in all its glory, or should I say darkness, but I take his advice, and choose destiny over crown.

Whats funny right now, is that as Zimbabweans laugh at me for having a “mental problem”, and say I should leave you alone, some of them, even though they worship you, can now see that you are a LIAR Meghan, yes your own supporters confess that you are a liar, and they say, “So what, even if she’s a liar, leave her alone, you will never be MM,” they say. The logic boggles the mind.

I do not want to be you Meghan, I would be damned if I become like you. Unlike you, I honor my Father. Unlike you I respect my husband and his family. I do not claim to be bigger than the man I married. I was a single mother of 4, a divorcee, I am grateful for being received by Ghana. Zimbabwe does not recognise me as a writer, but Ghana does. The Asanti people have put a crown on my head, so I can never ever spit on them, or shame them, the way you have spat on the British Royal Family. You have humiliated them, after they gave you their son, even as a divorcee, bending their own traditions, to allow you into their family.

I have received nothing but love from the Asante people.

If history is to judge between the two of us, I am more of a Black British royal daughter of England, than you have ever been. As a daughter of an African chief, I would rather identify with a woman of honour like Sarah Forbes Bonetta, as I share far more attributes in common with her, than with you.

At least I do not spit on the Kingdom that gave me freedom, and allowed me to be the best version of myself. If this country is so evil to you, and if truly your husband’s family took your passport and locked you in a tower, please kindly put down the crown they gave you, it belongs here on British soil, not on Oprah tell-all Interviews, or on your essays to New York Times, which can only sell if they have the tittle of Meghan the Duchess of Sussex, or your Disney voiceover, which was cringey by the way. The only reason you are able to have all these money making opportunities is because of the Crown the British put on you. Before that British Crown on your head, no one in the world knew who you were.

So as my mentor Beethhoven once said, ” Do not only practise your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men into the Divine.” So yes, I choose DESTINY over crown any-day, no matter the prize. United Kingdom is my Destiny, and Zimbabwe is my crown. But I will fight for one thing alone, my Destiny.

They say to me, have you no shame? But I am not ashamed, I will never stop writing about you until you give up the title of “Duchess Of Sussex.” The British royal family may not strip you off their own Crown, for the sake of maintaining political correctness in this now fragile world, even though you have threatened their existence. But I have nothing to lose, my Zimbabwean crown I already put down, but because right now, you have become the Queen of black people through your appropriation of the struggle of women like me, I will fight you back. So do the right thing now, and remove that crown from your head with your own hands at once, before I do with my gift of the pen…and I will.

The Genesis of The Revelation by

Mary-Tamar was Jean

22 thoughts on “Dear Meghan, Put Down The British Crown On Your Head, Before I Remove It With My Pen

  1. I love your posts, I am so happy that you stand up to MM and the most perfect lady to do it. Intelligent, gorgeous and you get it. Please, please keep it up. I am not a lover of these two and has nothing to do with race or them leaving. I see through their game, their greed, their selfishness, the jealousy and pointing fingers. They use the RF/UK’s idea’s which is slap in the face. Harry calls them down, MM used them, happy to take from UK tax payers, RF but yet they are bashing them. Blaming everyone because they want everything and more. Wanting to hold onto titles when wanted out because of course Megain and Harry like the titles, all they really have. Hey if wasn’t for RF and UK, Harry and Megain would be nobody.

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    1. Brilliant, absolutely flawless in delivery and spot on in truthful content. Liar, yes indeed, Meghan Markel is a shameful disgrace and an habitual liar!
      Thank you for writing an extremely valuable
      assessment of an evil woman. There is nothing Royal about Meghan Markle.

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  2. Jean

    Your writing is impeccable and it cuts through to the heart of the matter. I am so proud of you and admire your bold courage. Never stop writing about your convictions. I read all your articles and I am cheering you on. What you are saying about Meghan is so spot. I am African lady who works in mental health, I can also see through her lies, she is so fake, she is playing a victim and playing to peoples sympathy’s. I am sure all her acting roles prepared her to act on that interview that is full of inconsistencies and misinformation. One minute I am strong woman the next I am a victim. One minute she claims to be an intelligent independent woman the next plays the ignorant card about how who didn’t know about the RF the protocols, traditons, rankings, rules, no one taught me the national anthem, no taught me how to sit blah blah, what about being inquisitive & being proactive to learn.? You can’t drive with one foot out and another foot in. MM needs to pick a side and stick with it

    What is really sad is, racism and mental health is hot button now and some people are using it to avoid being held accountable for their bad behaviours. Yet there are real victims who are not being taken seriously because the race card is losing meaning. What puzzles me is how some black people tend to have blind loyalty without using their own judgement and critical thinking. Someone saying this is their Truth doesn’t mean blind acceptance.The concept of loyalty is distorted when it is understood to mean blind acceptance. It is correctly interpreted when it is assumed to cover honest criticism.

    The Harry & Markle spectacle will end in one hell of a fall from grace. Pride costs you everything and leaves with you with nothing.

    Jean your writing is succinct, splendid and pleasurable to read.

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  3. Amazing, I read your posts over and over. Beautiful is what you are, intelligent and spot on. Teaching many of us some history as well while you write. More than I can say for an idiot like OLD MM and Harry the clown. They are more interested in what one can do for them or what more they can get. Greedy and Needy, H & M. I wish I had your writing skills.

