The Foolishness Of Meghan Markle, Why She Deserves To Be Called “BULLY”

I am a black woman, and over the past days I’ve been cringing seeing black people all over my social media feed getting all upset about what’s currently happening to Meghan Markle, as they believe it’s some sort of racist agenda towards her, which is sad really, because black people have way bigger problems they should be fighting against than fighting for a very privileged mixed race woman who has made her bed. In all my arguments against Meghan, I refuse to use her half black side because she doesn’t even use it herself, (claiming her black side when things go wrong is rather hypocritical to say the least) she got where she is today because of the genes of her Father, a white man. Come on, the woman even straightens her hair to get rid of any kinks and curls from her black mother, she strictly marries white men, she relates more to her white side than black side, so I can’t see why that should change today, oh suddenly she is now a black woman who is a victim of racism, nah not in my book. There are real victims of racism out there, black women, who can’t even get a promotion at work because they are black, so I won’t insult black heritage by putting Meghan Markle’s plight in the same bracket with black women.

Secondly, the same black people crying about the so called racism towards Meghan Markle are the same black people who always put Meghan and Princess Diana in the same league. “They did the same to Princess Diana”, they cry out against the English royal family. Well Princess Diana was a blue eyed blonde white woman from a very upper class aristocrat English family. So make your mind up, if it wasn’t racism with Diana, why is it suddenly racism with Meghan? They even have reasons to hate Meghan, she’s a divorcee, an actress, and American. Diana was a pure virgin and white, yet in all fairness, Diana had it far worse than Meghan, to add to her suffering Diana had no husband to hold her hand, the woman was completely on her own. Diana was only a teenager when she got married, Meghan was way over 35 years old, so please, black people, just stop. Diana was an actual victim, not of racism obviously, but of the royal family and paid with her own life. And one thing I admire about Diana, whilst on her own, without a husband to hold her hand, she was BOLD enough to call a spade a spade. At least she was true to herself and told her story without mincing any words, which brings me to the reason why I have no ounce of sympathy for Meghan Markle.

I believe Meghan Markle actually deserves the bullying allegations against her.

YES, let them paint her as a bully, and worse. I don’t know why they took so long, I wish the allegations had come even sooner. And no, I don’t blame Kensington Palace for bringing out these allegations, why shouldn’t they?

For years now, there has been reports in the British media about Meghan causing so much problems within the palace. We all heard how she made her sister-in-law Kate cry during her wedding rehearsals, which was over 3 years ago by the way, before Meghan was even married to Harry.

If this was malicious rumours and not true, why didn’t Meghan Markle say anything? Can someone honestly answer me why she didn’t she come out and deny that her behaviour brought Kate to tears? Why?

Then we heard how Meghan also drove Princess Eugene to tears on her wedding day by announcing her pregnancy at the wedding and stealing the thunder of the bride.

Again if all this was malicious rumours, why did Meghan not say anything? She is not exactly the quiet type who can’t fight for herself.

Then there was so many stories about Meghan being difficult with staff, being rude to them, and waking them up at 5am in the morning. The staff were quitting their jobs apparently and it was attributed to Meghan Markle.

Again, if this was all malicious rumours, why did Meghan never say anything to defend herself?

These were all serious allegations against her character coming from the palace, but Meghan and Harry kept quiet about it all.

In fact whilst all these serious allegations against Meghan about her “BULLY” behaviour were going on in the British press, Prince Harry then released a long essay to the media complaining about how the British press was bullying Meghan. He was so angry with the British press, as if they were the main enemy of his wife.

Meghan and Harry went as far to take the Mail on Sunday to court for publishing the private letter she sent her father. Yet both husband and wife, (who are very vocal and know how to defend themselves, unlike Diana who was a vulnerable young woman), they never said a word against the serious bullying allegations about Meghan Markle from the palace.

These bullying allegations from Kensington Palace did not start today, it’s been over 2 years now, yet through it all, Meghan and Harry chose to direct their anger and rage at the Mail on Sunday, even claiming that the British Media is the reason they left the country.

We have heard Harry claim that, “He doesn’t want what happened to his mother to happen to Meghan.” Apparently it was the British media who killed Diana, according to Harry.

Still, with all the opportunities he had to speak out about who the real enemies of his wife are, he always rants about the media, over and over, blaming the media for all his woes.

Why doesn’t Harry or Meghan blame the royal family for all their problems?

