Mary-Tamar, Do You Make Good Money From Blogging?

“Do you make good money from blogging?” Someone asked me on Facebook.

Well, it depends on what one considers good money? In Africa, Zimbabwe for example, earning $500 a month is considered very good money by the majority, because more than 70% of the population lives in abject poverty. For my 16 year old daughter, $100 a week is very good money, which is roughly what she earns working for her Father’s empire, because for her she gets to go on Pretty Little Things and buy herself cute little outfits, which rocks her world. so if you ask my daughter that, “Are you making good money working for your father?” She will say yes, definitely. The cleaners who clean our apartments charge from £20 to £40 per clean, depending on the size of the apartment and what it is they have to do, like wash and iron bedding etc. To them, the money is alright, they are happy with it. When my husband put out an advert for cleaners, funny enough, it was mostly young women, late teens or 20s, proper Instagram slay queens who were applying for the job, in fact my teenage daughter said to us she would do the cleaning instead if she was free, and take the money instead of “giving it to strangers” her own words, because for her, the £40 per clean is damn good money.

So when one asks me, “Do you make good money blogging?” I could say yes, or I could say no, because it depends on what I, Mary-Tamar considers good money. Maybe for me, good money is a £10k cheque, or maybe just £100 can make me so happy.

Funny last week my husband was out and about, doing his thing, and he over heard a man bragging to his colleague that he’s making a lot of money, he said he was making £400 a week. To him that was a lot of money, according to his cup, he’s happy and content with £400 a week and he feels like he’s made it in life, but to my husband £400 a week is not a lot. My husband can not achieve his goals with £400 a week.

So good money is a relative term, depending on your needs and where you are in life. In the world of the elite, billionaires considers a person worth £1 million quite poor. So today, my Boaz will overhear a man bragging that he makes £400 a week and smile to himself, yet there was a time when if my husband made £100 a week, it would be very good money and a breakthrough. I remember when my Boaz first came to the UK, and he had a singing gig, and had a 5 star hotel accomodation paid for all for us, with a pool and jacuzzi and all, and on top of that he was paid £400, I was so happy and jumped up and down, congratulating him and telling him that he was “loaded”, my words exactly. That £400 meant a lot to us at that time, because of where we were in life. But today, if someone asks my husband to perform and says he will pay him £400, he would say a resounding no, because today, to him, that amount is nowhere near “good money”.

So do I make good money or not as a blogger? Well, for me writing has never been about the physical money, I write because my very existence depends on it. I never went into blogging because I wanted to make a living out of it, I went into blogging to save my life, literally.

Its funny when my ex-husband comes on my Facebook and starts attacking me for “not earning much as a blogger!” My former brother also came on my Facebook a few months ago and said, “Blogging doesn’t pay!”

My so called mother used to also get very angry at me for being a blogger. It’s like they get angry with me for not earning millions through blogging, I have no idea why.

Oh well, for me in my humble corner, when the blog money drops in my PayPal, I do get excited if truth be told.

I make such a big deal of my blog money, I think its also because I have had people make such a big deal about it, lol. So when I get the money, I give myself a cheeky grin, it’s the only money I never use for the home, it’s just for me, to be selfish with and do whatever I want. It means so much to me, it’s like blood money, and I always use it for the things I treasure the most. The main reason why the blog money means so much to me is because of how much I love writing, and how much blogging changed and saved my life. So the money, no matter how much it is, is a bonus for getting money from something I love doing, something which means more to me than money. Though I have to say, during our time in the wilderness, when we were homeless living in Air BnBs and hotels, the blog money was very very good money indeed.

That said, blogging has given me things that money can never buy me. I started blogging when I was in a women’s refuge, one night after crying myself to sleep, feeling so cruelly robbed, I lay there and asked myself, “What can I do to get myself out of this pit they have dug for me?” I had nothing to my name anymore, only my children. I had lost my house, my home, and a lot more than that. I felt completely destroyed, so much that I was in that place of thinking death was better.

But then God spoke to me in that hell hole, and said He had given me a gift, the pen. And that pen was my only way out of the pit they had dug for me. So I got up early in the morning, using the one computer which was in the women’s refuge, and I started my online diary, and since that day, I never looked back. Agape cult members mocked me and tormented me, saying I had nothing, no husband, no house, no money, and all I did was blog.

That was 7 years ago.

Everything I have today, came from my online Diary. My husband, my Boaz, the King was back in Ghana, as I penned my first blog in a women’ refuge. A year later, he was to read everything I had written, he read all the comments from those who used to insult me, he was so intrigued by my story, my writing style, my pain, my resilience, how I fought back using my pen, and he fell madly in love with me, before he even met me. He fell in love with my pen. So I can never ever put a price on my blogging. If I really have to, I would value my blogs, all my essays and the story which comes with it, at the value of £3 million. If I consider it all, what blogging has done for me, including the property portfolio of the King, yep I value it all at around £3 million.

All this is the fruits of my blogging.

Because all the wealth I have today, and what is to come in the future, came from the one night I started blogging in the women’s refuge.

So to answer precisely, according to what Mary-Tamar considers good money…

O yes, I do make very good money blogging…

My gift made room for me, and brought me into the presence of the King.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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