How The British Monarchy Will End, As Seen By The King Of The North.

So a few days ago, the King said to me, “There is going to be an announcement of a royal death, a very big announcement, write it down.”

When he says that, he wants me to pen whatever it is he has seen in the spirit. But when I write, I need a framework to put everything together, all my essays be it prophetic, word of encouragement, testimony or rebuke, they are all personalised and I do add biblical history to almost all my essays. That’s the style of my writing, I am a creative writer. I hate writing anything which doesn’t engage my readers, they need to go somewhere with me. When I write, everyone who reads my pen has to ENTER into my world.

Whatever I write, my readers have to enter into my world.

So when the King gave me the prophetic word which was clearly about Meghan’s announcement of her recent miscarriage, I wasn’t in that spirit of writing an essay, I was waiting to get the inspiration. Then within like two days of the King telling me about the royal death announcement, behold Meghan penned her essay in the New York Times. And it’s caused quite a wave in the world. In a strange twist, her miscarriage has made people like Meghan, I see a lot of positivity and sympathy towards her. Even Piers Morgan, Meghan’s biggest hater, could not say one bad thing about her sad essay, he called it a brilliant “piece” and sent his sympathies to Harry and Meghan.

So the King said to me, rather annoyed, “You are my prophetess, you are my hand to write what I see, I told you to write this.”

I was like, “I know, next time when you tell me something you see, I will write it and won’t wait for inspiration to get in to the mood.”

We ended up laughing about it, and I said to him that God does have a dark sense of humour for sure…

In my past life, I used to be married to a man or rather a fool who hated everything about me being a writer. The fool stopped me from writing so many times, and even deleted my books from the computer. He wanted me to toil as a mental health nurse instead. He was so obsessed with going to work all he said was “We came here to work.”

Today I have a man who would never ever allow me to leave the house and go to work, that would be an abomination to him. All he wants me to do is look after his 7 children and write. He even gives me ideas on what to write about. He tells me what he sees in the spirit in regards to world events, and sometimes I honestly don’t write it, because I feel like its too deep for my little pen, and don’t know how to convert his raw files into Mary-Tamar essays so to speak.

But this incident has taught me to be more obedient to my Lord and King, for he is indeed a seer, which I constantly experience, especially during this Covid 19 era. So I am his Prophetess, I am literally the hand of the King, I am called to write what he sees.

The King is a seer.

So when he told me about the royal death announcement, he told me a lot more, and this is what the King said…

“Prince Harry will bring an end to the British Mornachy’s glory as we know it today. He will snap eventually, out of frustration of how his wife and himself have been treated by the establishment, and will gravely betray the crown, as he feels he has nothing to lose. He will betray the Crown, and see it to an end of its glory.”

He went on to tell me that what will happen is like what happened between to me with not only Zimbabwe, but my “mother” and “siblings”. There was a time when I was so scared to ever speak out about my “Mother” or family. I endured so much pain from them, but I used to reverence them, it was the ultimate taboo in my spirit, to even pen an essay about how cruel my mother was to me. But she kept pushing me, and pushing me, her cruelty was suffocating me, until one day I said, enough is enough, and I went public.

If I hadn’t done that, I would have killed myself maybe, telling the world about it was my therapy, and for them it became a Pandora’s box. The Gasho family was over. Today the family is so broken beyond repair, and my father is always begging me to bring the family back to its former glory by apparently forgiving the unrepentant cold hearted woman I used to call mother, because he says I am the one with the mantle, the chosen one. But I refuse to be their SACRIFICE. In fact I don’t think there was ever any glory to being with, I was the one who made it shine if there was ever such a thing…that little glory came from me.

The King said to me that that is exactly where Meghan and Harry are today, they are in that place of being pushed, and pushed and pushed…until it is going to take only one day, and when they open that Pandora’s box, that will be it…

Harry and Meghan were even recently pushed when the royal family refused to lay a wreath on behalf of Harry on Remembrance Sunday. So Harry and Meghan staged their own Remembrance Day in LA instead, which then upstaged the Remembrance Sunday in England. It was quite spectacular. Photos of Meghan and Harry doing their own thing at an LA cemetery trended way more than the actually photos of the ceremony in the UK.

Two days ago the Express even published an article which echoed the words of the King, which I agree with. The article was written by Graham Smith, the CEO of Republic, an organisation which campaigns for the abolition of the British Monarchy. The truth is the British Monarchy is at stake, because after the Queen, Charles can not take over because he is too old and people don’t like him very much, more so his wife. William will obviously take over, but even him and his wife are extremely dull. The royal family was actually made popular recently by Harry and Meghan, before that it was Diana, without these characters, the Royal Family is way too boring. So once William becomes King, I personally believe that is when Harry will snap…and that will be it really…

Meghan and Harry were indeed the only interesting royals of today.

So I do believe the word of the King of the North will stand, Harry will have something to do with the end of their ERA…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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