Because both Meghan and Harry love being royals, they love the titles and privileges. They could never dare speak agains’t Kensington Palace especially the serious bullying allegations of Meghan because they didn’t want to upset the FIRM. They still very much want their “royal” privilege, but they are both angry that William will be King, and the British media and public could not stand Meghan, for a lot of reasons which doesn’t necessarily include her half black side.

So yes, I believe Kensington Palace did them good by serving Meghan with the bullying allegations just before the big Oprah interview. Now the Oprah interview has lost its power and credibility before its even aired, besides they were just going to rant about the media, refusing to talk about the giant elephant in the room. I am glad the Queen has ordered a full investigation into the bullying allegations. I am glad they beat Meghan to it she so needed that reality check.

She can’t have her cake and eat it too. She had the chance to speak out and even call the Royal family “Bullies”, but she chose to fight the Daily Mail instead, because the royal family is where her bread is buttered. Oh well, now she’s the bully, having to release statements denying she’s a bully, which is a little too late now.

You were supposed to beat them to it, Oh foolish woman.

The thing is, you are either in or out. You can’t have it both. I am speaking from experience here, I denounced my Zimbabwean Heritage because of the bullying and cruelty I have experienced from my own family and from the people of the country. Yes it’s possible to be hated by your own family and the country too, Meghan is not the only one, I’ve walked that road.

But there is no such thing as “being the bigger person” in that situation. If mud is thrown in your face, you have to throw it back, ten times, otherwise you will be eaten alive. That is exactly what Harry and Meghan were supposed to do, if there is any ounce of sincerity to them, they were supposed to denounce the royal family all together and speak out about the bullying allegations against Meghan which has gone on for years and more. Yet today they are still busy fighting for the titles and hogging the limelight with interviews using the very “royal power” they pretend to despise.

The moral lesson here is, know which battles to fight and don’t be hypocrites. You are saying you want privacy and yet you tell the media about something as sensitive as a miscarriage.

Just recently in his interview with James Corden, whilst enjoying being called “Prince”, Harry had the nerve to call the “The Crown” Netflix show fiction when the show did nothing but sympathize with his mother over the pain and cruelty she endured in the royal family. If anything The Crown was actually on his mother’s side against the FIRM, and viewers were quite upset to the point of trolling Charles and Camilla, yet Harry as he busks in the sun in L.A discredits the show and calls it fiction. Then black people will lick the ground Harry walks on because he is so “real” apparently and married a “black” woman. Honestly the mental slavery of black people is so sad.

Anyway, as for Meghan Markle she really is indeed a very foolish woman who doesn’t know how to use her “white side” power and status, unlike Diana who boldly came out and said, “Charles doesn’t deserve to be King.” Diana had nothing to lose. Meghan Markle will not speak a word against the royal family. She has serious misplaced priorities, she so wants the power of royalty, and I am glad the royalty she so craves has publicly thrown her under the bus and left her with an egg on her face…

Meghan so deserves to be called a bully…its the hypocrisy I can’t stand. This woman has had so much power at her fingertips, yet she has never used her black side to change anything for the black race. So the desperate black people crying racism on her behalf are just downright low and pathetic…there are black women in this world who are really suffering, and Meghan Markle isn’t one of them.

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar was Jean

48 thoughts on “The Foolishness Of Meghan Markle, Why She Deserves To Be Called “BULLY”

    1. What an excellent article. Hit the nail on the head. I’ve been saying for a long time, the black people defending Megan by calling everyone else racist who dares to criticize her, are so sad. Meg wouldn’t walk across the street for any of them. She uses them to use the race card she knows is untrue.

