My 6 Year Old Daughter Has Been Saved From Christmas

Today my girls were bathing, and I was in my bedchamber listening to them. One of my joys of being a mother is listening to my children’s conversations when they don’t know I am listening. I get so inspired by their intelligent conversations. So today as the girls were in the bath, I heard my almost four year old daughter Charo say to her 6 year old sister, Fadzi, “Merry Christmas.” Then it was what Fadzi said to her little sister that actually blew me away, she was like, “Well, I don’t celebrate Christmas so…I don’t know who you are saying Merry Christmas to…” My heart absolutely melted, and I was like, “Aww my baby has been finally delivered from the spirit of Christmas.”

Fadzi so inspired me to pen this essay today, because I am in the season of testifying. Out of all my children, Fadzi was the one who was so obsessed with Christmas, she loved the pagan holiday so much it was as though she was born for it. She used to put out cookies and milk for Santa and everything, and I struggled to deal with her love for Christmas because I didn’t want to crush her completely, so in my weakness as a mother, I used to give her a little present on Christmas Day, even though our family did not celebrate Christmas.

And my older children would be looking at me like, “Umm mum, are you going to tell her about Christmas, that its an abomination, hello, because it’s getting a bit…”

Fadzai used to love Christmas.

So today, hearing Fadzai confess with her own mouth that she didn’t celebrate Christmas was something that took me by surprise, I couldn’t help but testify of the goodness of the Most High upon my children.

My baby has now been saved from Christmas.

The King, myself and our children take no delight in the Satanic Pagan ritual called Christmas. There is nothing exciting or delightful about Christmas in the House Of Offeh, in fact my two boys detest it so much, they refuse to be even given gifts on December 25.

That said, what I find more interesting is how people, especially Christians get quite offended by people who choose not to have anything to do with Christmas. I always see some sort of anger and aggression directed towards people who choose not to partake in the rituals of Christmas. “But you celebrate birthdays, when the bible doesn’t command you to, so how dare you not celebrate Jesus’s birthday too!” The accusations which are brought forth are even more bizarre. It’s like not celebrating Xmas is the unpardonable sin, the ultimate taboo of life, like people where actually born to serve Christmas.

The thing is Christ himself was not born on December 25, and even if he was, he never asked anyone to celebrate his birthday. He never celebrated his own birthday, and none of his disciples ever did. It doesn’t matter how much Christians force this Satanic Pagan holiday on the Most High, it is not His Holy day. It doesn’t matter how much Christians dedicate this satanic ritual to the Most High, it is still not His Holy Day. No one can blackmail the Most High into ever accepting that which He detest and is unclean. A pagan holiday can never miraculously turn Holy. King Saul tried to do this kind of abomination, and God rejected him and chose David instead, who was a man after His own heart. King Saul thought he could take things which God considers unclean and sacrifice them to Him instead, but this angered God and he said, “Obedience is better than sacrifice.”

The Most High already has His Sacred Holydays. The only Holydays He commanded His children to celebrate are as follows…

The Most High’s 7 Sacred HolyDays

  • Feast of the Passover
  • Feast of the Unlevened Bread
  • Feast of the First Fruits
  • Feast of the Harvest
  • Feast of the Trumpets
  • Day of Atonement
  • Feast of the Tabernacles

Even Christ who somehow gets forced into the Xmas thing with quotes like, “Christ is the reason for the season!” or “Bring Christ back into Christmas!”, only ever observed the above Holydays of His Father. These are the 7 sacred Holydays of the Lord. My 7 children absolutely delight in and love the Most High’s Holydays. They find the idea of celebrating Christmas an insult to their Creator, considering He has given them so many beautiful HolyDays to delight in. For them, Holydays mean family time, doing crafts and projects, and week long feasts just to delight in the Most High. So when they compare what they do to the satanic rituals involved in celebrating Christmas, they find the whole holiday (if we should even call it that) quite disturbing.

The Prophet Jeremiah did write about the abomination of Christmas, the wickedness of worshipping the idol or god called the Christmas tree, taking silver and gold and putting it upon the god. It doesn’t matter how Christians deny that The Most High hates this abomination, what matters is that God looks down on earth and sees those who say delight in Him yet serve other gods

Pagan idol worship.

The King and I always laugh when we read comments of heathens saying our 7 children will grow to resent their lifestyle. Well our children are actually way more woke than both of us. My two boys especially, recently said to me, “Mum don’t be giving us any gifts on Christmas Day, just don’t. Do you know that the origins of Santa is routed in pedophilia. That’s the whole idea mum.” My boys are more disgusted with Christmas than I am actually.

The beauty of children is that once you teach them the way, they will not depart from it. This is a lesson I have learnt this year, especially with parenting Fadzai. All the children took part in celebrating the Feast of the Tabernacles, they had so much ideas and the older children enjoyed doing presentations.

The children also enjoyed celebrating the Feast of the Trumpets and made their own Trumpets.

This year we discovered something incredible, we learnt that Fadzi loved Christmas so much because she just craved Holydays, as she was born during the HolyDays of holydays, she was born during the feast of the Tarbencles, one of the biggest Holy Days of the Most High. So because she was born during a time of Feasting and Festivities of Yah, she absolutely loves anything festivity, and all she ever knew was Christmas. So this year her birthday was very epic, because we were also celebrating the Feast of the Tarbenacles for the first time as a Family, and we prayed for Fadzi that she gets delivered from the pagan spirit of Christmas, and behold today I heard her confess with her own mouth, that she doesn’t celebrate Christmas. Homeshooling her has also helped her to Come Out of Babylon completely, I feel like I have my baby back. Fadzai has gone from being a Christmas baby to a Feast of Tabernacles Baby.

Fadzi is now a Tabernacle baby.
Fadzi has been delivered from Christmas.
Homeshooling her has helped in her journey from Babylon.

When I got divorced from the Zimbabwean fool I was married to for 10 years, the Most High then started showing me the way to live according to His standards and how to please Him. After my divorce, I never partook in the buying of Christmas trees and decorations, so for 7 years, my children have never seen a Christmas tree in their house.

I last partook in the pagan ritual of Christmas tree worship when I was married to the fool.

Today my children have no interest in having a tree in their house, they see the whole thing as quite barbaric to be honest, and this year their faith was strengthened, when they partook in the Most High’s Holydays, and they saw the blessing which came with delighting in the Most High’s Sacred Feasts.

So yes, as for me and my house, even my little Fadzi, who used to be a Christmas baby, we choose the Most High Yah over the gods of Christmas, and we will never blackmail the Most High or lie to Him, that it is all for Him when it is in-fact the devil’s holiday.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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