Your “Gifts” Don’t Make You Rich, They Only Make Room For You

Okay, so I am picking this up from my last essay where a follower asked me if I make good money from blogging. Well a while ago my husband was teaching me about “gifts” and obtaining “wealth”, so I thought this subject would be a good continuation from my last essay, and yes I’ve scheduled this article to be published on Christmas Day, it’s a perfect way of not celebrating the pagan festivities.

So yes, in case you are wondering, you read the headline right indeed, your God given gifts don’t make you rich, only very few people in this world become rich materially through their God given talents, for the rest of humanity, gifts do not maketh rich, in-fact the majority of the most gifted people in this world are always wallowing in poverty. This is a reality I was taught by my darling Boaz, the King, a man gifted with one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard, in fact he has the most beautiful voice because he is the only person who has ever sung and his voice brought tears to my eyes.

But a while ago this gifted classical singer who happens to be my husband said to me, “No one is meant to become wealthy through their God given gifts, that’s the not the purpose of gifts. As King Solomon said, the purpose of a gift is to make room for you. That is all it does….the gift itself does not make you rich”

The King said to me that most people believe that when they have a unique gift, like a beautiful singing voice, or even gift such as cooking, or dress making, or be it art, or designing, or sports or whatever, they believe that they should become rich through that gift, because they look around and see a very small minority who happen to make a lot of money through these gifts, so sadly people then believe it should be so for everyone. But the reality is that the people who happen to make a fortune through the “Gifts” are often quite overrated in their gifts, most of them are not even that gifted to be able to make such a fortune. The truth is there are more people who will be way more talented than the famous ones, but they will never be known, and will die always trying to make it through their “gifts”.

But when you think about it, it goes back to the wisest man who ever lived, King Solomon, he spoke about this, and he said, “I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, not the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill, but time and chance happeneth to them all.”

When you have a gift, you have to use that gift so that doors open for you. Once a door opens because of your gift, that’s time and chance, it has happened to you, and you are supposed to grab that opportunity, and seize the moment of chance, otherwise you will spent the rest of your life believing that your gift is supposed to buy you houses and bring you fortune.

Even King David, the sweetest Psalmist of Israel, the most gifted musician and dancer who ever lived, the one who played the Harp and it pleased the Lord, the one who knew the secret chord, never ever made a living through music. David sang unto the Lord, and his gift made room for him, it paved a way for him, and brought him before King Saul. And it was when David was brought before the King, through his gift of music, that the Lord began to prepare him to become the next King of Israel.

In my understanding, our gifts are for our own salvation and edification, and also for the edification of others, just as David’s gift was able to make King Saul’s demons go away. But still, David’s gift of music is not what brought him fortune.

My husband, the King told me something deep, he said to me that even those in the world, the Jay Z’s and the Beyonce’s, they do not make their billions through their “gifts” of music, they use music as a stepping stone and once their names are known, they use the fame to launch businesses which actually brings them fortune. And it’s true, most famous musicians actually make more money through launching clothing lines than they do with the actual music. Once they become famous, they use the fame to make money.

So my husband said to me, “I will never go around singing to become rich, I would be a fool to do that, and will spend the rest of my life chasing my tail.”

I couldn’t agree more with the King, because when I look around, I see black people in Africa especially, chasing dreams of becoming super rich musicians, always going around singing and doing shows, yet in reality they are living in poverty. They fail to understand that they are supposed to seize that chance and moment when their gifts makes room for them, sometimes the room is when your gifts brings you before great men, how do you use that opportunity? How do you use that sudden open window? Sometimes time and chance only happens once in our lifetime, and we fail to even see it, so we spend the rest of our lives chasing our own gifts, until we die, unaccomplished.

So the King said to me, “My gift paves a way for me. My gift opens doors for me, like how I met you my most beloved, I was singing when I met you.”

And my husband is ever so right., his gift of music has brought before great men, men who have even inspsired and helped him to become the property investor he is today.

But the best thing to ever happen to the King through his gift is that his gift brought him to me, and behold when I saw him singing, I was so moved that I went home and used my own gift as an artist and couldn’t help but sketch him, and when he saw my drawing of him, he was moved, and he knew that I was his rib, and he went back to Ghana and behold he told his mother, “This is the woman for me.”

So my gift of drawing brought me my husband, my Boaz, my redeemer. After our gifts brought us together, I invited him to the UK to come and take away my reproach, and today 7 years later, the King has done a lot more than take away my reproach if truth be told, he has given me the most beautiful children, gosh he has such golden genes, it must be the melanin, so just yesterday, he said to me…”Go shopping, you and Nakai, and buy whatever you guys want to celebrate the end of 2020.” Yes, contrary to what is happening around us, a thousand falling at our right hand, and ten thousand at our left, 2020 has been the most blessed year for us. So as the year comes to an end, we have a lot to celebrate and thank the Most High for.

2020 has been the most amazing year for us.
The King does give me the most beautiful babies.

So I was like, “How much are you giving me?”

He said, “How much do you want to spend?”

And I looked at him, and I told him the amount, and he said, “Okay… and he gave me his card.”

So I took a little moment of prayer and thanksgiving, and I said, “I always used to draw people, most never noticed me or appreciated my gift of drawing, but I never stopped, because I was drawing unto you, that anyone who touched me, I drew, like the woman with the issue of blood, waiting for that chance, that one moment, because I always believed that one day I would draw someone who would make it count, and I drew my husband, and today he gives me his card, and says ‘how much do you want to spend baby?’ O my heavenly Father, thank you for giving me this gift of drawing, for by it, you brought me into the presence of your King, and this card I hold in my hand, is indeed the payment of my gift…”

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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