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    2. You got her number like many of us have been saying. I commend you honesty, forthright and no holds barred. This interview was Meghan’s word salads, lies, deflected, projected, avoided answering questions about her claims, allegations. Reply she wouldn’t want to do that to the person. Oh bull!! She gave her self away because she hesitated giving herself that second for a comeback to the FALSEHOODS she just told. She diverted her eyes to the left a lot and face tensed up. Her Narcissism in full view, MASK OFF had to end it with reminder she the victim. They suffered. Not protected. She just had to leave that as the last of “their story” to our ears. Hoping to leave that impression. Oh during interview suddenly she threw out she wanted to die. Oprah clearly surprised when asked if seriously considered how to do it, Meghan said yes. Said she went to the Institution means one of the Seniors then to HR who told her no help as she’s not a paid employee. Excuse me why not Harry first? Oprah asked why not go to hospital? Meghan hmm hawed again said she could leave. You were held hostage? Meghan said well your controlled. Interesting they all seem to come and go. Kate goes by herself shopping, lunch etc as does Princess Anne, Eugenie, Beatrice. Given what happened with Diana, the Queen would have listened then helped Meghan if she was so miserable, felt isolated. She had no problem going to Venus Williams’ Tennis games,
      expensive Baby shower flew to NYC. Said didn’t go out in 4 months but 2x. Oh that’s when supposedly pregnant and took maternity leave so didn’t do any of her duties. It goes on and on. It’s despicable hypocritical they espec Meghan to air family firm laundry when basically nothing knew. She just took her narrative and projected all the instigating, blame, responsibility deflected back onto them Queen & RF believing we can’t see thru her and Haz. The Queen needs to put aside her personal feelings and stand up for the truth and those Meghan made statement about them not true or twisted it to her narrative at expense against that person like Kate. Remove all their titles, were gifts anyway. Frogmore give to Eugenie and husband, baby boy. Meghan and Harry have officially cut themselves off, apparently per Harry he gets no financial or security help so they have no need for their Royal Titles. They know only way taken seriously, clout is RF. Harry pulled out Invictus fundraiser out from under Amazon when he and Meghan had to bring something of value to Netflix, he did. Since they admit watch Crown, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re making their own story for film and Diana, another there version of Crown. That’s all they have except podcasts and Oprah & Harry’s Mental Health Apple project. This is much needed as so many suffering and don’t have resources I hope Queen cuts their titles. Value as family as Queen loves her family espec harry but this dug a large knife in their 💔

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    3. You are not mixed race she calls herself a woman of colour. WHICH SHE IS. Children born to mixed race people with a white partner can be born looking like the ‘typical’ mixed race look. (Different from the fellow white members) You are clearly jealous and envious of her. You are just making a fool out of yourself. Racism is not only at those who are African black the world is full of people who are treated disgracefully it’s not all about you. Get over yourself freak. You sound like a witch wonder why you are so insecure.


    4. Excellent article. However as a white British lady who know thru her profession dealings with Dianna, she was very far from this innoccent lady. I do admit she was thrown to the lions by Elizabeth Queen mother, and her step-mother, but in later years I know Dianna was, because of her inability to accept rejection, a very damaged unstable woman. Very sad in truth. I believe both the Firm were guilty of believing tradition must be, and they were always right, but Dianna was a very manipulative woman who really did need serious mental health treatment, help which she refused to accept as she considered it a weakness and an opportunity for the men in grey suits to crush her. Very sad. If she had accepted help, and Charles begged her to accept this help, the story might have had a different ending.

      As far as Meghan, she is a blatant malignant narsassist. I also agree I have never seen her acknowledge her ‘black heritage’ sadly, except as a weapon to get sympathy. Typical behaviour of a MN but also very sad for a wonderful culture for her children who look white skinned with red hair, very British! Meghan should have embraced her Royal opportunity and helped the world with cultural understanding. What a loss, but Meghan is so greedy and self-servibg that would be the last thing she would think about. Sadly a MN only ever think of their selves and how to manipulate and control and hurt others, of course.

      I sincerely hope Harry stays happy but I have a sense realisation is dawning about Meghan. He certainly looks very unhappy. Why, because she has cut him off from close friends and family. Individuals who in his small Royal world are understanding of his restricted upbringing. So they are a great loss to Harry more than normal.

      I hope Meghan doesn’t destroy Harry, but it doesn’t look good. Meghan is too ambitious for all the wrong reasons, money and power; I suspect as soon as Harry can’t offer both, she will find someone who can. That is how MN’s operate and Meghan is very tryical a d she doesn’t care who knows it. I just sincerely hope Meghan doesn’t use the children as weapons against Harry but somehow I think she will.

      Let’s hope I am wrong but as a Dr Psychologist on Human Behaviour practising for 40 years, I don’t think I am, sadly.

      Be yourself Harry, own yourself and Meghan you are too old to be an actress, sadly Hollywood doesn’t want you. Be a good mother and wife and start to understand what you have not what you don’t or can’t have!


  1. I think this article highlights exactly what is wrong with the vulture mentality of the British media. “She’s a bully…” yet here you are writing a ridiculously long article listing all the shallow and trivial reasons why we should not like her. Most of which seems to revolve around her “not being black”?!!! Very childish.


    1. Gatekeeping blackness is such a disgusting and blatant form of colorism. How dare you determine what it means to be black, as if a mixed race woman who grew up with a black mother had to qualify her birthright to you somehow. If you want to disqualify people like Obama, Harris, and Marley, while you’re at it, go ahead. How silly.


