If Meghan Markle Can Play The RACE Card, She Certainly Can Play The SUICIDE Card.

Ok, so I wrote quite a bit about Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah as I tried to touch on most of her blatant lies which I detected but I deliberately left out the “suicidal” bit because when Piers Morgan left GMB because he said he didn’t believe she was suicidal, I knew this was a subject I could not touch at that time so I chose to be silent about it, till the fire died down at least lest her black followers stoned me.

But as I mentioned in my previous Meghan Markle articles, I do love writing about her because she’s the perfect gift for writers like us, love her or hate her she is quite an enigma. So as I continue my series on the gift that keepeth giving, I think it’s now safe to have an opinion about her “suicidal” revelations. Not many people will call her out on the suicide bombshell, but what I love about writing about Meghan is I am pretty much qualified to CALL HER OUT for all her LIES and attention seeking syndrome, because all the things she desperately uses to be relevant, I have walked the walk, 100 times more, which is what really pisses me off about her I suppose, but at least I can write about it all. When it comes to “Not wanting to live anymore” as she put it, I’ve been there, three times I attempted to actually not live anymore, including when I was only a child. As for the thoughts, that was part of my life for over half of my life, given a choice I would have rather been suicidal in a royal palace full of servants. So yeah, I am the one to talk, just saying…in fact at one point I was so suicidal the only thing that saved me was conceiving my daughter, and having her gave me HOPE in life.

My first daughter saved me from being suicidal.

Now as for Ms Markle, I do not believe she was ever suicidal at all within the palace walls, the reason is because it’s very hard to take someone seriously on anything at all when they are a serial manipulative liar, with a clear history of their lies even captured on their BBC engagement interview. If I remember correctly Meghan lied that she DID NOT know who Prince Harry was before she had a blind date with him. If someone can boldly lie like that in an interview broadcasted to millions of people across the world thinking in their head that they will get away with it, surely there is no limit to the lies that person can tell to the world to get their way. I grew up in Zimbabwe without a Television, there was no internet, but I bloody knew who Prince Harry was. How much more Meghan, an American actress, a blogger in the first world and a woman very hungry to be famous in England. Please.

Now as I mentioned before, I am the last person to even joke about suicide. But because I am not privileged like Meghan Markle, I come from an African country where if you are suicidal, you do not get sympathy from the world or a tissue from a billionaire, you will be severely chastised for it and be called demon possessed. I remember telling Zimbabweans through my blogs that when I was 16 I told my mother that I wanted to die, and she told me straight that, “Go and die, don’t do it in our faces, go far far away in a forest, and hang yourself there, so that no one even finds you, and even if someone finds you, you will have rotten by then, and if you think we will be miserable without you, we will only cry for a day, and life will go on. So go die, and don’t tell me about it, because I actually don’t care!” Those were the words of my mother to me, when I was just a child and suicidal, and when I shared my story to Zimbabweans, they mocked me without mercy. But I still spoke my truth, even to my children, that one day when I was a child in Zimbabwe, I took rat poison, and tried to drink it, but it was so bitter, I couldn’t, but as I held the rat poison bottle, a thought came to me, and I said aloud, “No I will not die, not today, I will go to England one day, and there I will be someone, and my mother will see it.” Again when I wrote all these things on my blogs, Zimbabweans attacked me viciously, and said I was evil for exposing my own mother, and God would curse me.

Then today I see the same black people who mocked me for sharing my story of being suicidal be the very same people who are calling Meghan brave, and literally weeping on her behalf. Black people are ready to go to war with the British Royal Family because of Meghan Markle, their Queen as they call her. Yet they will abuse and mock a fellow black woman who has a suicidal story far worse than that of Meghan. Can someone black help me understand that, I guess not…

And the irony of it all is that Meghan Markle is their Queen because she married a WHITE PRINCE. Had she married a black Prince from Eswatini Kingdom in Africa, black people would have nothing to do with her, she would have had no adoration or worship from them, but today she has the Beyonces and Jay Zs, the Gayle Kings, the Oprahs and the Tyler Perrys at her feet because she married into the British Royal Family, that’s her POWER. And that power was so bad she didn’t wanna live anymore…now all of a sudden, to black people, Meghan Markle is now the face of what it means to suffer in life…I roll my eyes.