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  4. Thank you for writing. Your writing is beautiful. As a mixed race woman who is the same mixture as Meghan but with a black father, it gladens me to see someone has written something that defends blacks, black heritage, and speaks such truth. Thank you again.

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  5. I am Rhonda of Texas USA. I read your words. They are beautiful and speak truth. I am 64 year old white woman. I have one son who has given me two grandsons who also have Filipino heritage. My one grand daughter is half white and half black. I love all my grandchildren the same. They are beautiful individuals. I thank you for your bravery to speak the truth. You are a special person. I saw some of your happy pictures with children. Beautiful! I have joy you survive and share words of truth. We all walk a different road in this life but sometimes we meet another soul however briefly on that walk as i have met you through this social medium. And we know we have a kindred bond with that person. May God continue to bless you. I have been through valleys and floodwaters of life and God has always carried me over to the other side. Keep writing and I look forward to reading words you share. 💐

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  6. I am a white Canadian and I love your writing. You write from your very kind heart. I have reread your story of truth three times. Bless you.

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  7. I’m so glad you speak your truth and not let anyone discourage or stop you. I just watch the series of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. I was so enamored with Sarah, her poise and Queen Victoria welcoming her into her Royal House. Sarah rather lived with white people that adored her, but always was a part of the Royal Family. I’m not from England, but the United States and am ashamed of the publicity Meghan brought on this country and her family. Her mere entitlement to claim rights to the Royal Family, while in the same breath disgracing them by her hurtful actions. Thank you for sharing your words and pen with us and continue to speak your truth. From a grandmother, mother, sister and aunt to three gorgeous mixed niece and nephews. We are all people that need to love each other by honesty, respect and not by color.

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  8. You have, so elegantly, spoken only the truth regarding Harry and MM. I am from Texas, USA and I truly appreciate your defending the Royals with the power of your pen. I see through their deceptions and they have lowered themselves way below the RF. Thank you for your courage. Mày God Bless you and keep you.


    1. I so love what you have written i agree on all accounts. This Royal family gave a woman who was marry such a huge wedding and a huge cash account to buy what ever she needed. That Weeding alone came from taxpayers pockets and she shames them. the money to buys that clothes did not come out of her account but her in laws. Then she buys a car for a friend for what? I know that in my heart most of if not all this family try to make her happy and she just wanted more. It saddens me but i am glad to know that am not alone in this and that someone else sees through her.
      I truly love the history and I have a lot thank you


  9. As a third generation Welsh American who feels a deep homesickness for a country I have never been – few understand my affinity to defend a nation and people. I tell them my family goes back to before the turning of the first century – the 600s with my Grandfather who was the King of Galloway and my 48th removed Grandmother Celenion who was the first Princess of the Isle of Man, everything I am is because of the hearty Welsh and Scottish soil. Through another ancestor my family holds seven coats of arms in the House of Lords and Sir Winston Churchill is a cousin. I hold no pride only fact as even Meghan has shown the downfalls in society begat by pride and would do well to learn that true prosperity in life comes not from a crown but by the humbleness and kindness you bestow upon others. Unlike Princess Diana, I have yet to see Meghan Markle show humility or kindness to anyone unless the cameras were on and rolling. She is no Diana who was every bit as at home playing with children in the African soil, or visiting Aids patients and holding their hands as she was dressed in diamonds and attending a gala. The Royal Family continues to serve the people using their gift of birthright to help people of all nations, not just the UK and for Meghan to cast such nasty aspersions to their character shows her lacking – not theirs. Are their issues in the family, of course. They are a family of flawed human beings; for God made no person perfect, not even Pope nor Queen. Your words and character inspire me, you have such a brilliant, poignant gift with words. I look forward to reading more of your word written with such a mighty pen set to cleave such tactless, prideful heads from poisoned shoulders.


  10. Jean
    I am an elderly white woman with English, Scottish, Irish heritage. I live in the United States but have felt deep within me an abiding affinity with all things British and love the Queen and monarchy. I am in awe of you and your writing. Your beautiful character shines through your narrative. And you deliver with such humility though you are of noble birth and could be very prideful. You are truly a genuine person and write the truth without guile or arrogance. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.


  11. I am an American, a woman of color, a wife, and a mother of three. Your writing brought tears to my eyes. Your strength, courage, and wisdom encourage me to speak my mind on this topic. In my opinion, without the accusation of racism as the reason why Prince Harry and Meghan the Duchess of Sussex abandoned their British responsibilities, what remains is the strong probability that their departure was based on a lack of generosity, commitment, duty, loyalty, and integrity. Nothing erected in harmful deception and manipulation flourishes in the eyes and hearts of others forever.


  12. I am American and have a very close relationship with a Ghanaian chief’s son, who lived with us in America twice to earn money to start a hardware store in Ghana. He is struggling to help his village in the upper region near Bolgatanga, as other foreign countries are stealing their natural resources. Two of his children are named after my husband and me. This essay is spot on regarding the selfishness of Harry and his wife, as they are complaining that they don’t have enough security at their mansion, there was a conflict during their $35 million wedding, and someone said something about their future children while they were dating, all points that were so confusing and inflammatory, even Harry and his wife didn’t have the same explanation. This is so petty considering what’s happening around the world, and I think this letter is revealing and appropriate.


  13. Thank you for pointing out that duty, honour, respect and obligation are alive and well in this world, and are the attributes truly worthy of admiration.

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