      1. Megan’s maligned Dad brought her up, not Doria. He also paid for her education (M tells people she paid for her own education), and introduced her to Hollywood through hid work as a lighting technician.

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      2. This is the same woman that said she was Caucasian throughout her life until her wedding. She may not be lily white but she is neither black or mixed unless it benefits her explicitly.


      3. Actually her father Mr Thomas Markle (you know the one she started to ghost just before her big day) brought her up,even taking her to work with him!

        Fabulously written article Mary-Tamar was Jean


  2. What kind of buffoon writes such ridiculous and irresponsible rubbish? Based on the opinion in this writing, is guilty of perpetuating the black slave mentality. The write-up (cannot call it an article – not worthy) sends the message that Meghan Markle should stand submissive and let the royals and their staff walk all over her because despite her now being a part of the royal family she is somehow LESS than the rest because she is a fraction African and American. The bottom line is that the staff was not treating her with respect and dignity, intentionally! They were ignoring and slighting her at every turn from morning tea to evening bed turn down and Meghan put them in their place. The staff was appalled that ‘the black’ dared talk to them with sternness and authority even though they knew they deserved the reprimand. So in typical ‘white privilege’ fashion (even though the staff members were probably born in brothels and under bridges) they got their a$$es on their shoulders and complained ‘woe is me’. If you were Meghan (and you are not nor never will be) as a royal, making requests that are repeatedly ignored you would give the staff a good tongue lashing too!

    And I am certain that by the time snobby Kate had finally been put in her place, Meghan had been picked at repeatedly before she put a stop to it.

    So basically you call Meghan’s zero tolerance for disrespect ‘bullying’ which is completely weak and suggests she should take the subservient ‘Sambo’ approach to dealing with whites that try the ‘exclude you even though you are sitting right in front of them at the table trick’. Right?

    And since when is every black or part black person that achieves fame, fortune, and power required to change things for the ‘black race’? The mere fact that they were able to achieve IS part of the change by putting before you an example of success to emulate. You sound stupid and jealous AF! The worst part is that your desperate and pathetic ignorant uninformed opinion overlooked all the work Meghan Markle has done in Africa for native African women and children. I hope she sees your write up and sues you for stupidity!


    1. Wow. You have fallen hook line and sinker for Meghan’s acting. A huge chunk of what she said in the interview has been outed as outright lies. Even Harry had to call Gayle King to fix her lies. Meg had it all. You are so mistaken about BP staff. The Queen’s right hand man was very Black, last time l checked as are many staff. The Brits treat their staff like family. Not like servants. Meg could have done so much good, but she blew it. Nobody believes anything she says now as she’s been caught out in too many lies. Sad really. She could have been a force for change. Now she’s seen as a ungrateful hypocrite that nobody wants to work with.

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    2. You talk rubbish if you do not see through Markle she is using her black to help her but she never did before, she married 2 white men and as far as story goes only ever dated whites.

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    3. What a load of rubbish. How can you defend an obvious narcissist? She’s a liar and causes pain wherever she goes because of it.


  3. JaCuba is pathetic snd an example of why I find this victim mentality and sense if entitlement in blacks a very big problem they like to ignore. It’s also inherently racist to side with obvious bullies and crimyjust because of the color of their skin. Being an asshole comes in all shapes and sizes and COLOR. Don’t be naive thinking that a messy woman like Markle is disrespected by her staff and she’s innocent in all this. You don’t treat staff badly even if they refuse to follow your orders. Markle has a delusions of grandeur thinking that her actions doesn’t have consequences just because she has joined the Royal family. She thinks rules of proper behavior, etiquette, protocols doesn’t apply to her.

    There are some holes in the writer’s logic as she also doesn’t understand how the RF works and what happened to Diana, but overall, she’s right that Meghan Markle deserves all tha is happening to her. It’s been a long 5 years and we hope that she’ll be humbled (and also her sugar fans) by all the revelations that will be come out. But then again she and her dans are total narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths. Once a grifter, always a grifter.


  4. But did you also know birthright is claimed through the fathers genes never the mother. If her dad is white she is white and visa versa. I could quote a bible verse too. As well as literature and science and history. So in short she is not black at all.

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  5. This post kind of disgusts me and is very hypocritical, stating Meghan is a bully when you are tearing her down. She is black, even if she’s mixed race and it’s horrible to say her being black isn’t validated. Racism is a hierarchy and of course some things are more racist than other things, I agree with you on that, but disregarding someone’s struggles with racism towards them is what supports racism in our society! She may be privileged yes, but it is not a privilege to get called extreme racial slurs in the media constantly and to be treated significantly different. This mentality is very ignorant.