Ok, I get it, life is not only tough for peasants in poverty struggling to put bread on the table, but life can also be pretty tough in the royal palaces, especially Buckingham Palace, and yes it must have been very difficult for Meghan to adjust to royal life and lose her independence, but what was she expecting marrying into the most institutional…oh sorry she knew nothing about the royal family before she married Harry, so yes I guess everything was quite a shock, especially that she had her passport ceased yet she was still able to fly around the world like no other average person, even late in pregnancy, including jetting to the USA for a lavish baby shower that average women can only dream of.

So forgive me if I have no ounce of sympathy for Meghan’s so called “suicidal” revelation. I do not believe her. I hate hypocrisy, it goes against my DNA. I can not stand a privileged white woman, she is 80% white, who uses “suicide, racism, her own son, a miscarriage”, and God knows what to push her twisted agenda of wanting to dominate the world. The fact that she has to resort to playing the RACE and SUICIDE CARD to achieve her goal makes me sick. I never thought it’s even possible to use the “suicide card” until Meghan Markle. What a mockery she makes of victims of a cruel harsh life. What a joke she makes of women like me, women who have so suffered in life to the point of utter despair where you don’t even have a shoulder to cry on, let alone friends and millions at your disposal. If she can play the race card, she certainly will play the suicide card. She may be able to fool the entire black race, but she is not fooling me.

The Genesis of The Revelation by

Mary-Tamar was Jean

16 thoughts on “If Meghan Markle Can Play The RACE Card, She Certainly Can Play The SUICIDE Card.

  1. I’m sorry you were once so sad as to contemplate suicide and that nobody took you seriously. Have things changed at all in Zim or is that still the thinking?

    Now, as to Meghan, I agree she is full of lies once again. First, I’ve never known a narcissist who wanted to die. They are too deluded by their own importance and magnificence to ever think that way. Second, Meghan lies as easily as she breathes. She KNEW that playing the suicide card would make her untouchable to criticism, even more than the race card, and the miscarriage card before that. She’s despicable, faking pain like this and diminishing the real pain of others who have suffered racism and suicidal despair. Third, there is no way in hell that IF it was true, she couldn’t get any help. Her own mother is a social worker for Pete’s sake! And one of Harry’s favorite issues is mental health so why would he deny this for his own wife? It’s just utter horseshit.

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    1. MM had me wondering about her sincerity when her resounding mantra was “ I’m a feminist “ What feminist leaves her successful career, changes her religion, gives up her citizenship and leaves her family and friends for a man??? Oh yea, she did but didn’t. Harry did which he’ll totally regret. I’ve been there. Narcissistic Borderline Personality Disorder. BTW, her girlfriend was puzzled why MM said she didn’t know about royals sunce she had a book on her shelf all about them.

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    2. It definitely was a whole 2 hours of deluded horseshit – I used to respect Oprah – but I guess she was always more of an actress than a journalist and this interview was pure soap Oprah featuring an aspiring drama queen – but what else can you expect from La La land

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    3. So many holes in her claims. She’s an actress & I would have thought she knew about using menthol to bring on tears because I didn’t see any. As a person who suffers from Bipolar she disgusted me with her ‘woe is me’ bolox. In Australia our mental health system is under so much strain ppls lives are being lost through lack of help EVERY single day. Yet she has the audacity to bitch and whinge. She’s a yank look no further for shameless self promotion.

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  2. Sick it such a big game for OLD MM, she had the world and could and would have done so much on the best platform in the world but when one has not respect for others, no class and won’t listen to rules and protocol then I guess it is what is. I don’t care what happens to Harry or OLD Megain. Two peas in a pod who don’t care who they use, take from, abuse, etc. etc.

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  3. I’m an old white lady who loves your posts. Is that wrong? I hope not. You give me insight into issues that I have never thought about before.

