Dear Namatai, Leave The Footballer Deadbeat And His Money

I have one Zimbabwean woman that I am very fond of, she goes by the name of Namatai, which means prayerful. I have a lot of issues with Zimbabwean women in general, most of them on social media are very uncouth, rowdy, vulgar and cruel in nature. Namatai is different. I came to know of her a few years ago after she commented on one of my Facebook links to my first ever blog regarding my very cruel “mother”. I then blocked her, but when I went on her page, I saw myself in her, and liked her a lot, so I unblocked her. Over the years we have communicated privately, and when I did the BBE awards 3 years ago, she was quite amazing in her support, she was one of the very few Zimbabweans who boldly supported me, so much she wrote this little essay about me and prophesied.

But I see so much of myself in Namatai. I grew up with a younger sister whom I never even spoke to in the house, she hated me so much we didn’t even talk to each other, at all. I remember how I used to want to bond with her, and used to beg her to do her hair, but she would never even let me touch her. So I used to plait grass instead, and pretend the grass was my sweet little sister. So Namatai so reminds me of my imaginary little sister whom I played with in the grass. In-fact, I would take it further, if it was unto me to choose wives for my Lord Husband, the King, I would gladly have Namatai as my young sister-wife. We are such kindred spirits and she is such an intelligent black conscious woman, who would be an asset to any black man with a vision.

So yesterday when I saw her so upset and distressed on social media, desperately fighting her ex-boyfriend so he could help her with a very sad situation involving her son, which for her sake I won’t divulge into, I was moved. Namatai so wants her ex-boyfriend, Gambian-born Muhamed Sumareh, who is a very successful international footballer to help look after their young son, which is obviously the moral thing for the man to do.

According to Namatai, and from the little I have gathered, the footballer who is but a DeadBeat dad, does not love Namatai or the son they bought into this world together, he seems to be married to a white woman, whom he has a son with, and that son he loves very much. Yes, he’s a deadbeat father, because any black man who can not see the worth of the black woman he has a child with, a black woman such as Namatai, who bore him a son for that matter, and took care of him when he had nothing, is stupid.

Muhamed Sumareh despises the black mother of his son.

I was moved to pen this little essay, not just for Namatai but for so many young black women who find themselves in this position. This is a very common road for the black woman. A lot of young black men love to impregnant young black women, especially when they have nothing. When these black men feel like their lives have improved they then go off to marry white women, which seems to be case with Namatai and her ex-boyfriend. According to Namatai, she took this man when he was broke, and fed him, clothed him and loved him unconditionally, O black women can be so good at this…Because a black woman is after all, a rib of a black man, and was literally put on the earth to be a helpmeet for her Adam.

Sadly, for the young black woman in this dreadful situation, when she is wounded and betrayed by the man who is supposed to naturally love and protect her, she doesn’t know how to deal with it, and ends up committing colleteral damage by trying to get the baby daddy back or trying so hard to make him acknowledge the child. This does not work and will never work. When a black woman is in this sunken place, she needs the highest form of wisdom to escape this curse.

A similar situation happened to me 7 years ago. A man I was married to for 10 years, chose to abandon me and the children for another man. Even though I was the one who fled the matrimonial home as my life was in danger, in the end I did not want a divorce because I strongly believed that marriage was for life. So when I was in the Women’s refuge, I started calling him non stop, begging him to care for the children, whom he refused to acknowledge anymore. For one full year, I wrote him emails and continued to pester him, basically asking him to care…

All my black friends where encouraging this behaviour, telling me that God was going to bring the Fool back to me and the children. But the more I wrote to the fool, the more harm he caused the children and I, he would take my emails and send them to various cult members, he even edited some messages and added lies to humiliate me. He also gave my emails and messages to the peadophile whom he left the children for, and the peadophile would now take those emails and use them as his defence in court.

Still, I had no wisdom to stop, I continued writing emails to him…telling him that the children needed a father. I was at a breaking point, in despair. Then it took my white best friend, who told me some hard truths, and gave me advise no black woman had ever given me. Her advise saved my life.

She told me that the more I wrote to this cruel man, the more I was giving him ammunition to destroy my life and that of my children. A pastor, who also wasnt African, then gave me the same advise as confirmation, and said…

“Jean, that man is not your husband. He put you away love and he doesn’t love you. He has blood on his hands, leave him. God will give you a husband who will never put you away, take it from me.”

This pastor anointed me with olive oil, and I was delivered from the Soul-tie of my ex-husband. It was a soul tie that needed to be spiritually broken, and within months of that prophecy being spoken, I met my Boaz.

My Boaz, who took away my reproach.

Today, my ex-husabnd is the one who follows me like a puppy. He is the one who creates multiple Ruvimbo Sanhu ghosts/fake accounts and follows my every move. His life today is centred around Jean Gasho. I never thought one day God would prepare a table for me in the very presence, literally, of my ex-husband.

So my advice to Namatai and other young women in the same shoes is that you need to break the soul-tie of your exes. Spiritually breaking that soul-tie is very important, because once you release your baby daddy from your spirit, the Most High Yah will then release your Boaz. Sometimes, you are blocking your own blessing by constantly reaching out to a man who hates you. He then releases some energies in the atmosphere directly to you that are catastrophic.

The purpose of your Boaz first is to be the father of your fatherless children and to take away the reproach that your ex/baby daddy put on your forehead. When these men leave you, they put a mark on your forehead, a mark of reproach, a mark of pain. By constantly contacting a man who does not love you, a man who is ready to embarrass you publicly, you are also blocking men who maybe seriously interested in you.

As the Prophetess of my Lord Husband, I pray that the eyes of the chosen young black women like Namatai be opened, that they may have the wisdom to accept what they can not change, the courage to change what they can, and the wisdom to know the difference…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

One thought on “Dear Namatai, Leave The Footballer Deadbeat And His Money

  1. Namatai akavhara vanhu mari dzavo uyu im a witness she scammed people alongside her bro….thousands of dollars…….but what you wrote is your opinion…..


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