    1. I for the like of me cannot find anything racist remarks in papers, maybe online but that is not the newspapers.
      This thing about compton I know nothing, most in ENGLAND WOULD NOT KNOW WHAT IT REFERS TO.

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      1. If I got racism online I’d be heartbroken and incredibly depressed whether or not it’s in the newspapers. What’s your point?


      2. Compton is a shithole. Our workplace is very near it and was required to fence the grounds around the entire company and have employees badge in simply to protect their employees. And one never went there at night.


    2. Meghan is not black, she is white. Meghan is clearly a narcissist and a manipulator who is playing the racist card in the hope it will trump all others. People need to listen more carefully as Meghan constantly contradicts herself, even with in the Oprah interview. Such as she was never lonely with Harry around, she was lonely. She had no one to tell her anything, then Harry told her everything she needed to know. They can’t both be true, therefore Meghan is lying.

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      1. Are you then saying that all mixed raced people who are half back and half white are not black at all and just white? Are you saying that because Meghan only has one black parent that she is in no way black at all? I’d love for you to tell that to all mixed raced people! We can’t for certain know what is going on in the royal family and the personal details because we’re not there. But we for certain know Meghan does face extreme racism from tabloids because they’re out in the public for everyone to see. How do you know Meghan isn’t lonely? Are you personal friends with Meghan? I’d love to hear you response 🙂


    3. No one is so racist that they would mistreat a white woman for rumors that she had a black mom, this is not 1925, get a grip. Lol MM black, OK. She looks white. Racism is allegedly about looks, no? What have you histrionics turned it into this week?

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      1. Oh sweetie, racism is about looks that’s funny. Let’s ignore history and context and culture! An albino black person isnt really black then.


    4. I guess by your logic, Jean is a hypocrite for calling out her mother’s abusive behavior too, right? By your logic, it is abusive to call out abusers for being abusive.

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  6. Meghan capitalizes on the very real racism that black people suffer who did not come from a white privileged background and self-identified as white.She lights that fuse knowing people will relate but not question if their experiences match hers.

    She also exploits depression and suicide ideation to create a narrative,whilst shielding herself from critique,as she uses those as a platform to dismantle royal family.

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    1. Yes! One minute she claims to be a “strong, independent woman” and the next moment she is so suicidal that she can’t even pick up a telephone to call for a taxi or, at the minimum, speak with a suicide hotline. What a silly twit and boring beyond belief with her constant lies and drama.


  7. I totally do not believe Meghan. She is manipulative and thought she can get away with rude, demanding D listers who think they have fame.
    1st ungrateful woman, who walk her down the aisile? Racisim? My foot.
    Queen, has bend so many rules to make her feel welcome. Joining the firm for Xmas even before her marriage. That solo trip with Queen, is for sure our beloved Queen telling all she is family. Love our Queen, love this woman despite het background n race.
    At the end of it all, staff who have served the Queen for 20yrs ++, can just quit?
    The Firm didn’t show her the ropes or she thinks being the old hen she knows all? She thought, think this is her Hollywood of another dimension. Dream.
    Harry is being a brat and spineless. N please stop milking poor Diana for publicity beyond her grave.
    They claim they want financial independence, yet demoan they are cut off financially. Really? Make up their minds n stop being hyprocrites. Moreover real couples with combined age of 70 do not get to moan n groan when they have millions. Real person, zip their mouths, say their prayers n feel blessed they are better than others. Especially now with pandemic.
    Harry is being a jerk, ungrateful n total brat.
    Please stop feeling sorry for these 2 hyprocrites.

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  8. I have never heard a more real or eloquently written article about Megan in my life, and I love to hear your views and here about the life you have formed and created for yourself. You are strong proud woman and I applaud you.

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  9. Zimbabweans are crazy twisted and bitter. So much to say on Meghan. Got your opinions on the Latinos, Arabs, Asians etc Don’t they experience racism. Meghan is clearly the victim of racism. Creep.


  10. African people (Zimbabweans) are just fat and ugly. Especially the women. So much hate. Possessed by the devil. Poor unfortunate souls. Meghan is so beautiful, classy and intelligent. She is got her loving husband and family. She is living her best life.


    1. Classy?! Hardly! Meghan lies with whatever suits her at the moment and her behavior is tawdry. She has EARNED all the epithets coming her way.


    1. No, we don’t. Black Africans do not wish to be Zebras.
      You will need to check your head and your grammar Booboo.

      What? The welfare checks were not enough to buy learning books?


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