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    1. Hahaha haha I TOO am an old white lady that l❤ves her posts!!! She is saying what we ALL are thinking!!! Only Mary-Tamara was Jean has the gift of prose and I do not!!

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  4. I too am old and white ,i find myself so sad to hear your story the one person in this world who should love you unconditionally is your mother but you seem to have come through all this and speak with authority about subjects like racism and mental health in a way that could be constructive for others megan markle could have done so much to advance others instead she chooses to only advance herself as i suspect she has always done , i dont speak often but it offends me to see someone who has so much do so little but whinge and moan while holding out her hands !

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  5. Im not getting into racist argument because I don’t have racist bone in my body and I refuse to add fuel to the fire because racism is stupid! We all bleed red! I do have a problem with liars though. Meghan claimed she didn’t know about royal family prior to meeting Harry- what a load of crap! She had blog all about Royal family and friend of hers has photos of both of them standing in front of Buckingham Palace gates when they were younger. But she knew nothing about Royal family! Yeh, right!

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  6. Just because your experience was bad doesn’t make hers untrue.
    Considering what you went through, if you are to be believed, then you should have a bit more empathy.


  7. This is really sad to see that you would mock someone and discredit them when they were brave enough to say publicly that they were struggling. It’s even sadder because you know what it feels like to be mocked and gaslighted for those same struggkes , you obviously know what that hurt feels like so it’s very shameful that you would then go and do that to someone else.


  8. I have been with a narcissist and considered suicide when I was with him. I survived the gaslighting though and have moved on. I was left as a shadow of myself after him (and this came after a suicide attempt).
    Meghan is a narcissist plain and simple. All of the red flags are there with here, which is why she rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning. Narcs will never think of suicide unless for attention; my ex threatened to attempt it when I tried to leave him the first time so I stayed. They are sinister like that. Meghan is a narc like Donald Trump and for people to recognize that Trump was one but not recognize Markle is one as well is sad.

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  9. My greatest respects to you Jean you are one very brave lady, who has been to hell & back. MM couldn’t Lie straight in bed, she is a manipulative evil woman who cares about nothing but herself & her needs .She has entrapped the dimwit Harry by love bombing & seducing him & being a woman of the world she found it easy to do so,because Harry was fairly nieve in the ways of women, because he had lead a sheltered RF life only ever having a couple of rich debutant type girlfriends previously, so MM could easily get her evil claws in him. Her not knowing anything about 1 of the most famous family’s on the planet or ever having heard of Harry is all BS & lies ,because if she’d never heard of the RF or Harry how could she know what Diana’s favourite perfume was ? which she just so happened to be wearing on her 1st date with Harry, that alone would have really played with a vulnerable Harry’s mind & took him back to his childhood & the smell of his beloved mum, in Harry’s mind from then on MM would have gone from being a potential girlfriend to becoming his a 2nd mother & today we can see that mummy pattern in the all the videos of H&M, there’s MM rubbing Harry’s back or arm holding & squeezing his hand,all the things Diana did to sooth her very sensitive clingy little boy. Since being with MM & her dripping her vile poison in his ears 24/7 Harry he has become more & more mentally unstable ,we can see him mentally unravelling in those Apple TV programs while Oprah just sits there smirking, while Harry just thrashes his father,brother & RF,conveniently MM is nowhere to be seen, because she has dripped her poison & brainwashed Harry enough to do what she wants & that’s to try & destroy the RF . When MM dumps Harry, which she eventually will after his usefulness to her
    has ended,Harry will need some serious support & rehabilitation but the question remains will the RF step in to help him through it & even then I doubt he will ever recover fully. MM is vile narcissistic & evil ,she manipulates people into believing she’s the victim, she constantly degrades all people of colour by playing the race card & now she’s doing exactly the same with the mental health card. She is the definition of the word Evil

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  10. Mary-Tamar was Jean,
    Oprah Winfrey is afraid to interview you. But Oprah Winfrey could redeem herself by interviewing you. You are more powerful than Oprah in your iron strength, in your absolute clarity, in your solid integrity. Oprah and her audience would quiver at your spoken truth that rings loud and clear as a steeple bell. I look forward to it.


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