Why Moana’s Father Should Bury His Prodigal Daughter Without The Zimbabwean Mother’s Consent

I received an inbox from one of my readers asking me to do an article on the ongoing Moana saga where her parents are fighting over the burnt remains of their daughter’s body, disputing how and where she should be laid to rest. My reader was arguing that the mother has every right to bury her daughter according to her wishes as she is the one who carried her for 9 months. The inbox went something like this…

I do beg to differ on this case. In-fact this case is actually a classic example of the culture in Zimbabwe, were men are normally belittled as fathers, and the only one who matters when it comes to rearing children is the MOTHER. The children of Zimbabwe are even taught that the only parent you can’t sin against is the mother, if you do anything bad to your mother she will “curse you” Kutanda Botso. This principle of Kutanda Botso strangely does not apply to Fathers, who are actually the ones given the power by God to bless their children.

So in this case of Moana, her mother is staying true to her Zimbabwean culture, according to the gods of the land, it is actually her wishes which matters the most.

But according to the Most High Yah, the child should actually be buried by the FATHER.

But some may argue and say, “But you Mary-Tamar you call your ex-husband a fool. You also don’t respect the Father of your children, what is the difference between you and Moana’s mother?”

Well, according to the Most High Yah, a Father does not only mean a man who puts a seed in a woman’s womb, resulting in conception. According to God, a Father can be both biological or adoptive. In fact, many a times, an adoptive father is more valid than the biological father. Esther’s father was Mordecai, who was not her biological father. Jacob’s most beloved granddaughter was not his biological grandchild, she was the daughter of Judah’s wife, she came to the marriage with her own daughter, and the damsel became a ray of sunshine not only to old Jacob, but to the whole household of Israel.

My ex-husband is not the father of my children because he chose to denounce them privately and publicly (in court) under oath, to follow another man, Walter Masocha. So physically or spiritually, he is not my children’s father. The Most High took my children and gave them to their adoptive father, the King, my Boaz. So my husband now has complete authority over the children, he is the one who makes all decisions for them. So I can never be compared to Moana’s mother, I have a man whom I honour and respect very much as the Father of my 7 children.

Moana’s mother is not even her mother, spiritually, she can not claim that child. She did not raise her.

She abandoned the child. She abdonded her own baby to chase men. Nothing on this earth should ever separate a mother from her child, even poverty is not justification for abandoning your baby. A mother is still able to love and nourish her baby in poverty.

As for Moana’s father, he is the very opposite of my ex-husband, the fool. He loved Moana more than the mother loved her. So he raised the child, as both the mother and the father. He took on both roles of parenting, he is actually Moana’s mother. He did a thing that most Zimbabwean men can never do. In-fact I believe that because the man is not a native Zimbabwean, he is Malawian, that is why he did a thing that Zimbabwean men can not do. He took his little baby, and changed her diapers himself, and nursed her, and fed her, and played with her, whilst the mother was out there whoring basically.

Moana’s mother, pictured yesterday.

Now when Moana was grown up, when she didn’t need her clothes washing, or her nappies changing, when all the hard work of raising a child was done, the so called mother then came on the scene and started playing the perfect mother figure. I believe the mother played a big part in Moana becoming a prodigal daughter to her father’s principles. The fact that Moana did not tell her that she was allegedly with child, or she was allegedly engaged shows that the daughter she abandoned did not have that bond with her that she is trying so hard to portray. She has no right whatsoever to give any orders regarding the burial of Moana, if anything she played a big part in the demise of her daughter, the hard truth is if Moana had stayed true to her father’s traditions and principles, today she would be alive.

Moana died prematurely because of the path she chose in life. So, it is the father, Mr Amuli who has sole rights over the dead body of his child.

Moana rebelled against her father.

The fact that Moana, or rather Michelle Amuli had rebelled against her father to become a “whore”, as the father put it, doesn’t matter now. What matters is that the man who raised her with unconditional love and basic principles of modesty is exercising that unconditional love still, and wants her remains laid to rest according to his customs. Even though his daughter painfully rebelled against him, he still wants her dignity in burial.

How Moana’s father raised her to be.
How Moana chose to be…
Mr Amuli pictured yesterday, wishing to bury his daughter’s remains.

So the Queen of the North concludes, Mr Amuli should bury the remains of his lost prodigal daughter, according to the traditions and customs of his forefathers, of which Moana herself was raised…

The so called “mother”, yes I don’t care how sacred mothers are in Zimbabwe, Moana was not even Zimbabwean to begin with, so this “Zimbabwean mother” should not have a say…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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